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Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton - NYT

Sure Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire, the owner of a large media Empire, someone who ran has a Republican and then an independent for public office. 115 more words

Ted Cruz Fails To Endorse Trump Loyalty To Globalists More Important

As Day 4, the last day of the Republican National Convention begins, headlines from newspapers nationally and abroad seem fixated on the fact that Ted Cruz didn’t endorse Donald Trump during his speech last night. 430 more words

American Politics

Cruz booed off stage after refusing to endorse Trump

CLEVELAND (AP) — Stubbornly undercutting calls for Republican unity, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump Wednesday night as he addressed the GOP convention, ignoring thunderous boos from furious delegates as he encouraged Americans to simply “vote your conscience” in November. 885 more words


Cruz gets booed after he declines to endorse Trump during convention speech - POLITICO

I love how Republicans hold a grudge. I knew that Trump repeatedly calling him lying Ted Cruz was going to eventually cost Trump something. And today it was GOP party Unity. 44 more words

Word-of-Mouth to Millions: The Power of Personalities for Pet Brands

An influencer component in an integrated marketing campaign adds tremendous punch to its results.

Personalities on the original social media platform – radio, continue to create one-to-many relationships.   331 more words


After Calling Hillary Clinton ‘Unqualified’ For President, Bernie Sanders Endorses Her - YouTube

Western Journalism

Back in April, Bernie Sanders felt Hillary Clinton was unfit to be President.

SANDERS: Let me just say in response to Secretary Clinton, I don’t believe that she is qualified if she is – through her super PAC taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds. 36 more words