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I Was Diagnosed With PCOS

At the age of 19 it seemed somewhat odd to be the only one of my friends that was still not having regular periods. In one hand I was thankful for not having to go though what they were and in the other hand I started to worry about what could be wrong. 256 more words


Are BPA-free food containers really safe?

Source: Are BPA-free food containers really safe? – Medical News Today

Plastics that are “BPA-free” may not be better for you, say researchers, who have found that the replacement chemical, bisphenol S, has similar effects to the discredited bisphenol A. 551 more words


Flea Bytes: Intensive glycemic control

Flea bytes are quick bits of information.

ACCORD Trial published in 2008 showed in type 2 diabetics, intensive glycemic control increases mortality, particularly cardiovascular mortality. 10,251 type 2 diabetics were randomized to either the intensive arm or to the control arm. 270 more words


Biophysics and Thyroid Conditions

January has been Thyroid Awareness Month in the US. An estimated 15 million Americans have undiagnosed thyroid problems. We recently spoke with BPS member Grace Brannigan… 960 more words


Hypothermia with Trauma

This case is written by Dr. Stephen Miller. He is an emergency physician in Halifax. He is also the former medical director of EM Simulation and the current director of the Skilled Clinician Program for UGME at Dalhousie University. 342 more words


Letter from Dr Didi..November 2015

Angel attended clinic with the company of her oncology nurse specialist and her clinical psychologist.

Dr Didi was taken aback by Angel being in her wheelchair, but could not stress enough how extremely well the progress she has made with the weight battle.Bev said weight was not an issue for Angel to lose,she did her research online joined a group and introduced herself, gave a brief description of Angels medical issues with her rare syndrome and all the replies came back LOW CARB DIET, so no more than 90 carbs a day and result 2 stone 6lbs was lost. 235 more words

Children's Cancer

A Brief Introduction to Endobiogenic Medicine

Endobiogeny is a theory that was created in France by Christian Duraffourd, MD, and, with the help of Jean-Claude Lapraz, MD, produced teaching methods that promoted the expansion of this theory. 238 more words