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Why can't you get rid of all those Christmas presents?

Why more and more means less

Now that Christmas is a brandy-soaked memory, there comes the difficult business of packing away all the gifts that haven’t been broken or eaten. 128 more words

Behavioral Economics

The World’s Most Expensive Dustbin

Julia Roberts is a superb actress. All too often, though, she headlines in movies whose themes I find uniquely unappealing. This means, when I do see her films, I have been dragged reluctantly to the cinema by my insistent other. 735 more words

Behavioural Living

Creating Systems: Asking The Right Questions, Toxic Relationships, And Loss Aversion

Systems make anything easy; they allow us to perform anything in the most efficient and effective way possible. More importantly, they allow even the ungifted and untalented to learn and perform with great ease. 381 more words

Blog Psychology Pt 3: The Mere Ownership Effect and the Endowment Effect

I love that name, don’t you? It makes it sound like it’s so insignificant–mere ownership, you know. I merely own this car, I merely own that book. 502 more words

Burrow & Sing


Everyone has an opinion about their phone.

That is not something I could have written twenty years ago, nor for that matter ten years ago, even though ten years ago everyone had a mobile phone. 346 more words

General Irrelevance

The Endowment Effect

I am sure many of you have come across this term somewhere, probably in the books on economics… but here’s a twist:

” Did you know this effect is “everywhere” & and it impacts us on a daily basis?” 1,004 more words

The Endowment Effect

Here is a full-page comic about the ‘Endowment Effect':

I don’t know if this object coveting mentality has been with us all along and the very public use of smartphones has caused it to be more evident – or, if it is a new phenomenon. 125 more words