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Throwback week - Vilppu's 20 favourite kpop songs of 2015

If not for these, perhaps I just wouldn’t listen to kpop at all now. So let’s see. 4,752 more words


Throwback week - Vilppu's 20 least favourite kpop songs of 2015

2015 seems to have been an overall slight improvement over the really bad 2013 and 2014. Generally, it still wasn’t particularly good, however, and had tons of awful bullshit. 4,472 more words


Throwback week - kpop honourable and dishonourable mentions for 2015

A recent conversation with a friend got me wonder why exactly I’ve become a fan of Korean music. It’s been like a week and I still have not found any reasonable answer but after going back to 2015, the year I first became actively interested in popular music from that part of the world, I might be a little bit closer. 2,575 more words


Get ready for the end of the tax year!

While sorting your end of year tax paperwork sounds about as fun as spilling coffee on your keyboard, once it is done, it’s done – and now’s the time. 32 more words


10 smart year-end tax tips

  1. Fill your drawers: Can you stock up on stationery, postage and courier bags before 31 March? Claim now and save.
  2. Staff expenses: If you owe employees holiday pay, bonuses, long service leave or redundancy payments, you can claim for these now – as long as they are paid within 63 days of the balance date…
  3. 256 more words

Game of the Year 2017+1: late arr[I]val (2019 Ed[i]tion)

I originally started writing this list on December 31st 2018 and finished it a couple hours later on New Year’s Day. Wistful and a bit nostalgic for the times when I wrote Game of the Year lists so I decided to finish the partial one I had planned for 2017, which existed only as a list of titles in the Notes app on my phone, and slapped on some games I had messed around with in 2018. 3,701 more words

End Of Year

January Wrap Up • First of 2019

Hey lovelies! 💛✨

… that’s it! It’s a wrap on the first month of the year,, and wow wasn’t it a month. I attended a metric ton of birthdays and family get-togethers because my extended family decided that the three weeks after Christmas was the perfect time to be born. 1,520 more words

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