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Tip 203: neonatal thyrotoxicosis

Babies at risk of neonatal thyrotoxicosis are:

  • babies of mothers with a current or past history of Graves’ disease
  • babies from families with a family history of neonatal thyrotoxicosis secondary to TSH receptor mutations (rare)
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Adrenal Crisis

This case is written by Dr. Kyla Caners. She is a staff emergency physician in Hamilton, Ontario and the Simulation Director of McMaster University’s FRCP-EM program. 329 more words


It's Not Brain Surgery

Southside without students is like Camden Town without bohemians – quiet, and empty. For the first two weeks of my semester, the city around campus was pretty much derelict, save for the occasional vet student. 2,652 more words

Direct Sales Consultants: Why You Should Re-evaluate Your Company

So I’m laying it all out.  For five years I had worked for a direct sales company that I loved.  But recently I realized that my love for it wasn’t the product…it was the people.   464 more words

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Wednesday didn't go as planned: Hospital

Wednesday didn’t go as planned and I ended up in hospital. I haven’t really written about what happens when I go to hospital, but get asked a lot, so thought I may as well share! 2,281 more words


Summary: For women with gestational or Type 2 diabetes mellitus, using metformin during pregnancy may be associated with lower risks of neonatal hypoglycemia, large for gestational age babies, pregnancy-induced hypertension and total maternal pregnancy weight gain compared to using insulin; however there remains little information on long-term outcomes. 12 more words

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Why Weight?

 A Naturopathic Understanding of Weight Management.

Does one size fit all? Certainly not, we are all shapes & sizes, maintaining, losing or gaining weight for very different complex reasons. 398 more words

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