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Giving the game away

I love surprises! I’m one of those people who do not feel the presents under the Christmas tree, who don’t read the last page of the book before the beginning, who don’t even watch ‘ 268 more words


After Dating a Poet

Should have been a notice
Warning our romance was a performance piece.
Each step, a verse
Every growth, a sonnet

Wrapped up in eloquent prose, 74 more words


It's Time For Me To Say Goodbye And Move On

The sunset fades.
The birds still sing.
The rhythm of my heart plays again and again.

Closed the sign says as I peer inside.
Everything’s been packed, packaged. 262 more words

Saying Goodbye

Last night at my church small group, we began talking about returning home and reverse culture shock. Many in the group will, in the next few months, uproot themselves from the lives they’ve built here in Norwich and move – either back home, or to somewhere else that’s new and full of challenges. 159 more words


Thorns and Roses

I fondly remember the good moments. I appreciate them all the more now. Losing… finally losing what I thought I had has made me want to hold on tighter to all the better parts of what was. 288 more words

The Philosophy of the ENDS

Lately and for a long while, I have been mired in a vigorous pondering process, the kind that ends with you captivated in a compulsory yet enchanting solitary confinement, it is not much of a peculiar habit for me, but the last dip was the greatest challenge I have ever endeavored, at least in terms of soul survival. 831 more words

The Hollows series Part III

Hello, readers!

I’m excited to be back so I’ve decided to post every day this week. Why not? Let’s get crazy up in here! And crazy is an apt word because I’ll be starting grad school in a little over two weeks. 400 more words