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Speedrush - Endless War

 Typically, I don’t like bands that seem to solely exist to sound like a throwback band simply because the members of the group are living in the past. 357 more words


War and Empire: The American Way of Life

By Paul Atwood and cross-posted from Counterpunch.org

A few months ago I received a message from a professor at the Khomeini Institute for Education and  Research in Tehran, Iran, informing me that… 838 more words

Silent Empire

The “Elite” ─ The Rulers 21st Century Style

 “One consequence will be that millions one way or another will once again bear the burden of a society that hates democracy and punishes all but the financial elite.”    1,921 more words


Donald Trump's Gulf of Tonkin

By Richard Cameron

Donald Trump has (as could be easily predicted),

succumbed to the worst facets of his lack of impulse control and used cooked intel to “wag the dog” in Syria, ordering the launch of $100 million worth of cruise missiles. 994 more words

Donald Trump

Congressman: 'I don't think' Assad is behind Syria attack


Washington (CNN)Republican Rep. Thomas Massie expressed doubt Wednesday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for Tuesday’s chemical attack, and reinforced his stance that US intervention could “end up making the situation worse.” 62 more words

Endless War

Syria Gas Attack: Assad's Doing...Or False Flag?

Ron Paul weighs in.

Just days after the US Administration changed course on Syrian President Assad, saying he could stay, an alleged chemical weapon attack that killed dozens of civilians has been blamed on the Syrian government. 17 more words

Endless War

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Teflon Wars (Demobilizing America)

It remains to be seen whether, in Donald Trump’s America, with that sense of demobilization fading, America’s wars and military-first policies will once again become the target of a mobilizing public.  2,817 more words