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Obama’s Legacy: War Without End | The American Conservative


Gene Healy comments on the dreary foreign policy legacy Obama leaves behind:

In a speech to US troops last month, he denounced the “false promise” that “we can eliminate terrorism by dropping more bombs,” and piously proclaimed that “democracies should not operate in a state of permanently authorized war.”

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A Review of ‘Underworld: Endless War’

This is an interesting story, as it doesn’t spend too much time referencing characters and reintroducing personalities. We just jump right into the war that’s been raging for centuries. 169 more words


Make Your 'Underworld' Binge Session Complete with Part One of Animated Pic ‘Underworld: Endless War’

I know you’re already standing in line for your ticket to Underworld: Blood Wars. But why not get an early fix, without having to rush out to the cinema. 113 more words

Short Films

"Tecumseh and Brock": The War of 1812": battle in The Endless War

I love Canadian history, which is probably why I love the Alberta grade 7 curriculum so much.  I taught about the War of 1812 last year for the first time, yet I didn’t fully understand the history of pre-Confederation until I read James Laxer’s book… 713 more words


Linda Hoover | Privatization of the Military

Hire-to-kill is an inhumane practice that pits impoverished workers in one country against victims of warmongers in other countries.  1,529 more words

Military Madness

Michael Nagler | The Kapp Putsch and Modern Memory

 Nonviolence is the way out.  But nonviolence cannot simply mean you wait for the putsch to happen, then rush out into the street and non-cooperate.    1,017 more words


A Favorite Spring Day

After play practice, sitting together in the early spring sun, sharing a smoke.

               A jet fighter roared across the sky, and drowned out the devotions you spoke. 173 more words