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Europe's environment - good news and bad

Here’s a striking thought: in many parts of Europe, the local environment is arguably in as good a state today as it has been since the start of industrialisation. 333 more words


Study shows how mitigation boosts sage-grouse nesting

Scientists tout adaptive management approach to sage-grouse conservation

Staff Report

FRISCO — When it comes to greater sage-grouse nesting areas, no disturbance is best, but carefully planned mitigation measures can help boost nest survival. 594 more words


A Need to Save Rare Breeds

By Kathiann Kowalski

 Make sure the ground is soft before startling Chip. He’s a Tennessee fainting goat at a farm in Newport, R.I. When Chip or other fainting goats get surprised, their muscles freeze up. 2,181 more words


The Business of Endangered Species Management

“The American Burying Beetle, Nicrophorus americanus, is an endangered species with limited habitat remaining. Eastern Oklahoma contains significant habitat that must be preserved or mitigated. Mitigation typically takes the form of a company or organization establishing a permanent habitat area approved by the US-FWS.” 104 more words

Endangered Species

Experts question China's panda survey

By Jane Qui
The number of giant pandas living in the wild has risen by a sixth over the past decade, according to a long-anticipated survey unveiled by China’s State Forestry Administration on 28 February. 793 more words


Beachgoers asked to keep their distance from newborn monk seal

The first baby monk seal born this year is resting its tiny head on a North Shore beach. The birth is big news, as the Hawaiian monk seal is a critically endangered species and could face extinction within the next few years, and with recent, unsolved cases involving suspicious monk seal deaths, wildlife officials are extra vigilant to ensure this pup survives. 352 more words


Appeal to save endagered lemurs is falling on deaf ears, say campaigners

Ian Johnston:  “Conservationists are on the brink of despair over the plight of the lemur after an international appeal for funds to help save the world’s most endangered primates fell on deaf ears. 163 more words

Endangered Species