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Ode to John Muir

Caught in the center of an American political maelstrom, our forests, native animals, and protected lands are akin to that of a child in a violent divorce.   432 more words

Notes From the Zookeeper: Miracles

I missed last week. It wasn’t that I had nothing to say. Trust me, I had LOTS to say, but I ran out of time in which to say it. 855 more words


Pregnant looking rare Amur Leopard in NE China confirmed as fat male

CRI Online

Excitement over sightings of what was thought to be a pregnant rare Amur leopard has been dashed after it was revealed the animal was a male that had eaten too much. 353 more words


Oh, Mighty Bee

by Kevin Hulit

Bumblebees are endangered. The Rusty Patched Bumblebee became the first bee in the continental U.S. to be classified as an endangered species, but really, the shock of it mutes the specifics. 989 more words


Comparing skulls

Of all the bones in a bird’s body, surely those that comprise the skull are the most fascinating. It is impossible to look at a bird skull without recognizing features that are also found in the human skull. 391 more words


That time I pet a rhino.

Hidden in the forests on the Florida-Georgia Line (the real one, not the one that wears sparkly skinny jeans) lies a beautiful facility called White Oak Conservation Center. 368 more words


Republicans Trying To Dramatically Weaken Endangered Species Act

It comes as no surprise that in their quest to turn everything into more profits for the rich Republicans are working hard to dramatically weaken the endangered species act. 131 more words

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