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Beginnings. Endings.

We’re always leaving something, someplace or somebody. Life is filled with these “leaving times.” In the country music field, they can be called “crying times.” 278 more words

No Spoilers


close the book
    the story’s not over
    I have pages left 
    to read

you know the ending
    I don’t! Not for sure
    anything can happen

the action is done
    but the story goes on
    there’s more to tell
    at the end

you know who did it
    that wasn’t the point
    the hero needs to 
    understand why

close the book
    I’m not done 
    I have pages left
    to live

November 30, 2015

Start of the work week
Final day of the whole month
Beginnings, endings

Human measurement
Of time – a week and a month
All flow together


A Moment with Colin

What if, we ended up together? Always my deep down question everytime I see Colin (remember him?) Above is a photo of us from a year and a half back. 770 more words


For Sam...

I was a princess

in a castle built

of beautiful stone.

There was a prince.


with hazel eyes

sandy hair.

But he changed his mind. 218 more words


Nearing the End of This Race

Reaching. Stretching. Straining. Dreaming. Dancing. Running.

That last flat line before rounding the final curve. End pressing in. Time falling faster. Breath coming harder. Track disappearing beneath moving feet. 765 more words


In the end

It will be an elephant in the blog until I write this, so dilemma as it is I speak from the heart here and do not want to pretend with you all… 1,184 more words