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Kintamani Dog - The Friendly Pet from Bali

If you know, Bali has an endemic dog, it’s call Kintamani. It is a spitz dog breed from the island of Bali. These friendly, medium-sized dogs with erect ears and long fur are popular pets in Indonesia. 264 more words


Single You Out: Bugsy Da God - Skill Mathematics (ft. Masta Killa, Prodigal Sunn & Shyheim) (prod. By Endemic Emerald]

Bugsy Da God has a new album out entitled, Camouflage Disciple.   I haven’t been able to check the album out in it’s entirety but here’s the new single, … 40 more words


Single You Out: Endemic Emerald & Skanks - Trouble (ft. E Class)

Endemic unleashes a bluesy and soulful production for Skanks’ thoughtful phrases as it regards to the ‘trouble’ that surrounds him.  He references the violence against the black community, the loss of his childhood heroes, Hulk Hogan and Bill Cosby, and the perception that Black Lives Matter is somehow a racist propaganda.   34 more words


Ian's Bird of the Week - Tomtit

Ian’s Bird of the Week – Tomtit ~ by Ian Montgomery

Newsletter – 10/30/15

Last week we had the Snares Penguin and I made a passing reference to the locally endemic race of the Tomtit, so here is it and two of the other four New Zealand races of the Tomtit as this week’s choice. 1,049 more words


Endemic Range of the Flat-spired Cheat Three-toothed Snail (Triodopsis platysayoides)

Jared Tomlin

ENV 526G – GIS Mapping

Dr. Kindahl

Final Map Project

Endemic Range of the Flat-spired Cheat Three-toothed Snail (Triodopsis platysayoides)

Purpose: The Cheat Canyon Three-toothed Land Snail (Triodopsis platysayoides) is an extremely rare and threatened species which is endemic to the Cheat Canyon, a 26 kilometer stretch of the Cheat River in Preston and Monongalia Counties in West Virginia (Hotopp et al., 2008). 356 more words

Hood College

Nigeria is no longer POLIO endemic says WHO!

What is Polio?

Polio or poliomyelitis is an infectious disease caused by the polio virus spreading from person to person causing LIFE LONG Paralysis . 205 more words


Guest Post: My trip to Madagascar, and why you should jump on a plane and go now! (Mammals and Birds)

Guest Post by Katy Klymus

I am not the type of person that has many regrets. However if you were to ask me a year ago, what regrets I had, the only real one would have to be not going to Madagascar several years ago when I had a chance. 1,157 more words