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January 18, 2017- Smudging Words

I was taught and I have taught how to smudge.  That is to place herbs in a shell or bowl and burn them using the smoke to cleanse spaces, reach the heavens with prayers, and reset a place or person’s energy.  260 more words

Lessons From Nature- A Daily Meditation

One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, January 15th, 2017

“One Who Serves” Greetings to you. This is “One Who Serves”. We are ready to do just that, to serve. Here to assist and guide you.

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Lady Nada via Susan Sammarco, January 15th, 2017

“Lady Nada” I am “Lady Nada”. It is a little difficult to come back to this one after “Obeedichya” comes through. His is such a different frequency and speech pattern.

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Obeedichyah via James McConnell, January 15th, 2017

“Obeedichyah” I am “Obeedichya”! I have not been with you for a very long time, it seems. As you remember, I am the one who stands nine feet tall in front of you on my tail.

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The Millennium Report 1-12-17… “Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted” ~ Jan. 14, 2017

Well..I really want to rejoice and I really want to be ecstatically happy that the NWO has been halted, and…I believe they HAVE, but only at the very highest of spiritual levels! 2,131 more words

Lance Schuttler, The Mind Unleashed… “[28] Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is Sinking” ~ Jan. 14, 2017

This is a great article from Lance Schuttler that I saw on kuaileple’s blog, and thought I would share this with you! Please read this article, understand that our world is about to change for the better, and… 1,824 more words

Rare, Amazing Energies Begin Arriving January 9th 2017 - By Molly McCord

ALL planets in our solar system will be going direct for nearly 4 weeks — this rare event has not occurred since early 2011. Beginning on January 9th, after Mercury stations direct at 28 deg Sagittarius, we’ll have all … 10 more words

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