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Is prolactin level useful in determining whether my patient with loss of consciousness suffered a seizure?

It depends on the timing of your patient’s presentation!

It is generally held that serum prolactin level peaks within 10-20 min after a generalized tonic-clonic or complex partial seizure and returns to baseline within 2-6 h. 261 more words

Campaign “RUN FOR HEALTHY LIFE” Launches by Novo Nordisk against Obesity and Diabetes

Karachi – Pakistan is ranked as 9th most obese country in the world, according to the Global Burden of Disease Study

published in The Lancet< 413 more words

BT PO 1.91 Outline the pharmacology of glucagon (& other things)

Coming in an aesthetically pleasing little orange container, glucagon is a drug anaesthetists administer infrequently. Funnily enough the most common indication that we give glucagon for has nothing to do with hypoglycaemia. 122 more words


BT PO 1.90 Describe the pharmacology of insulin preparations

Regarding insulin:

Insulin preparations are synthesized using recombinant technology TRUE/FALSE

If injected intravenously, long acting insulins will still have a long duration of action TRUE/FALSE… 96 more words


11/13 Presby report: sulfonylurea toxicity, loop diuretics

Thanks to Dan Kim for giving a great talk (and to the audience of contributing lots of great learning points!) on a middle aged woman who presented with hypoglycemia after taking a dose of her sulfonylurea. 431 more words


Halloween Candy

When I first moved back from overseas, I was not in the habit of passing out candy for Halloween.  Though I tried to instill and maintain American customs for my kids, it generally didn’t include Trick-or Treating while living abroad.  503 more words


Yes, Ban BPA: this isn’t Toy Story 4

Despite that we use plastics to make a variety of children’s toys who have their own personality and backstory- Barbie, Transformers and Scooby-Doo action figures were all a part of my childhood- it is known that they are not really ‘alive’. 993 more words