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BOUND BY THE BURGLAR Bundle + Confessions of an Honest Pornographer

BOUND BY THE BURGLAR: THE COMPLETE NOVELLA now available on Amazon and Smashwords

Elena is an underwear model and trophy wife with a dark past. Joshua is a former NAVY Seal with a dark present; he is now a burglar who robs the homes of the wealthy. 309 more words

Dark Erotica

John Kellogg's Corn Flake Shake!

Today is the birthday of John Kellogg, co-creator of corn flakes!  The man was also a doctor who had some… “weird”… practices.  One of those was being an advocate of yogurt enemas.   19 more words


Here we go – the fifth and final part of the BOUND BY THE BURGLAR saga.

Get it HERE on Amazon / Get it HERE on Smashwords… 150 more words

Dark Erotica

The Beginning, Part Two

Dear intestines, this has all been one very funny joke, but I’d appreciate if you’d stop now.

I have a correction: they weren’t my sheets; they were my girlfriend’s. 642 more words


It's Funny How Quickly Dad's Tune Changed

It’s so funny how quickly Dad’s tune changed. For the last two weeks, Dad kept saying how all he wanted for me was to poop (since that’s what the Doctors were looking for) and how that if I could just poop it would make me feel better. 176 more words

Insurance Companies Care So Much, They Call to Ask When I'm Getting Out

Yesterday brought a fair amount of snowfall to the District and areas south where Dad is from. It also brought the start of mucomist enema treatments for me. 353 more words

Happy Valentine's Day

Not sure what all the hoopla is about with this holiday. Hopefully Mom is understanding of the fact that Dad hasn’t had too much time to make the Hallmark holiday too special for her this year. 346 more words