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Israel's Gazelles Bounce Back

The gazelles have returned to Jerusalem’s Gazelle Valley. The valley is the site of a 64-acre urban wildlife reserve, Israel’s first. In a hard-won fight against development interests, conservationists succeeded in preserving the land and repopulating it with Israeli mountain gazelles, an indigenous and highly endangered species. 53 more words

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Endangered Species: The Humpback Whale

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Greater sage-grouse get some love in Oregon

Voluntary conservation plan aimed at protecting and restoring sagebrush habitat

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FRISCO — Eastern Oregon’s greater sage-grouse may catch a break under a far-reaching voluntary conservation deal that could cover up to 2.3 million acres. 654 more words


Book 12: Last Chance to See, written by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine

What a relief it was to read this book after battling through The Kite Runner! I honestly had no idea what I was picking up with this one, I haven’t read anything else by Douglas Adams. 319 more words

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A new showdown in Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona is not only the home of the Western, US’ infamous gunfight at the OK Corral, but also another showdown involving environmental laws. During 2012, some waterlines that supplied Tombstone with water and ran through federal lands, broke resulting from damage due to wildfires and a monsoon. 74 more words

A Dose of Cute: China's Ili Pika

Pity the pika, worldwide their populations are under environmental duress. Pikas need a cold climate, so a warming globe, along with dwindling habitat due to human incursion, is placing their numbers in peril. 56 more words

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