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Grief isn’t just about death.
We grieve anything we lose.
A person, a stage of life, a role, a possession, a belief.

Unbearable emptiness.
Unthinkable separation. 33 more words

Dark Spaces

Of What's Left

It’s hard to

Look at the remains

Of the rubble.

Or to look at completely


With everything destroyed and


A crater has been left in your… 53 more words


Week 15: Next steps.

At this exact moment I am one exam, six days, one-hundred-and-fortyish hours away from the end of fifteen wild weeks in Ireland. It’s also the last Monday, my last Irish trip, and the second to last blog that I will write as part of this series (and yes, you would be correct in recognising that I made a mistake in my previous post).

630 more words

I despise life

I hate life

The cruelty and pain that comes with it

The brief Joy and happiness

That we can easily find in a bottle of liquor… 56 more words


Various Haikus

He went to sleep

It was all too difficult

He went to sleep

Do not wake me

I don’t want to be awake

Let me remain… 75 more words


172. Multi-Use Suffixes

Some suffixes create words belonging to different word classes


Suffixes are meaningful word endings (for details, see 106. Word-Like Suffixes). Some, like… 1,539 more words

Academic And Professional Writing

Let me say goodbye

All is silent and night is fading.

Dawn is coming, all is ending.

My heart slows the beat

I walk on with weary feet.

All things must pass, well I know… 59 more words