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I Was Wrong

Over and over and over again, I was wrong. I’ve created and deleted so many blogs, I’ve lost count. But writing is dangerous business; it’s hard to put myself out there. 100 more words


Adagio for Heart Strings

I heard a heart that drew me in

It sang songs,

A prelude for love.

So I lingered and listened

And sang along with

A chant of words… 28 more words


The End | Day-30 | NaPoWriMo2016

Departing from your threshold,
digging into my
memory, trail of the end.

P.S: This mark the end of ‪#‎NaPoWriMo2016‬, yet every day is a poetry day :)


ZombieBoy - Zombie Growing Game Endings

I began playing this mobile game called ZombieBoy. The premise is that you and your boyfriend are researchers, looking into the zombie apocalypse. Tragedy strikes and your beloved is transformed into a zombie. 313 more words

Should Games have Multiple Endings?

I just finished playing Bioshock, and for those who don’t know about the game, you have the choice to either harvest or rescue the Little Sisters. 410 more words

Beautiful Skies

I was raised in a land with beautiful skies
And got lost in a moment of heated goodbyes
But ever the optimist to shine on the age… 92 more words



I heard her voice
In the dark
Second choice,
Half heartedly made,
Left dangling on
A string,
Waiting. 23 more words