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Ashy Prinia

Endemic race of Ashy Prinia (Prinia socialis) found in Sri Lanka. No rufous rump feathers, shorter tail and distinct call.


The Blue Point Post Box Walk, St Helena

HEADING SOUTH | Darrin Henry

Blue Point Post Box walk is a little gem of a hike, hidden away in the far, southern corner of St Helena. 1,477 more words

St Helena

Day 70: Wetapunga, God of Ugly Things

In one of my first posts I commented on the high number of birds that are endemic to New Zealand. Insects have an even higher endemic percentage with more than 90% of insects found in New Zealand being endemic. 302 more words


White-cheeked barbet

White-cheeked barbet (Megalaima viridis). Small green barbet. பச்சைக் குக்குறுவான். கழுத்தறுத்தான் குருவி. Endemic to Western Ghats. – at Kaikatty, Nilgiris. 14 more words


Editing the endless edit pile...

Editing is a process that is endless… when you start to get somewhere you get caught up on a new trip or images you find in the process… so iv tried to start editing things  that i havnt yet had the chance to share… as it turns out i only have one hard drive with me so im having to edit images that do actually finally need edited!! 56 more words


State takes steps to protect rare, endemic butterfly, snail

The state is taking steps to grow the population of two endemic species in Hawaii: the Kamehameha butterfly and a rare Hawaiian tree snail ( 277 more words


Leaf-nosed snakes

Madagascar, home to many strange and special creatures, one of them: the leaf-nosed snakes, genus Langaha. These weird looking snakes are endemic to Madagascar and very hard to spot due to their amazing camouflage. 23 more words