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Standing Desks Are No Replacement For a Workout

Planting your behind in a seat for hours at a time has been squarely linked to an increase in health problems, from shorter lifespans to a slew of diseases, including cancer.

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Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping in Endometrial Cancer: An Update

 Lymph node removal for staging, as part of the initial surgical management of patients with endometrial carcinoma, remains a controversial topic in gynecologic oncology. There is currently wide variability among clinical practices, with surgical approaches ranging from no nodal evaluation to comprehensive pelvic and aortic lymphadenectomy. 356 more words


Blindsided 🙅

People have been concerned about me lately and I wanted to go to my 4/12 doctor appointment before updating people. I really don’t know much yet, but  I don’t want to keep the people who care about me in the dark any longer. 725 more words


RCOG release: ‘Abnormal bleeding’ strong indication of pre-womb cancer condition, warns new guideline

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has issued new guidelines about the sign and symptoms of endometrial hyperplasia – an abnormal thickening of the lining of the uterus – which can, in some cases develop into endometrial cancers. 98 more words


Dysplasia -A Vigilant Watch

Several months ago,  I wrote about my post menopasual sister spotting blood this past year. She went to Utica Park Clinic in Tulsa to a gynecologist and was put through a series of tests: ultrasound, hysteroscopy, and finally a biopsy. 465 more words

Nurse Arlis Estrada's Fight 4 Life by Mayra Baez - GoFundMe

My sister Arlis has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Literally overnight our world has been rocked to the core. The cost of her surgical and medical treatment is extremely expensive. 88 more words

Top Twos-Day: Dis-solution

This week’s two topics are very personal to me, as they have to do with my health and my company, Sunscribe.

1) Top Twos-Day hiatus and 2) Sunscribe’s permanent closure. 100 more words

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