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Here's the start to your week

Uploaded the next installment of Synyster’s XCOM let’s play. So follow the links to either the rule of three site or my own. Please enjoy, and leave a comment if you like.

Rule of Three:



30th Anniversary of the Battle of the Beanfield/operation Solstice | what this shows about the hypocrisy of a country that bombs a message Democracy

A film by Gareth Morris

This is the original and 47 min extended version of the documentary about the Battle of the Beanfield – digitised from the last remaining sub-master tape to mark the 30th anniversary on 1st June 2015.

403 more words

Hitting the reset button

I had two friends visiting at the weekend, both XCOM vets, fellow Long War noobs – an ironman player and a save scummer, which we lambasted and attempted to convert! 331 more words

Operation Aww Crap

Operation Cold Sceptre: A bomb site mission, I hate these. They force you to run into the level much faster than I’m comfortable doing with my troops – which is of course the whole point of this particular mission design. 459 more words


UFO detected over Russia. 

Uh oh. That’s my home base. Launch interceptor 1 (load-out: Avalanche missiles). What’s this? I have to choose a behaviour: defensive, default, aggressive.  276 more words


In The Long War all countries give you funding from the start of the game. You choose an area of the country to set up your base, and each of these areas gives you a different bonus. 110 more words

Operation Rotting Palace

Mission 2. Vancouver mission, in the docklands map which I found very tough. It’s one large main warehouse building (the Rotting Palace?) with a courtyard area in front. 438 more words