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YouTube -- Trying to Buy People's Dogs

This prankster is going around Chicago asking people to sell their dog for up to $10,000. Most people aren’t willing to part with their beloved pooch, but some people consider his offer. 21 more words


From Mental Accounting to Nudging: Celebrating a Nobel in Behavioural Economics

Fifteen years have passed since a Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to Daniel Kahneman to this time (Fall 2017) when another leading researcher in behavioural economics, Richard Thaler, wins this honourable prize.  2,544 more words

BusinessInsider -- Buying People's Powerball Ticket

Business Insider wanted to test just how strong the endowment effect (regret avoidance) is when it comes to Powerball tickets for the large jackpot this past week. 23 more words

Behavioral & Game Theory

Lottery sucks

When behavioral economics meets a $700M Powerball jackpot 

Business Insider went out onto the streets of NYC and tried to buy people’s just-purchased Powerball tickets ahead of the $700 million drawing. 82 more words

Behavioral Economics

What is your intention?

The first step to success is setting clear goals. A clear goal has substance. It resonates with you. It has edges, texture, and weight. It’s so real you can almost touch it! 2,002 more words


Kickstarter Skepticism: Why we're not eager to play that game you backed...

By: Chris Wray and Jeff Lingwall

Game night begins, and everybody stands around waiting for somebody to nominate a game.  These days, most large groups have at least one Kickstarter enthusiast, and he or she always seems to speak first.   2,667 more words