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Uterine/Endometrium Cancer

Cancer occurs when cells in an area of the body grow abnormally. The endometrium is the lining layer of the uterine cavity where most uterine cancers begin because of cancerous changes in the lining. 287 more words


Today, My Nerves are at an All Time High

I have stated in the past the cancer doesn’t scare me, it’s the dull ache in my abdomen and on both ovaries that makes me wonder how long have I had it that does. 125 more words


The Wait

On Friday, September 30th, I was a mess. Thinking, I didn’t hear from my doctor, maybe it was nothing. And then I called just in case they forgot. 120 more words


The Start of the Journey

We moved to Florida in October 2015, and after finally settling in, it was time to find our new doctors. I decided I was going to make all my appointments within a two week period so I could have the rest of the year to enjoy the beautiful weather down here. 433 more words


'Any good news?' #InfertilityNotATaboo

“Any good news?”

How insensitively and unempathetically almost all of us subject a newly wed woman to this question without even trying to imagine the emotional turmoil she may or may not have been going through. 1,850 more words


Foods that lower women's cancer risk

Endometrial cancer is the most common type of cancer. It starts from the endometrium which is the inner lining of the womb. It is also known as uterine cancer or cancer of the uterus. 308 more words

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Cancer in the workplace

Most cancer patients worry about the bigger things. Like contemplating death, searching for the true meaning of life, finding and doing what makes them truly happy. 756 more words