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No One Prepares You For A Puppy

I begged for a puppy. I loved the idea of a cuddly little ball of fur that was always happy. Play time, dreams during puppy naps and busy walks filled my thoughts. 753 more words


The Fleet Enema

(Messy discussion ahead)

Bowel Movements are just as important as eating. Sometimes a person may not have proper Bowel Movements (BMs) due to various reasons. Diet, hydration, sickness, certain medications all can affect one’s daily dookie. 715 more words


163 Children Healed From Autism? Nope.

Dear Internet,

The bleach people claim they gave healed 163 kids from autism,  but have they really? After spending months in their forum,  you begin to wonder. 125 more words

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For my babies, who are perfect just as they are, inside and out (but won't be, if I start giving them bleach enemas...):


To be a good GP you have to be curious and interested in people. You have to like them, whatever their foibles and failings. And you have to be able to laugh with them. 839 more words


You Can Help Put A Stop To Chlorine Dioxide Usage As A "Cure" For Autism.

Dear Internet,

I know it has been a while since our last correspondence, but hopefully you’re doing well. Since I first began writing to you, the number one request I have received is to provide you with a way to help. 1,005 more words

PUT IN enema by Latvian advertising agency

Latvian advertising agency ABNORMAL created a new product – PUT IN enema. The price of enema is 20 EUR and 8 EUR from each piece of enema will be donated for the help of Ukrainian people, who were suffered during the war in Ukraine. 13 more words

Enema dirty talk

I dreaded writing this but my last enema post had so many questions….so shall we?  I am not a Doctor however my Daddy plays one handsome “Sir Doctor” in real life.   994 more words


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