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Know your Enemy

  • Today I fought my greatest enemy.  They seemed to be following me throughout my day and gleefully took each opportunity to point out my apparent shortcomings.
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My Life

Blog 673: XCOM

When XCOM came out, all the hype and reviews got me interested. Not interested enough to buy it at the time, of course, but enough to want to try out a GOTY edition at the end of its life cycle. 1,483 more words


Man Turns into Wife's Wife

As a young kid, I used to watch The Twilight Zone…but I never thought I’d actually be living in it. 88 more words

Society & Culture

Red State Revolution?

The goal of the international communist and our wonderful cultural Marxist parasite controllers, has always been the subverting of our republic and transforming it into a red communistic superstate.  944 more words


Golden Dawn on the Middle Men.

Below is a great article written by a member of Golden Dawn New York here in the states, who I actually had the privilege to meet a few weeks ago in Brooklyn, NY. 81 more words


The Viscious Snake

If you haven’t seen this yet you’re missing out. This video has racked up almost 3.5 million views on YouTube and counting. There’s a reason it’s resonating with people and it’s because there’s a powerful man taking a strong stance behind the video. 234 more words


Trolls and Assholes not Welcome!

As expected, we are already seeing the butt-hurt cultists and haters coming to our website to cry and complain about how we are all shills, controlled opposition, traitors, hypocrites or whatever else these losers come up with. 597 more words

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