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How ignoring your thyroid could be derailing your SIBO recovery....

After spending a lot of time interacting with the SIBO community and through my own experience and research, I think many practitioners and SIBO sufferers fail to recognize the importance of a healthy thyroid during SIBO treatment. 2,982 more words

Gut Health

Difference Between Tired and Depressed

It’s very hard for someone to really tell the difference between a “tired” you and a “depressed” you, especially if the person observing is yourself. You may think that if you just sleep on it, you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to carry on like it was nothing. 572 more words

Summary: For patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and a systolic blood pressure less than 140 mmHg, avoiding additional antihypertensive treatment is associated with a lower risk of… 53 more words


Asking HD Questions

In general, children are a lot more accepting than adults. They see things as more black and white, adults tend to think in grey. I kept teaching for about a year after being diagnosed with… 509 more words


Script Writing

Today I’ve finished the first draft of my script for the voice over for my video. Within half an hour of writing it I realised there was no way I could include everything I wanted to within the one video. 505 more words

Presentation & Learning Design Tutorial

Activity 1 

The 5 key principles I think should be considered when developing a presentation:

  • Keep the audience in mind – background, ability
  • Keep it simple – don’t overload with useless images…
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Curating Online Resources Tutorial

For my final project piece I have chosen to base it on endocrine hormones as this is something I struggle with because of all the different pathways and I think this will help me in creating a resource that is simple to follow and worthwhile. 227 more words