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Eschatology is not a fringe field of study but it attracts a wacky fringe element

I get excited as anyone about the thought of the rapture happening any minute. It has always been imminent, meaning, it could happen at any time without any particular circumstance HAVING to have happened first. 1,988 more words


Man Know YourSelf


Hear me Child of God, to be on top of this evil world in front of the crowd, To amass those wealth, riches and vain glory in your dreams, you must be fully ready and prepared to pay your dues with your soul to the Prince of this world Lucifer the devil and quietly outline how many blood relations you are willing to sacrifice. 193 more words


(A Must Read For All True African/Jews)


The Europeans have found it difficult to describe the nature of African culture/traditional religion. Some condemn it as fetishism, juju, heathenism, and animism, others call it polytheism and others paganism but African cultural religion is none of these descriptions, it is not a worship of false gods nor is it wholly animals. 240 more words

The last generation?

Jesus made a statement about the end times that for decades has puzzled those studying eschatology.

In his discussion of the signs leading to His second coming,  Jesus said: 809 more words


Prophecies on Events Very Near to The Last Hour

By Jamari Mohtar

This is an attempt on my part to paint various scenarios of what may transpire during the Last Hour based on the Quran and the Six… 4,008 more words

Gog And Magog

Be prepared

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all  nations; and then shall the end come. 

Matthew 24:14


End Time: See How a Woman Dressed to a Shopping Mall (Photos)

This obviously pregnant woman was pictured wearing pink shorts and just a bra to cover her breasts as she stormed a business centre to make transactions. 23 more words