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Day 591 - Deleting a personality - charity for karma / personality.

I am hereby deleting a personality within me. My personality of giving to charity, to beggars and to people, asking me for money. It stops right here. 364 more words

'Sun & Moon Holistic', therapies by The Magical Herbalist; Hayley-Marie P...

*Deep breath & squealing with excitement*

Well everyone, it has been a long & tiring journey that although is nearly complete study-wise, has just begun in practice! 471 more words

10. What Goes Around Comes Around

Ok while I’m feeling appreciative and grateful I would like to thank each and every person who has ever said a prayer in my name. No, I am not so vain so as to think that I have that many people reading this but I am hoping that by acknowledging them/you, the positive energies are felt by the universe and that person would be blessed or experience good karma or whatever it is they believe in. 434 more words

Archangels and Devas - Integrating the Solstice Energy - Energy of Upcoming Full Moon - 6-26-15

From Archangels and Devas, June 25, 2015

We are still in the process this week of integrating the most powerful Solstice energy so far experienced on Planet Earth. 569 more words