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Endometrial cancer and its relation with cupper T IUD

Many epidemiological studies have linked the use of the intrauterine device with decreased risk of endometrial cancer. Tao MH, et al in China, studied 1204 patients with newly diagnosed endometrial cancer, compared with a cohort of 1212 healthy patients. 200 more words


It's all getting real now

I’ll be honest. The last month has been surreal and weird and it feels like it’s not happening to me. Cancer doesn’t happen to my family. 295 more words

Meet the melon

It’s a good thing I love words. My favourite word is floccinaucinihilipilification, but that’s a whole other story. In the last few weeks I’ve learned a lot of new words.   947 more words

Endometrial Cancer. Hysteroscopy Newsletter

Endometrial cancer is the most common gynecological cancer in developed countries and is the 5th most frequent cancer affecting woman. The estimated frequency is 19.1 / 100,000 cases in the USA and Canada and 15.6 / 100,000 in Europe. 244 more words


Is uterine cancer curable?

Once you’re diagnosed with uterine cancer, you have to approach the health care provider for an effective cancer treatment. Surgery is the most important treatment for uterine cancer, although there are different methods to treat this cancer that depend on the personal circumstances. 557 more words

signs and symptoms of uterine cancer

What is uterine cancer?

Cancer is a condition in which cells of the body grow vigorously. It is always named from the part where it arises, even though it spreads to other parts of the body in the later stage. 204 more words