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Maiju's Teacup 23.2.2018 - Peculiar Feeling

It’s such a peculiar feeling, when you’re finishing a story.

I now know how I want to end my novel. And that means a lot of letting go. 350 more words


Trust The Part Of Yourself That Tells You To Move On

Trust the part of yourself that tells you when something needs to be over. The part that tells you that you need to end a certain chapter and start a new one. 529 more words

Reaching Resolution Revisited

To end our story we have to have some form of resolution. We’ve already discussed the different sorts of endings and how we can anything from complete closure to an ambiguous end or a cliff-hanger but we’ve still got to bring all these pesky plot threads together.

19 more words

Murasaki Mugen's Top 20 Favorite Anime Opening

I actually like al kinds of music genre, so you can expect many different music opening genres. Not only will I judge them by music, but also how the openings looks. 1,001 more words


When Ministries & Organisations close; Can we be better prepared for it?

As the snowdrops begin to open in my garden, and lightness in the day starts to get a bit longer, and the early signs of spring are in the air, there is the sense of promise, the hope for something new. 1,249 more words


0 HP

The light of the morning has been dimmed unexpectedly this morning with the news of the death of an old RPG friend. I will confess that my usual rigour of no swearing on Facebook seemed inappropriate. 381 more words

Role-Playing Games

The Unexpected Guest of Compassion

A few months ago, December 1 to be exact, I stood in my world feeling intense uncertainty. It was the feeling of knowing that change was the only option, but the unknown on the other side of that decision held me captive in fear. 951 more words