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Leadville 100- 3rd Time's a Charm

Racing bikes can be devastatingly, heart breaking. At the finish line of the Leadville 100 I collapsed into a heap of sobs. A nice lady came up to offer me water which lying on the ground and gasping for breath between tears would have been a choking hazard so I waved her off. 3,691 more words

Mountain Biking

Copper Crush...Crushed It

I did not want to do the Copper Crush. Most of the week leading up to it I felt discombobulated, having spent two days driving, one day flying and not a whole lot of time on the bike. 1,154 more words

Mountain Biking

Tatanka 100

I spent a lot of the Tatanka 100 thinking about Lance Armstrong, but probably not for

Getting ready

reasons you would think. There is a video of him doing a Beer Mile (run a lap, chug a beer, repeat x4) I was watching it with Wayne one day and after the first lap he walks off the track mumbling, “this isn’t what I expected…” Wayne’s response was, “what did he expect..it’s a beer mile!” That’s what I kept saying, “this isn’t what I expected…” and then a little voice would pop into my head saying, “well, what did you expect, it’s the Centennial Trail” and I would respond back with, “I don’t know…not this” which is how 13 hours of racing could really be summed up, not at all what I expected. 1,635 more words



The Bible states in Psalm 10
Amplified Bible (AMP)

10 Why do You stand far away, O Lord?
Why do You hide in times of trouble? 855 more words

Pivot Twentyfour12 - Crank it to 11!

What’s this all about?

Simply put, this is a really long race! You decide how hard you make it really as you can do either 12 or 24 hours of racing, race as a team of 8 – 3, pairs or solo. 3,080 more words

Endurance Race with Time

Time (1997)

  1. Time has no beginning.  It has no end.

The sun will die.  Earth will melt into thin air.

Everything has its own time clock; 50 more words


The Local "Seen"

Don’t ask me what took so long because the answer is, I have no idea? This past week I stumbled across our National Motorcycle Championship. I was scrolling through channels on TV and found the highlights on Ignition TV, so I thought I would give it a watch and see what I was missing. 1,063 more words