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People are boycotting companies that endorse Donald Trump

and now they’re trying to do it with their dollars.
In October, technology and media marketing specialist Shannon Coulter started the hashtag #GrabYourWallet, which encourages people to actively boycott businesses that carry Trump products. 50 more words

Deanna Ballard endorsed by Sarah Palin

​From Deanna’s Facebook page:

“On a lunch break and happy to get a little support from this lady! Thanks, Governor Sarah Palin! #NC45”

TEA Party

400 Economists Can't Be Wrong!

Bill Clinton made famous the phrase, “It’s the economy stupid!”  His point was that the single most important issue for Americans is the economy.  In the rush to report on the ongoing pussy-grabbing, e-mail scandals, many have lost sight of the economic issues.   188 more words

Hillary and her ‘experts’

Team Hillary never lacks its stream of ‘experts’ to whom every random appeal is attributed. Only God knows who these experts are. Quacks or hacks! 755 more words


You can publicly endorse candidates on Facebook! (did you want to?)

With the election season rumbling at full speed toward Nov. 8, Facebook has quietly released a feature that allows you to endorse a candidate.

If your posts on the social media platform weren’t enough for your friends to know who you were voting for on election day. 94 more words


I endorse the Prince of Peace

This week a dear church friend implored me to get behind a candidate. In these anxious and ugly days, I am tempted to endorse a candidate, but as your shepherd I do not see this as my role. 322 more words