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Getting ready for my first research conference - ENDO 2015

This year has brought a lot of positive changes and opportunities into my life, including the chance to spend a few days in sunny San Diego, California, attending my first research conference, ENDO 2015. 133 more words


Why Do You Color in Your Eyebrows?

When I was younger, I never really understood why people would put forth the extra effort to apply more layers in their eyebrows.
As years have passed and hair has thinned, it makes sense now. 320 more words


My Date with an Endocrinologist

It had been 10 years since I last stepped into the office of an Endocrinologist. My first encounter resulted in the doctor exclaiming, “Wow, I’m surprised you are even awake right now. 685 more words


Get Rid Of Ovarian Cysts Naturally - Like We Already Do In Animals

Has a doctor told you why your ovaries have cysts on them? Did you know this disease is a known nutritional deficiency disease in animals? 388 more words


Why Kundalini Yoga????

I’ve had several people over the last few weeks ask me, “What’s so special about Kundalini Yoga?” One could write a whole dissertation on this practice and its benefits — but here’s just a brief snippet about this beautiful yoga. 209 more words

Tip 223: congenital hypothyroidism 2

About 0.2% of infants having the national newborn blood spot test have a high TSH requiring recall.

The incidence of congenital hypothyroidism the UK is 1 in 3 – 4000. 26 more words

Congenital Anomalies

Certain diabetics more likely to benefit from blood pressure meds

A new review published in JAMA shows that type 2 diabetics with pre-hypertension don’t get as much benefit from treatment compared to those with hypertension. Using 40 trials from 1966 to 2014, researchers looked at blood pressure lowering treatments in more than 100,000 people with type 2 diabetes. 133 more words