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So I haven’t posted for a few weeks, who knew having a job and attending university would take up so much of my precious blogging time! 238 more words

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Words of Nefie

Existence is painful. Your existence was gainful. Until it washed away, in the same wave of pain.

Warm sand was my man till he made a diferent plan… 68 more words


Beginnings and Endings

Life is always full of beginnings and endings. We always watch as one door opens and another one closes. In the end, I think the best part is being able to look back and see the things that we experienced and smile at those experiences. 540 more words


Twenty-Three Stream of Conciousness Things I Hate About Him -- One for Every Year I was Married

1.  I hate him for starting a new relationship before ending ours.
2.  I hate him for his lack of respect for me.
3.  I hate him for telling me for 23 years each day was new and we’d try again — until the day he didn’t. 444 more words


On Endings.

What has often bothered me, is not the ending of things, but the ease with which I’ve seen perfectly beautiful journeys destroyed for the littlest of things. 60 more words


Thing 91 - Endings and Beginnings

It seems to me that when one reaches a certain age (stage) in life that there are more “endings” to experience than beginnings.  Some are momentous, others less so. 602 more words