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Oral contraceptives cut down endometrial cancer risk, provide long-lasting protection


Oral contraceptives provide long-term protection against endometrial cancer, according to new research published by scientists studying the beneficial side effects of birth control pills.

The study, published in the Lancet Oncology medical journal, revealed that oral contraceptive use for approximately five years can significantly impact the health of women as they age and become more susceptible to endometrial cancer. 466 more words


The Contraceptive Pill might have been acting as a Cancer-killing pill

Arguably, one of the biggest advancements in women’s health in the 20th century is the contraceptive Pill. A recent study suggests that the birth control pill, apart from letting women assert their reproductive rights, has also prevented hundreds of thousands of cases of endometrial cancer. 425 more words


Testimony - No Hysterectomy for Me, I'm Cancer-Free!!!

So some of you may know about my health issues, some may not. Some may know I am in hospital often but aren’t really sure why. 921 more words

Regularly taking the pill helps prevent two forms of cancer decades after use

The pill not only prevents pregnancy but protects women from two forms of cancer for decades after they have stopped using it, say leading experts.

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Oral contraceptives prevented 400K endometrial cancers

Medium- to long-term use of oral contraceptives “confers long-term protection against endometrial cancer” that appears to last for 30 years or more, long after the use of contraception has stopped, authors of a meta-analysis asserted.

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Birth control pills found to significantly reduce women's risk of endometrial cancer

A new study found that women who take birth control pills are 31 percent less at risk of endometrial cancer than women who had never used the pill. 123 more words

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I want to say thank you. In the past couple of months Judy and I have undergone a tremendous amount of stress. 1,174 more words