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Prayer for the Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost

O Christ our Lord,
at your coming peace returned to earth.
Keep us always in your peace
until at your return in glorious majesty,
we inherit eternal peace; 43 more words


God is Faithful

I grew up under the shadow of my older brother, to whom everything in life seems to come easily. In high school, he was an honor student, varsity athlete, and one of the “popular” kids. 1,271 more words


Mystery Babylon?

I’ve been doing a great deal of research along with writing a fast moving, apocalyptic love story. An excellent writer once told me “the key to good fantasy writing is to make it believable”. 865 more words


more than a story or a poem # 1

Recurring Dream

I took a quick nap and often

been like these

Shaken at the corner


Big military trucks carrying


covered with black tent… 335 more words


Āshūrā, Karbalā and the Signs of the End-time Part 1

Āshūrā, Karbalā and the Signs of the End-time


Shaykh Faheem of the Islamic Lifestyle Solutions, Durban, South Africa

(7th Muharram 1438 / 10th October 2016) 4,557 more words


Greatest Story Ever Told (Review)

This video, – you should watch it, – tells/captures the story of the Bible perfectly but then misses it at the last part. It’s as if the narrator doesn’t believe the – whole – story of the Bible though he proclaims that we are part of the story. 346 more words


Video: Abraham's Descendants: The Black Nation Part 1 by Denise N. Fyffe

Abraham’s Descendants – Many Nations

As I read Romans 4, I allowed the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of the scriptures to me, a particular concept became very clear. 1,007 more words