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Christians and Pagans: Glad for You All

Friends of Padre Steve’s World

I want to say thank you. In the past couple of months Judy and I have undergone a tremendous amount of stress. 1,174 more words


Confirmation bias: an expert missing a spinal cord compression

A 75-year-old woman had a recent diagnosis of disseminated endometrial cancer. She had a previous diagnosis of poliomyelitis with muscular atrophy in both legs from her childhood . 198 more words


Six month increments

I had my post-op with the surgeon on Tuesday. After waiting over an hour for the appointment (it’s almost criminal, seriously, wth?), he came in with a big ole smile. 629 more words


Some Days Suck

It’s been a while my friends.

I probably should have done this last night when I couldn’t sleep. As usual of late, I always have good intentions to write more frequently, and then I come home and I’m nauseated or in pain or just so tired, that I say “I’ll do it later” and either medicate myself into oblivion, or fall asleep. 625 more words

Random Rambling

The anatomy of your anatomy: vaginas!

As promised from my last post, I am going to attempt to explain and illustrate the anatomy of the female genitalia….aka “your bits” (if you’re a female that is). 1,664 more words

Hormonal Factors and Endometrial Cancer Risk in Lynch Syndrome

Elizabeth Lai, Mercer University College of Pharmacy

A review of Lynch syndrome (LS) states that LS is an inherited autosomal dominant for syndrome cancers in the family pedigree.  554 more words


Yes. Today is my birthday. I am “this many” years old. (57) This is how I celebrated the blessed event. After reading it, none of you will be surprised, because, well, it’s me. 610 more words