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Common Lanka Skink - Lankascincus fallax

Common Supple Skink, Lankascincus fallax, also known as Peter’s Lanka Skink, is a species of skink endemic to island of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka


“(adj.) widespread in or peculiar to a particular area or people”

As much as I have an appreciation for words, I have understanding that an abundance of words lie hidden between the ones I speak, between those I write. 321 more words


A special duck

Small islands in the middle of the ocean often have species that can only be seen on that island, the so-called endemics. For birdwatchers usually a reason to visit an island like that, as it’s another tick on their list that they can only get there. 88 more words


CFFC: Birds

A Few Birds of Namibia

Variations on a Theme

Over 600 species of birds are found in Namibia. I am not a good bird photographer, but I did manage to capture a few of the birds commonly found in various sections of the country. 59 more words


Inside the Ark- rather icky

Before we pop inside,let’s look back as to why we are in here – did God really do this?

This is  the continuation of those hard things we find in the bible, again part of a myth a very powerful story. 844 more words


OWPC: Monkey

Toque Macaque

The toque macaque, a reddish-brown Old World monkey, is endemic to Sri Lanka. Never leave you hotel door ajar if there are macaques in the area. 29 more words


Mount Kinabalu Park

What better place for us get our walking boots back on (literally and metaphorically) as we acclimatised to our new surroundings?  Kinabalu Park was one the first national parks to be established in Malaysia back in 1964.  417 more words