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Children value ideas over labor

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Li, V., Shaw, A., & Olson, K. R. (2013). Ideas versus labor : What do children value in artistic creation ? COGNITION, … 432 more words


9 Sept 2015 (AFR) - Know when to fold 'em - So long, loser! Why it's hard to sell blue chips

(9 September 2015, AFR, p23, by Vanessa Desloires)

‘Everyone’s held a stock they just can’t bring themselves to get let go of, even though logic screams to sell it.  72 more words


Ownership, object history and endowment effect in 2 and 3 year olds - Gelman

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Gelman, S. a., Manczak, E. M., & Noles, N. S. (2012). The nonobvious basis of ownership: Preschool children trace the history and value of owned objects. 899 more words



Dear readers, we are going to revisit with you today the famous Monty Hall Problem.

The latter can be compared to a brain teaser  196 more words

What Do You Believe?

Shop a Little, Save a Little - the Psychology of Saving Money

Behaviour Economics (“BC”) is an important topic when it comes to money, how we spend it, why we spend it, etc.

BC is applied to the study of classical economics – it’s the psychology behind the market. 495 more words

Personal Finance

Laws of Volutary Disclosure of Black Money, 2015 - too very Limp

The anti money laundering laws have come into effect. The voluntary period of compliance is set at 30th September. Those desirous of escaping punishment and prosecution have to declare their income, pay 30% as tax and a further 30% as penalty in return for immunity. 780 more words


Point of Equilibrium?

A point where opposing forces meet and show no tendency for change. That is how equilibrium is defined in all sciences.

In economics, is is the point where consumption and leisure, production and expenditure, demand and supply cross each other’s path. 338 more words