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Eat More Fruit

Excruciating pain in my buttocks for three days.  The large Jamaican nurse says she is going to mix a pint of molasses and a pint of warm milk.  170 more words

Real Life

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Yes, you have to give up quite a bit if you want to give yourself a fighting chance against cancer. Coffee is no exception. Me? I’m guilty of still indulging when I can’t help myself. 646 more words


Detoxing: cleansing your body and mind

Mens sana in corpora sano, that is a healthy mind in a healthy body. Detoxing has been known for several years already, but more variations are coming up. 714 more words


Make That Coffee Black!

My husband knows all too well that I am not a morning person.  We’d been married about a year and a half when we decided he should join the Navy.  1,044 more words

21 day water fast: day 3

I eat, therefore I am

I know it sounds amusing, but it’s true.  Like yesterday, I find myself continually returning to the existential questions of life – and eating does offer a kind of blithe Cartesian certainty to the world.  538 more words

Water Fast

Watering your Submissive

Okay, so I didn’t keep up with “drink 8 glasses of water” rule. At all. Four times I missed the mark. After the first time Mister took me over his lap for 64 spankings – the number of ounces I should have drunk. 338 more words

Female Submissive

Nurse Mom - Chapter 2 - My Mom heard us by slyde503

After realizing that my mother had come home form work about three hours early, my mind was putting it all together. The noise I heard wasn’t my keys, it was hers. 1,494 more words