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There is someone who hurts
Because he erases our every effort

You seek the fuel of encouragement
He supplies a pipeline full of discouragement

You want to play a super role… 67 more words

Yeh Life

Ils sont right bloody Charlies

Before the events in Paris on Wednesday, a furore had been brewing in Germany about the rise/growth/spread of the PEGIDA movement – for instance similar demonstrations taking place around the capital. 526 more words

Current Affairs

Battle-hardened by XCOM

I replay XCOM a lot. It’s the game I return to most often when I’m between games, when I just have a short amount of time to fill, when I don’t know what else I feel like doing. 524 more words

Video Games

More STAR TREK references on Hawaii Five-0 (Season 5)

Max (Masi Oka) faces his arch enemy, Dr. Sanjeet Dhawan (Ravi Patel)

Just for fun. Scenes taken from Hawaii Five-0, 5.09 (Ke Koho Mamao Aku) and Star Trek TOS, 1.05 (The Enemy Within)

STAR TREK References Part I


Today we have spotted a couple notable additions to the App Store including a new iOS XCOM title and a new freemium Call of Duty app… 318 more words


2K games, maker of BioShock and XCOM have released a new “expansion” for the popular XCOM: Enemy Unknown titled Enemy Within. While the company calls the game an “expansion,” the term “sequel” might be more apt for the iPhone version, which functions as a standalone app rather than an add-on to the previous game. 308 more words