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Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse 

There’s a box under my bed that my husband and I refer to as ‘the zombie apocalypse box’. It’s a box of steroids, pain killers and antibiotics in different varieties and strengths. 270 more words


'Behind the Scenes' of Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness is bad enough and has a whole bunch of regimes and elements which come with it. But there’s an awful lot going on behind the scenes, which lots of people are either unaware of or can’t see, particularly if the illness is invisible. 737 more words


Endometriosis- How Minerals can help

Endometriosis (and other related hormonal imbalances) is becoming more common because of the level of nutritional imbalances, liver dysfunction, and adrenal fatigue that we are dealing with. 598 more words

I. Hate. Tapering.

I hate tapering from my Stress Dose to my Baseline. It:

– gives me pins and needles and numbness which hurt

– makes my heart miss out beats and add extra ones in… 216 more words


Reality Check 

I’ve explained quite a lot about the science behind my condition. But I don’t think some people fullyget it yet, possibly because I’m quite casual about it. 860 more words


Day in the Life

I was writing this last night to post today and this morning, I got a call with my MRI results. 

I have a 4mm tumour in my brain. 1,117 more words



Memory is a weird thing. This morning I found myself singing a song that I learnt in Year 4 of Primary School (so aged 9?). I knew all of the words and the tune. 916 more words