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Because she said thank you.

*Stream of consciousness. Not proofread.*

I kinda can’t believe that she said that.

Regardless of all the shit I put her through, all the money she spent on atempts to get me involved after I’d lost it, all the debt she’s out herself in. 481 more words

We Both Know It Wasn't Supposed To End Like This

I know that time changes everything. Even the things that we were sure were going to last forever. Or at very least, the people that we thought were going to stick around. 337 more words


New Beginnings

As I sat editing and listening to Blackmill, I was reminded of a loss. Despite knowing it’s only a transition, and toward something better, there’s still a sadness for what used to be. 187 more words


Bittersweet Crossroads

Condescending aficionado
speaks from a barbaric abyss
Staking claims and forecasts
reeking of gin and vermouth

He paws
He claws
Relentless and crude

Staring at her fishnet stalkings… 75 more words


12 Spoiler-Ridden Movie Trailers & One Useful Screenwriting Lesson

I came across this article on Twitter and really enjoyed it. It was a nice break from the work I was supposed to be doing. 😊 125 more words


Finished: Book #92

Title: Sons and Lovers

Author: D.H. Lawrence

Date Finished: 4/17/18

Recommend? : Yes!

Why? : This is the first book on the list I’ve read–except  456 more words


Famous Last Words

I have recently been reading Famous Last Words and while it may seem morbid, it is quite interesting and fascinating. In specific, I’ve been reading last words compiled by Ray Robinson and I can’t get enough of it. 401 more words

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