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Linda Hoover | Privatization of the Military

Hire-to-kill is an inhumane practice that pits impoverished workers in one country against victims of warmongers in other countries.  1,529 more words

Military Madness

Michael Nagler | The Kapp Putsch and Modern Memory

 Nonviolence is the way out.  But nonviolence cannot simply mean you wait for the putsch to happen, then rush out into the street and non-cooperate.    1,017 more words


A Favorite Spring Day

After play practice, sitting together in the early spring sun, sharing a smoke.

               A jet fighter roared across the sky, and drowned out the devotions you spoke. 173 more words


What Will Replace ISIS?

From Frontpage Mag, by Daniel Greenfield

This is a war to determine whether the future will belong to the West or to Islam.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. 1,115 more words

War On Terror

Poetry Talk / {Black Butterfly by R.M. Drake} / October 29, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Saturday post! So “______ Talk” is a new thing i’m going to be doing whenever i can or whenever i have an idea; I’m basically going to analyze/ break down/ dissect different things whether it’s a poetry book or how to play a certain song on ukulele. 295 more words


Fallout 4:Endless War - Old Friends and New Beginnings

New video out for Fallout 4 Endless War! This is episode 3 Old Friends, and Dom is the character that we get to see today. Dom is an ex-para military soldier, that was fortunate enough to sneak into Vault 88 before the bombs dropped, and now he has taken it upon himself to rebuild the Minutemen, to restore order and make the common wealth a safer place for the people again. 143 more words


Is There Anything Left of the Republican Party?

9 November 2016, San Francisco

Now that the detestable Donald Trump has at last been slid off the speaker’s platform, we are free to wonder whether it will be possible for the Repubs to regain some semblance of normalcy and decency after eight years of blatant racism and hate. 970 more words

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