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Keeping up with the Kardashians

No, we’re not talking about the show. This is all about social media presence and endorsement deals of course!

The Kardashian (and Jenner)¬†social media presence is… 232 more words

The "Ideal"

In case you haven’t realised, its 2017 and well… curves are in.

Last year I’d say it was the year of the booty, I mean, I couldn’t go on Instagram without seeing an inflated booty cheek or two (some real, some not but we won’t get into that right now) and as a curvier girl, I was loving it. 388 more words

Get your Coin-t!

Instagram as a whole is a place where people not only post their pictures just for fun but also get their money up from the promotion of products amongst other things. 414 more words

Do it for some Likes: The Obsession with Instagram

In this day and age, image is everything.

Your online presence can make or break you, there are so many people out there that rely on social media to make an impact on the world, wether it be positive or negative, and public image has become something that a lot of us can sometimes be a little TOO much focused on. 400 more words

My Statement On the 2016 Election

I have been placed under much pressure and intimidation lately. This would happen every time when I shared a link on my Facebook page expressing a concern about the presidential fitness of Donald Trump. 391 more words