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The Battle of the Ages

The Battle of the Ages is Satan’s attempt to annihilate the Messiah, so that he could remain as ruler of this world (Genesis 3:15; Revelation 12:1-6). 430 more words

Union With Christ

Our Almighty God

David was anointed King as a young man, and King Saul hated him. He tried every method of trick, sleuth and military tactic to kill David; yet did not succeed. 392 more words

Union With Christ

Sunday Sermon: 'God's Love for the Jews'

Is Jesus coming soon? That’s the question everyone is asking. The Bible says that no man can know the exact day or the hour. (Matthew 24:36) No man can say that Christ’s return is either very close or very far away. 3,268 more words

End Time Events

Imagine the Outcry if Christians Beheaded 21 Muslims! F.Graham.

We need to pray for everyone to come to salvation in Christ, whether they are Muslims or not, or whether they act like our friends or our enemies. 245 more words