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Cybercriminals are after your servers too!

Your servers hold your most critical data, your business applications and your highest privilege accounts, so protecting them is key to protecting your whole organization. 511 more words


Stop rolling your eyes at machine learning

When I speak about machine learning I know I run the risk of having half the audience start rolling their eyes. In some respects, I can’t blame them. 432 more words


Exploits explained

Exploits are methods or tools for abusing software bugs for nefarious purposes.

They’re very popular with cybercriminals because, with the right exploits, they don’t have to persuade you to download and install software, open attachments or enable macros, they can just bypass your security protections and tell your computer to run their malicious code. 332 more words


The endpoint attack chain… simplified

A comprehensive, defense in depth strategy using layers of overlapping protection has proven to be one of the best approaches to cybersecurity. This is why studying the attack chain, or cyber kill chain, to understand the different steps attackers take, is so crucial. 386 more words


Sophos Mobile 8.1: Now with Office 365 management

We are pleased to announce that Sophos Mobile 8.1 is now available.

This new release features support for devices running iOS 11.3, plus it adds the ability to manage and configure Office 365 applications on enrolled iOS and Android devices. 72 more words


Intercept X: the engineer's view

We know that Intercept X can stop known and unknown threats dead in their tracks, but how was it developed?

We met with Mark Loman, Director of Engineering at Sophos, to find out what went on behind the scenes during the creation of Intercept X. 475 more words


Ransomware isn’t going away and it's not slowing down

Ransomware was the threat making all the headlines in 2017, and it’s not slowing down.

We wanted to find out just how it affects IT departments and the organizations they’re working to protect. 111 more words