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Volunteering for Addison's UK

Before I got ill, I used to do a lot of volunteering. I’m not the type of person who volunteers for ‘look at me, aren’t I wonderful’ reasons, I like to volunteer because I like to think that if and when I need help, someone will volunteer their time for me, so why wouldn’t I do it for others? 524 more words


Holding Thermal Receipt Paper and Eating Food after Using Hand Sanitizer Results in High Serum Bioactive and Urine Total Levels of Bisphenol A (BPA)


Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disrupting environmental contaminant used in a wide variety of products, and BPA metabolites are found in almost everyone’s urine, suggesting widespread exposure from multiple sources.

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Bisphenol A

steroids and chickenpox NOT a good mix

dear diary, today will be different

it has to be..

i will smile, and it will be believable. my smile will say, “i’m fine, thank you, yes, i feel much better”😃 163 more words


Does BPA disrupt autophagy in the liver?

Bisphenol A (BPA), which is used in the manufacture of plastic food containers and refillable drinks bottles, dysregulates authophagy-regulated lipid metabolism in hepatocytes, according to new research published in Endocrinology.

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Bisphenol A


The pancreas (pronounced: PAN-kree-us) is also part of the body’s hormone-secreting system, even though it is also associated with the digestive system because it produces and secretes digestive enzymes. 181 more words


Reproductive Glands

The gonads are the main source of sex hormones. Most people don’t realise it, but both males and females have gonads.

In male the gonads, or testes (pronounced: TES-teez), are located in the scrotum. 221 more words