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Dan Ariely's tips for living

5 weird things we learned from Dan Ariely in 2016

From the hidden benefits of disaster dates to the ways lying changes biology, the acclaimed professor taught us a lot about human nature this year. 89 more words

Behavioral Economics

It's A Barbie World

When I was younger, I had a huge collection of Barbie Dolls.  These dolls were priceless to me and filled up three giant storage tubs!  When I turned 13, I knew that is was time to sell my Barbie’s because I hadn’t played with them in so long.  342 more words


Sharemarket investors and the endowment effect

I cover the endowment effect as part of the Behavioural Economics course that I teach. The example that I use was aired on the PBS TV channel and was an experiment at the University of Chicago where students are told to work out how much they would be prepared to pay for a travel mug – they offered an average price of US$6 per mug. 574 more words

Behavioural Economics

The endowment effect in India

To have and to hold

Adam Smith remarked that no dog ever made a free and fair exchange of one bone for another. Many pooch-owners will agree, having spent frustrating minutes trying to wrestle a stick or a ball off their pets. 52 more words

Cognitive Biases

Neden sevgilimiz, sırf bizim olduğu için daha kıymetlidir?

Olaylar silsilesi 70’lerde Richard Thaler’in, Prof. R. kod adlı profesöründeki enteresan bir davranışı fark etmesiyle başlıyor. Prof. R. bir şarap meraklısı ve her şaraptan anlayan insan gibi belli bir kalitedeki şarapları tercih ediyor.  1,075 more words

Havadan Sudan

It's mine so it's worth more

Today I had a conversation with my friend who had recently won a Bluetooth speaker at his company raffle. He didn’t need it and I have been wanting one so I asked him what he would sell it for. 157 more words


Endowment effect is killing us

I’ve been getting rid of a lot of stuff lately. Practicing what I preach when it comes to understanding that the things we have don’t define us—we define ourselves. 320 more words