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RepubliCucks and DemoRats dismiss Trump’s budget as dead on arrival. Gotta keep that Welfare Pipeline Intact!

What a Stupid Political System we have in this country! Not only are voting “privileges” ass backward, but trying to get anything passed with a 2/3 majority that includes the Communists in the DemoRat party is damn near impossible.  1,333 more words


Yellow 'Journalism' reaches a new low. Checkout the latest Time Magazine front cover.

Not that anyone reads this rotting corpse of a rag, but this might be the most ridiculous FAKE NEWS story to date. This puts the USS MAINE to shame!

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DemoRats with the sycophants in the Dinosaur Media have launched "Resistance Summer" in an effort to take down Trump!

The Democratic National Committee is attempting to harness resistance to President Trump into a national effort aimed at building out state and local party ranks. 68 more words


Commiefornia-can't buy bullets BUT can buy a Double Headed Purple Prostate Pleaser!

California House Thinks Communists Should Work for State Government

The California State Assembly apparently has no problem with communists working for the state government of that state, considering that a bill (Assembly Bill 22) that eliminates language prohibiting membership in the Communist Party by state employees sailed through the Assembly by a 41-vote margin. 1,247 more words


Is California already a Communist State?

California Government Proves it Favors Communism, Wants to Hire Commies for Government Jobs.


New DNC Chair Vows "No Human Being Is Illegal"; Refuses To Utter Trump's Name

New Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has big shoes to fill after his two predecessors were forced to resign in disgrace after being exposed for, among other things, intentionally rigging their party’s national primary process and sharing debate questions with chosen candidates days before debates were held. 233 more words