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OCEAN PLASTIC CLEANUP- Innovative Thinking!

mukeshbalani.com | “You heard it here first…if you haven’t already heard it elsewhere”… The Massive Project to Clean Up the Ocean With a Two-Kilometer Screen Every year, eight million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean, threatening just about every marine species and ecosystem.

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UN to Fight Against Marine Plastic Pollution!

Center for International Environmental Law News Release UN Initiative Agrees to Spearhead Fight Against Marine Plastic Pollution NAIROBI. Efforts to address global plastic pollution took a significant step forward today as world governments agreed to establish a specialist group tasked with examining options to combat marine plastic pollution.

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Wild Burrows at risk, too!

As a charter member of The Alliance to Save Wild Horses & Burros, Wild Horse Freedom Federation joins The Cloud Foundation and In Defense of Animals in highlighting the understated danger that Wild Burros face from both Federal and State agencies hell-bent on exterminating the Burro from it’s rightful range.

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The Arctic Report Card

Jeremy Mathis, NOAA Arctic Research Program he said in,” The Arctic Report Card”.

The Arctic is like a refrigerator whose door has been left open and cold is spilling out cascading throughout the norther hemisphere. 108 more words


European Bison!

This 10 December 2017 video shows European bison in the snow in the Maashorst nature reserve in North Brabant province in the Netherlands. Hans Koster made this video.

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Polar Bears Celebrate Their Birthdays With Cake at the Cincinnati Zoo

1010 WINS-Besides receiving presents, we can all agree the best part of a birthday party is the cake. Especially if you’re these two adorable polar bears! 130 more words


Let’s Talk About Mountain Lions

Mountain lions also go by various other names, such as cougar, puma, or catamount. You can find them throughout North and South America and they are the second-heaviest cat in the world. 476 more words

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