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Cycling the length of the UK...Day 1

The rain is hammering sideways and partnering with the wind in ensuring that progress on the bike is slow. My two cycling jackets and jersey are practically soaked through. 629 more words

ProtonMail: обзор защищенного почтового сервиса

Как вы, вероятно, знаете, основные провайдеры сервиса электронной почты больше не заслуживают доверия. Вашу почту могут просматривать, скажем, работники Google или представители власти, и если это локальный сервис — будьте уверены, кто-то из ваших соотечественников будет ее просматривать. 43 more words


Installing Protractor for End-to-End testing of Angular.js Apps

Hey Folks :D , I’m back to writing blog posts after a long time. And to end a dry spell I’m here with a flurry of posts, the first of many for Angular.js will be this post on Installing Protractor for angular.js application testing. 659 more words


LEJOG - Final reflections

So much has been written by others who have cycled end-to-end.  Everyone has their own story to tell and the range of experiences are so broad that generalisations are meaningless.   1,402 more words


Nutrition and hydration

It’s difficult not to underestimate the importance of good nutrition and hydration when  undertaking any exercise, but particularly if you’re undertaking a long cycle ride.  Your body burns calories and dehydrates quickly with intensive exercise and just like a car, needs fuel and water to keeps its engine working effectively.   841 more words


Getting to and from Land's End and John O'Groats

Unless you’re planning a full-on fundraising expedition complete with your own support vehicle you’ll need to think about how you’re going to get to the start point and then back home again after you’ve completed your end-to-end ride. 868 more words


LEJOG Top 10 Tips


If you’re at the stage of planning an end-to-end cycle ride you may appreciate some hints and tips from someone who’s already been through the planning process and completed the ride. 1,405 more words