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UFO detected over Russia. 

Uh oh. That’s my home base. Launch interceptor 1 (load-out: Avalanche missiles). What’s this? I have to choose a behaviour: defensive, default, aggressive.  276 more words

Enemy Within


In The Long War all countries give you funding from the start of the game. You choose an area of the country to set up your base, and each of these areas gives you a different bonus. 110 more words

Enemy Within

Operation Rotting Palace

Mission 2. Vancouver mission, in the docklands map which I found very tough. It’s one large main warehouse building (the Rotting Palace?) with a courtyard area in front. 438 more words

Enemy Within

Let’s go!

I am a noob to both XCOM: Enemy Within and to The Long War mod. I haven’t played either of these expansions/mods to XCOM. I have, however, played XCOM: Enemy Unknown, so I do know the ropes but perhaps just not how long they are or what they’re hanging from! 135 more words

Enemy Within


There is someone who hurts
Because he erases our every effort

You seek the fuel of encouragement
He supplies a pipeline full of discouragement

You want to play a super role… 67 more words

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Ils sont right bloody Charlies

Before the events in Paris on Wednesday, a furore had been brewing in Germany about the rise/growth/spread of the PEGIDA movement – for instance similar demonstrations taking place around the capital. 526 more words

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Battle-hardened by XCOM

I replay XCOM a lot. It’s the game I return to most often when I’m between games, when I just have a short amount of time to fill, when I don’t know what else I feel like doing. 524 more words

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