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Ian's Bird of the Week - Small Lifou White-eye

Ian’s Bird of the Week – Small Lifou White-eye (and random Sacred Kingfisher) ~ by Ian Montgomery

Newsletter – 8/27/15

I’m a night-owl, as you may know already, so here is a photo of a noteworthy event: boarding a flight to the Loyalty Islands in complete darkness at 6:00am at Magenta, the domestic airport in Noumea. 840 more words


Biodiversity challenge - Kagu

Grey spirit 

Phantom of the forest,
Ghost of Caledonia past,
Caught yapping.
Earthbound, hapless
Headdress chicken,
Easy meat.
Not flying, but flapping.
Feral future lapping…

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#MTDoV Series: Puerto Princesa's Hidden Gems

After feeling quite nostalgic with the Puerto Princesa’s hidden history and it’s ever abundant indigenous products, we found ourselves back to the road again. The road which would lead would to Puerto Princesa’s other famous destinations. 782 more words


Easter Island's Miniature Wonders of the World

by Joseph DeSisto

Easter Island, a tiny Pacific island more than 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile, is best known for its tremendous stone figures ( 518 more words


Biodiversity challenge - Mallorcan midwife toad

Midwife crisis

No strings attached,
She said.
Now see how
Sticky shackles
Cramp his style
More than a tad.
Her long-term plan
Already hatched;
Not so, his heavy load.

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Negros species vulnerable to extinction


On March 3, 2015, the Philippines joined the commemoration of the World Wildlife Day, which was declared during the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly in December 2013. 1,208 more words

Conservation Initiatives

Mindoro bleeding-heart (Gallicolumba platenae)

A distinctive but rare bird, the last confirmed sighting of the Mindoro bleeding-heart in the wild was in 1997(3). This medium-sized ground dove is named for the small, yet distinct, orange patch on its whitish breast, although this looks less like a ‘bleeding-heart’ than in other Gallicolumba species, which have a blood-red patch. 36 more words