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Seals and Their Race against Climate Change


With the rapid ice loss in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, many subspecies of seals are currently racing against the ticking clock of climate change. 856 more words

Mass Extinction

No Apologies. Not Now. Not Ever

.From Captain Paul Watson’s FB Page:

My post from a couple of days ago on this page deploring the killing of a 200 year old Bowhead whale by some 16 year old who was joyfully boasting of his snuffing the life from such a majestic creature seems to have ruffled some feathers. 144 more words

Mass Extinction

Six women who work to save the world's most endangered wildlife


These women are determined to protect the planet and its most vulnerable species 994 more words

Mass Extinction

Nevada, Kentucky Senators' Bill Would Rewrite U.S. Endangered Species Act

RENO (CBS/AP) — Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller wants to rewrite the Endangered Species Act to ban any new listings without specific approval from Congress and governors of the states where the fish or wildlife live. 116 more words


Chemical compounds affecting the environment (METHYL BROMIDE ,ALDICARB ,CHLORPYRIFOS)

Pesticides consider a key factor of global warming and exhaustion the ozone layer. The volatile organic compounds formed by reaction of pesticides from fields and make up pollutants called ozone. 146 more words

Our Environment

National Poetry Month: Poem 28

Poem 28


By Michelle Garren Flye

Wake up!

Because the birds are singing.

Wake up!

And see the flowers bloom.

Wake up!

Because it’s fading away… 45 more words


Save the Poor Monarch!

In my life, I’ve only seen a few monarch butterflies—and I live in Ohio, their spring breeding grounds! But when a Monarch doth grace my garden, it’s a magical experience. 608 more words

Endangered Species