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Leftists are raging Psychopaths

Sonia Sotomayor Says She Would Have Bashed Scalia with a Baseball Bat.

At the University of Minnesota with some 2,700 people present, Sotomayor admitted that Scalia’s opinions sometimes infuriated her. 415 more words


Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate ever

Tomi Lahren (age 24) So your friend is voting for Hillary Clinton…Take it look.

Just a wee list of Hillary Clinton accomplishments.

Here is my partial list of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments while in public service (for herself) to (against) America. 428 more words


Beta Males Bend Over So What Else is New

Multiple sources have now indicated this tape’s release was initiated weeks earlier, and that both House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP Chair Reince Priebus, had been made aware of its intended use – and then failed to notify the Trump campaign, making them complicit in the Clinton Machine’s intent to harm the Trump campaign.


It's a UFO, it's a bogeyman, nope

It’s so sad folks, not only can’t Hillary attract a real crowd in Pennsylvania or anywhere else outside of a faggot bar in Frisco, she cannot field real questions for fear of questions about her own or Bill’s sordid deeds. 37 more words