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February 1

I’ve worked out a walking plan for the next 12 months so that by the end of it I can carry enough of my house on my back as I need to get by if I can’t find a bed somewhere. 280 more words

Carrying Weight

Computers Sensing Emotions

Gregory Mone wrote a short piece on “Sensing Emotions” [2]  in the September 2015 Communications of the ACM**, sketching the main technologies in “affective computing”—sensing human emotions from sensors, mainly visual imagery. 959 more words


Milestone: Oak Ridge National Lab produces plutonium-238

Plutonium-238 oxide pellet glowing from its own heat

With the production of 50 grams of plutonium-238, researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have restored a U.S.

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e2e Testing With Protractor

End-to-end testing (or e2e testing) is testing from a user’s perspective. Rather than testing that a controller’s functions work as expected, it tests the whole of your app, things such as navigating through the pages, and if you click this link it loads the right page, if you type in the search box your results are filtered, etc. 1,707 more words


Drive across Britain - Home

I woke up today in a nearly familiar bed!

It wasn’t me that leapt out of bed to go running, I crawled still numb from the drive yesterday and snuck downstairs to leave a tired and achy husband in bed.  917 more words


Drive across Britain - John O' Groats

Well guess where I woke up?

Back in Fort William at the very beautiful Dalchreggan House.   The house looks out over the sea and again tactically I had re-opened the curtains after Sexy Sporty Dad had closed them last night. 1,243 more words


GESER 3A - End to End Wholecar at Molotow Headquarters

GESER, Member of 3A Crew recently stopped by the Molotow Headquarters and stayed for three rainy days to paint the train at their Hall of Fame. 33 more words