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Yet another beginning to an end

This morning I woke up to find that feeling which has been tip-toeing round the underskirts of my consciousness for some weeks now finally deciding to assert itself – IT IS TIME. 1,980 more words


When They Are Walking Away

It’s 5:00 am and this is pretty normal for me to be awake. Usually, I do have a lot of thoughts running through my head. I do think about certain things I wish my brain wouldn’t wander across, but it happens and sometimes I have absolutely no control. 1,016 more words

Pieces of Me

He puts his hand on the lid, breathes in and out until he’s sure he can handle it. Opening his eyes, he tightens his grip around the jar. 823 more words


A Dvoretsky Duo

Dvoretsky, Mark. For Friends & Colleagues: Volume II, Reflections on My Profession. Milford: Russell Enterprises, 2015. ISBN 978-1941270035. PB 360pp. List $29.95, currently list price on Amazon. 1,131 more words


the perfect way to leave and begin

So, we moved.

We packed all the things and we drove west and here we are now, in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada.

When we left the little farm in Saskatchewan, a new family was just beginning to snuggle into the big old farmhouse. 220 more words


Part Three: Swing-and-a-Miss

Dear (Soon-to-be Former) Lover,

That can’t possibly be it. (My phone is buzzing—it’s you again—but I’m not going to answer.)

This is supposed to make me happy: that you’re my boyfriend, and I’m your girlfriend. 523 more words


The undiscovered country

The undiscovered Country, from whose bourn
No Traveler returns, Puzzles the will …
~ Shakespeare, Hamlet Act 3 Scene 1

These borders are flimsy
You wonder how they hold… 113 more words