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There and Back Again...

We landed today. Especially in the midst of story sharing with my fellow JFs, Malawi already seems like a distant dream. Did that really happen? … 144 more words

Heartbreak at work

Dude. My heart freaking hurts. I still can’t stop checking the damned phone. You can’t fucking declare your love for me and then vanish into thin fucking air. 571 more words

All that I want to say to you but can't..

Incredible. My slow fucking brain just figured out why he couldn’t just hookup with one of the people at his workplace. They OBVIOUSLY knew his name and could easily find out the backstory making it complicated. 752 more words

Goodbye, Aleppo, this time forever

Can you leave a city
awash in dust and ashes
abandoned by memory and fate
by standing in its middle
and daring it
to fall around you?


Words of Silence

My words I will keep and say no more
To free your mind from the anxiety
Of a vain selfishly planned destiny

My words I will keep and say no more… 69 more words



There is the question of the conversation. What is the conversation? Speaking with others over and over again throughout the years may feel taxing for some. 123 more words