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Dead End

I was a block away from our place
Well, the place that used to be ours
I was pulled in that direction
But I was afraid you’d be home… 144 more words


Dark Desire

Dark Desire

The wind

Vents its loneliness

A haunting serenade

This night of dark desire

A song of sorrow


Icy wisps of mist

Shroud the moon… 37 more words


It will end, this life.

It will end, this life.

Yet while it is breathed

it finds meaning,

finds reason to move, to dance,

to beat colourful rhythms in written word… 43 more words


People May Leave, But Their Impact Will Always Remain

One day, someone will come into your life who will say nice things about you. You will hear them say words that you don’t usually hear from the people you spend most of your time with. 328 more words

Fuck! I need to do something!

I’m angry inside. I can’t tell you the exact moment I noticed it today but I am.

Perhaps I can’t tell you because I’ve felt this way for longer than the hours today has given me. 157 more words

Tears of damage

“Tell me if this is something you’ll go cry about?”

I hope you weren’t relying on us

You wouldn’t like this new me now

I’ve got less doubts… 152 more words