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And leave your ass alone

Put a sugar cube up your ass.

Feeling a little blah? (Have you tried coffee?)

No pep in your step?  (Have you tried coffee?)

Need a little pick me up? 502 more words

What Won TV? - September 11-September 17, 2016

In this feature, I look back at each day of the past week and determine what shows “won TV” for the night. That is, I consider every episode of television I watched that aired on a particular day and declare which was the best. 35 more words


Like an Ice-cream Sundae

Nurses do all sorts of dirty jobs. We deal with body fluids of an unspeakable nature; we cleanse, poke, palpate, smell, catheterize, listen, and assess everywhere that can be; and our job requires that we ask you very personal questions about your bathroom habits -“When was the last time you pooped?” is a particular favourite.   467 more words


Juice Fast - Day 4

Juicing is going well, I sometimes crave food, but because I want to see progress in my health and weight it’s easy to stick to the plan. 157 more words

Raw Food Journey

Friday Smile - Enema time !!

If you’ve ever wondered how to take a coffee enema – ha ha :)

Happy Weekend Everyone !!! :) 6 more words

Healthy Living


Today the rainmaker answers
with his watering can
rewarding all the thirsty dancers
down here in the world of man

Come liquid ego enema
come wash away my stains… 80 more words


Eat More Fruit

Excruciating pain in my buttocks for three days.  The large Jamaican nurse says she is going to mix a pint of molasses and a pint of warm milk.  170 more words

Real Life