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State takes steps to protect rare, endemic butterfly, snail

The state is taking steps to grow the population of two endemic species in Hawaii: the Kamehameha butterfly and a rare Hawaiian tree snail ( 277 more words


Leaf-nosed snakes

Madagascar, home to many strange and special creatures, one of them: the leaf-nosed snakes, genus Langaha. These weird looking snakes are endemic to Madagascar and very hard to spot due to their amazing camouflage. 23 more words


Amboli Ghat Trip, Maharashtra

Posting a few collection of pics from my recent trip to Amboli Ghat rain forest,Maharashtra, India.Its a good mix of ambhibians like Malabar Gliding frog,Forest Lizard,Caterpillars,Green Vine Snake,Bi-colored frog.


Jason Foy

Festival junkie Jason Foy is certainly no stranger to delivering the party himself, with sets under his belt for the likes of Ministry of Sound, Mutiny and Amplified. 167 more words


Oemleria cerasiformis “Indian Plum” Rosaceae

Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle, WA
May 9, 2016
Robert Niese

Oemleria is a PNW endemic and is one of the first plants to leaf-out and bloom in spring. 97 more words

Pacific Northwest

As far as you can go -The Millennium Forest

The area now known as the “Coastal Zone” was until recently referred to as the Crown Wastelands.  The environment close to the coast was the most fragile – salt laden winds precluded fast growing plants and there were hardly any trees in this area, just a few stunted examples cowering in any nook in the hillsides.  295 more words

St Helena


Here is a great reason to go birding in western Ecuador.  This is the endemic White-tailed Jay:And now the Princeton University Press has issued a photographic guide to the birds of Western Ecuador.  193 more words