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looking for the sausage (or, at the very least, the water-soluble fiber)

In my experience – which is already considerable, given the Crohn’s Disease – there are four distinct phases to a diagnostic test.

There’s the anxiety involved in waiting to see if insurance will cover the cost. 1,121 more words


Day 24 : The cancer has spread...

I can’t add more to the title which really should read the end of days, as this is what it feels like and I unbelievably find myself wishing we were still at day 22. 987 more words


Day 23: Undeniably cancer...telling my Daughters their Nan has cancer.

You will again note….. a gap, I can’t tell you how many times I have attempted to write this and each time don’t continue. This is ridiculous as I started this blog to get it off my chest and find some answers, or did I ? 941 more words


Day 22 : FECUK-Treating to cure

The clue is in the title, as they say as I begin to write up my day. My mom does not have cervical cancer…….. she has endometrial cancer….should I change the site title? 1,179 more words


Day 21 : The moment of truth

You will note that there is a jump. It makes no numerical sense at all but in all honesty there was very little to write about without repeating the same thing every day. 588 more words


Day 5: MRI Momma

She did it…… of course she did. No fuss, no melt down just 90 minutes in  the tube.

She came for tea afterwards and was beaming with pride as she relayed the experience to us.  128 more words


Day 4 : "You wouldn't get me in one of those, I'd rather die."

Today there is hope… it is the day that Mom is firmly within the NHS system, she is on the computer,  and this gives me instant relief, I can feel my shoulders relax and a weight lifted from my chest. 766 more words