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The 3 hormones that regulate your appetite and keep you on a healthy weight

You keep eating and eating and you don’t feel full, this can be from a different syndrome or it can be a hormonal imbalance. In this post we will talk about 3 hormones that play an important role in regulating your appetite and they are: 122 more words

A Theory on Lupus

I’m waiting to hear back from a Crohn’s patient as well, but this morning I put together a pretty solid theory on Lupus as well as a possible treatment plan. 258 more words


Thoughts on Autoimmune

It’s about time that we realized that autoimmune has no real definition.  And it’s about time that we drew a clear delineation between diseases.  There are some of these autoimmune disease that are clearly the endocrine system interacting poorly with the central nervous system – things like MS.   379 more words


2/22 VA report: hypocalcemia (mechanisms and management)

Thanks to MK Hannan for giving an outstanding intake report yesterday on a 61 year old alcoholic with a h/o RCC s/p nephrectomy who presented with hypocalcemia. 260 more words

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