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The Problem Is ... That There Is No Problem

Just a quick ttc update.

Today I received a copy of the letter that my GP received from the endocrinologist that I saw recently and in the letter it basically states that he found no endocrine causes for my subfertility. 133 more words


Adrenal Insufficiency & Adrenal Crisis

Lots of people have similar questions, so i thought I’d write answers- sometimes I don’t explain it very well in conversations! It’s written so that non-patients/family can hopefully understand. 818 more words


Clinic Pearls: Amenorrhea

CC: 28yo F “I don’t have periods anymore”


Primary: Absence of menses by age 15 (+ secondary sex characteristics and normal growth) OR by age 13 (without secondary sexual characteristics) 115 more words

AM Report

Legally Blonde

Ellen who is a blonde girl proves that she is worthy to be at Harvard University as a law student and a fashion icon. She had a tough time at Harvard but she didn’t fail to impress her professors and outwit her competitor. 151 more words


Why Living with a Rare Illness is Hard.

Living with any Chronic Illness is hard. Especially for those who have more than one. Living with a rare illness is more challenging. Mine is Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. 873 more words


Steroids aka Gear, Juice, Roids...

I had a conversation recently with someone asking me about steroids.  All of the folks that have spoken to me on the subject happen to be men.   1,133 more words

Common Questions

10 Ways to Manage Adrenal Insufficiency.

‘You’re absorbing steroids for your asthma well is the good news. But your short synacthen test shows you have Hypoadrenalism, so you will need to keep taking Prednisolone every day and see an Endocrinologist’. 993 more words