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Lorrie the pet psychic in the news

Slowly but surely pet psychics and animal communicators are seen in mass media to share the magic with puzzled “muggles”. Lorrie the pet psychic has been featured on… 55 more words


A Moment To Reflect - August 16th 2017

Sometimes when things are a little rocky in life, you might think aboit better days. Today is a good day to reminisce and look back. Look to the past. 76 more words

Daily Messages

Let's Tessellate 

On the 21st of August there will be a great cosmic event. A solar eclipse.

The last time one on this grand scale happened was 1979. 482 more words

Diary Of An Indigo

Daily Mindfulness: Quote 1 Interpretation

The brilliance of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not lessen the perfume of the violet or the sweet simplicity of the daisy.

267 more words

Big Lions Gate Changes are here! Stay Relaxed :)

Welcome, Welcome!
I was just about to Begin.

Today, We are Going to Talk about.. Well, First of All .. Wow! These Currents that We are Riding at this Moment. 552 more words


Crystal Clear Healing

Have you ever been drawn to a certain crystal or stone?

It’s funny how things flow effortlessly in the Universe, without you knowing it. I was never into Tarot Cards or Crystals. 795 more words