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Enema dirty talk

I dreaded writing this but my last enema post had so many questions….so shall we?  I am not a Doctor however my Daddy plays one handsome “Sir Doctor” in real life.   994 more words


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Cleaning out the pipes

It’s taken me days to work up to this post. I am a sex blogger, and yet I find myself embarrassed to talk about a bodily function. 483 more words


6 Things to do to make visiting a Pro easier for both of you

Locked in my box, I rarely get to witness any sessions that Mistress James conducts. Though I do sometimes hear her complain about the things that annoy her. 681 more words

Your Sex Cleanup Bucket: Products for Cleanup Before and After Sex

So over the years I’ve developed many ways to have the raunchiest and exploratory sex I possibly can, and still keep a nice home and body. 1,063 more words

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Still Gross :( and How to Enema :)

After a full week of rest and eating (relatively) right (much better than the past two weeks), I’m still sick. I’m feeling better in that I’m more functional, sleeping through the night, and my throat isn’t sore anymore, but I’m still stuffed up, have a bad cough, and wake up nauseous from all of the post nasal drip. 1,100 more words


February Recap

While February is the shortest month of the year, spending all of it in the hospital has felt like an eternity for me and my parents.  438 more words

BOUND BY THE BURGLAR Bundle + Confessions of an Honest Pornographer

BOUND BY THE BURGLAR: THE COMPLETE NOVELLA now available on Amazon and Smashwords

Elena is an underwear model and trophy wife with a dark past. Joshua is a former NAVY Seal with a dark present; he is now a burglar who robs the homes of the wealthy. 309 more words

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