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Cucked-out Switzerland?

Switzerland hopes to prevent future “Refugee” Sex Attacks with  government sponsored Cartoons.

So I guess the Jews run Switzerland too? It’s definitely not “weak White men” and our own “White elites” behind this. 228 more words

The Weak White Male


“But this is your hour and the power of darkness.” – JESUS  Luke  22:53

Bergoglio is our Chastisement…

“Judas Bergoglio slaps Jesus in the face again!!” 1,622 more words

US Marines led by Beta-male Cucks & Weak White Men

A BIG change is coming to the United States Marine Corps. Hint… “Gender Equality.”

How a once proud military institution could be Cucked out to this extent is beyond my comprehension. 41 more words

The Weak White Male

Another Thieving Parasite Caught Red-Handed!

This is what happens in every instance when any given country allows a substantive political class to arise. Regardless of the initial intentions of its members – however benign they may initially have been hundreds of years ago – it inevitably evolves to become a self-serving, parasitic entity with aims and desires totally at odds with the people whose interests it purports to represent. 135 more words

Updated XCOM Page

I updated the XCOM page of the blog with details on how to run XCOM on Windows XP.


Zeroing In on the Enemy Within

In view of the murderous attack in Paris by members of the fanatical “state” of ISIS, I’m republishing the following article for the readers of this blog. 842 more words