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A hug is worth a thousand tears

My last long training weekend is fast approaching.  This Saturday I will run 38 miles – my longest run to date – and on Sunday I will run 12.   543 more words

From the depths of hell, otherwise known as, my weekend training runs

Well, I ran two long training runs this past weekend and I lived to tell about it!  Barely!

The two words that best sum up my 5.5 hour training run on Saturday, “fucking brutal!” And no, I’m not being dramatic, actually if there was a level of agony below fucking brutal, that is the level I was running at for over half of my long run.   1,531 more words

Goruck Challenge

Another event (not a race) I have done and will do again is Goruck Challege. It is a 10-12 hour-long endurance event. Hold on, don’t stop reading. 484 more words


Adventure calling

Was Rally Argentina too rough? No! It was a long-awaited adventure, showing the real diversity of the World Rally Championship. Never mind that some of the drivers complained about it being too much Dakar – this was exactly the endurance event as it was rebranded by the Argentinian organiser a couple of years back.  408 more words

Vacations, crazy business travel and one chiropractor visit. Aka... how I spent my winter.

Spring is officially here, even though today does not feel like it. But I’m definitely not going to complain about the temperature because I will admit; I got off really easy this winter.   1,298 more words

The Brutality

This past weekend I participated in an extreme endurance event in PA. I won’t go into to many specifics of the course and the event because the unknown is the part of the fun with these events. 504 more words

Cappadocia Ultra Trail (110km)

Finally, since June this year, I have enjoyed a run, the North Face Cappadocia Ultra Trail.

Not only because it was the first time in months that I started an event without an injury but also because Cappadocia trails are some of the most magnificent in the World and the organisation, by the runner/mountaineer twins… 2,173 more words

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