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Invisible Disabilities Week

This week is Invisible Disabilities Week. Lots of people have invisible disabilities, but they go unnoticed a lot of the time because they’re not visibly easy to see. 1,068 more words


Mental Health & Chronic Illness

It’s World Mental Health day. Lots of mental health illnesses are chronic and impact on people’s daily lives. But having a chronic illness in itself can have consequences on mental health, which people, including doctors, aren’t always willing to acknowledge or talk about. 962 more words


Fight or Flight

Have you ever stopped and thought about how clever the human body is? Even when you’re asleep, it still makes sure your heart is beating, your lungs are getting air and your food is digested. 448 more words


Why I have my Flu Jab

It’s the time of year where cold and flu comes out in full force, along with the people who argue about the pros/cons of having a flu jab. 541 more words


My Body

Day 29 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge is my body. I laughed when I saw today’s theme. Not in a bitter way, but because it’s something I joke about a lot. 345 more words


Pills, Pills, Pills - Endocrine's Child

“Ok. Remember to take your Synthroid (Levothyroxine) by the time you brush your teeth. Oh and remember you can’t eat breakfast until you get to work,” I tell myself every morning. 448 more words

Papillary Carcinoma