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Ender Wiggin Versus My Former Classmate AK | My Aunt ME Versus My Former Classmate AR In A Street Fight?

Once again I have to rush to type a post, and once again I remembered these dreams using some of Lost Truth’s advice that she gave on her post  1,184 more words

Dream Journal

Enders Game, my 1st Sci-Fi book

If you’re anything like me I couldn’t wait to graduate from college so I could finally have some free time to read the books I wanted to read instead of the mandatory dribble dictated by my course curriculum. 980 more words

Science Fiction

It's Monday, We're Reading Speaker for the Dead

“He lived three thousand years ago, whoever he was, the one who called himself the Speaker for the Dead. But he understood the buggers! We wiped them all out, the only other alien race we ever knew, we killed them all, but he understood.” – Novinha, 

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