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(P)update #2

On day two of PK2’s life, the busy young seal was observed galumphing around its mother and nursing seven times throughout the day. Two males cruised by the pupping site but did not disturb mother (RK22) and pup. 8 more words

Together we can end wildlife crime | Environment | The Guardian

Paula Kahumbu: A global alliance to end wildlife crime is within reach. Let’s start talking about how it can be made to work

Source: Together we can end wildlife crime | Environment | The Guardian

Animal Rights/Welfare

Spring Means Nesting Sea Turtles - Defenders of Wildlife Blog

Whether you live in the Sunshine State or are just visiting, as sea turtle nesting season hits Florida’s beaches, make sure you know what to do to keep these creatures safe. 10 more words

Animal Rights/Welfare

(P)update #1

On Monday, May 23, 2016, the monk seal known as RK22 arrived at the beach and hauled her heavy body out of the surf. Less than two hours later, she gave birth to a healthy pup, known for now as PK2. 31 more words

The Jaguar and Poacher

Spread across a strangler fig tree a sleeping jaguar stirred, licking his paw. The golden glow of the sun illuminated the vines that formed a bridge. 187 more words