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Myxedema Coma - 12/12/17

What is it?

  • Severe hypothyroidism leading to AMS and hypothermia
  • Can have other symptoms related to the slowing down of organs

Who gets it?

  • Usually older females with long standing hypothyroidism triggered by a precipitating event…
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Morning Report

Cardiovascular Toxicity of Illicit Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Use


Background: Millions of individuals have used illicit anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), but the long-term cardiovascular associations of these drugs remain incompletely understood.

Methods: Using a cross-sectional cohort design, we recruited 140 experienced male weightlifters 34 to 54 years of age, comprising 86 men reporting ≥2 years of cumulative lifetime AAS use and 54 nonusing men. 4,536 more words


What Is Endocrinology?

From Diabetes, To Bone Disease

Endocrinology is the study of Hormonal and Metabolic Disorders.

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The Endocrinologists of BSA Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic are thoroughly trained in the management of hormonal and metabolic disorders. 883 more words


Panhypopituitaryism and adrenal crisis - 11/20/17

Remember that prolactin is inhibited by dopamine!

In panhypopituitaryism, the anterior pituitary hormones are more commonly affected than the posterior pituitary hormones and there is a spectrum for how much of the HPA axis is still preserved depending on the etiology of the panhypopituitaryism. 248 more words

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How estrogen regulates gene expression

Estrogens are a group of hormones that are essential for normal female sexual development and for the healthy functioning of the reproductive system. They also are involved in certain conditions, such as breast cancer. 523 more words