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Zeroing In on the Enemy Within

In view of the murderous attack in Paris by members of the fanatical “state” of ISIS, I’m republishing the following article for the readers of this blog. 842 more words


XCOM Enemy Unknown or Enemy Within?

First of all I must say that Unknown is indeed a bit unforgiving, not taking cover, missing a shot etc. is enough to lose a soldier. 311 more words


XCOM Enemy Within Battle Scan Tip

I didn’t really see the advantage of the snipersĀ  battle scan ability, until I was surprised by two stranglers.

When they are in stealth mode, let the sniper throw a battle scanner and they will become visible. 21 more words


An Unobstructed View...

A good number of years ago, over twenty, I ventured out into the mountains with a friend. We were going to hike a trail that went up higher than what I had ever hiked before. 455 more words


On Edge, After Attack

The deadliest
lone-wolf lashes
between a volatile mix
of the enemy within
and both people beginning
to collapse. 27 more words

Creative Writing

Here's the start to your week

Uploaded the next installment of Synyster’s XCOM let’s play. So follow the links to either the rule of three site or my own. Please enjoy, and leave a comment if you like.

Rule of Three: