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"Master Yoda. Do you really think it will come to war?"

Are democrats engineering a crisis for Trump’s first months in office?

“The first few months of Trump’s presidency are going to be very difficult for regular Americans,” explains a former DC lobbyist from Baltimore, MD. 414 more words


#Pizzagate has Exposed an Obvious MASSIVE D.C. Pedophile Ring. Where the fuck is the FBI and the "Real" Media?

We’re not quick to jump aboard with CONspiratards here at Resurgence… but this investigation has long since left the realm of conspiracy and entered the realm of an obvious sadistic criminal operation run by a bunch of sick gay fags and pedos in that swamp called the District of Criminals. 38 more words


#Pizzagate - Where there's smoke, there's fire! Are sick gay fags and pedos entrenched in our Government?

This is NOT a CONspiracy website, and we’ve been very hesitant to cover this story, but after looking at this #Pizzagate shit for over a month now… there’s definitely something BIG behind this scandal. 191 more words


The Great White Lash... or as the 'dying rag' called the NY Times would say: "The Rage of White, Christian America."

Between Barack Obama’s 2008 election and 2016, America has transformed from being a majority white Christian nation (54 percent) to a minority white Christian nation (43 percent). 420 more words


Scum sucking traitor Comey and the FBI folds again! Clears Crooked Mao Jr. FBI Will not change their July "decision."

In a letter to several committee chairmen released Sunday, FBI Director James Comey announced on Sunday that the Bureau has not changed its July conclusion regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of State. 157 more words