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Over. Finally.

Sometime in mid-2011 I stumbled and fell in love. He was a friend. A one-sided affair that I struggled with until, well, a couple of weeks ago. 514 more words

Cogs And Wheels

Playing Safe

Goodnight goodnight my faded friend
Not sure if bitter but surely an end
You gave what-ifs as a reason to bounce
I suppose you were scared that commitment would pounce… 54 more words


My (Shattered?) French Dream

Once upon a time, I had a grand and beautiful dream. It probably was planted in high school French class as I sat at the back and lovingly caressed the colorful, cartoon-filled pages of my textbook, falling in love with le Français for the first time. 808 more words


Post Easter shuffling - who remains in the inner circle

I have now struck Darren off my shag portfolio.  That is my only option after getting the following email from him this morning:

Hey Amy… 524 more words

On to Something New

I’ve talked before about Twitter and how I’ve been finding all sorts of writing prompts and games on there. They’ve been fun and have led me to write some interesting things and to explore topics I may not have thought about otherwise. 108 more words

Looking Out For Me.

You say you’re only mean to me
So that I get better,
But if your way’s the better one,
Then I will suck forever.

I couldn’t hurt someone I loved… 75 more words


You think (spoken word)

You think you know someone

When you love them

When you spend all your days with them

When you can’t go a minute 

Without seeing their face… 173 more words