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What we knew were wanderings.

Blinding lights leaking out of shadows

from the night,

and the world is surreal.

We are one.  We will be This forever. 13 more words


I am taking a short break from blogging, though I am writing and reflecting very frequently. I just wanted to check in. I’ll be posting soon, perhaps in a week or too. 331 more words


Once it's Broken

Once it’s broken
It just is
There is no going back—ever
‘Whole’ remains in the past

Once it’s broken
It just is
There is fixing—maybe… 81 more words


This world is a scary place without you. 

When you have put your whole self into a relationship, what happens when it ends? When you barely have the energy or motivation to move from wherever it is you fell asleep, too exhausted from crying to move to your bed, how can you be excpected to muster up the effort it takes to build a new life, especially when you do desperately wish the old one had not come to an end. 391 more words


The Beginning in the End

I lie stretched out on the duvet as the morning streamed through the blinds.  The swirling of dust caught in the miniature spotlights of the slats echo the hurricane of thoughts in my mind.   689 more words

Creative Writing


Dear readers, 

I wrote this letter to myself nearing the end of senior year, high school; I am currently wrapping up the first semester of my first year in university. 814 more words



If there is one truth I absolutely believe in, it is this:
That endings are not a bad thing at all.
They are not to be feared, or avoided. 88 more words