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Incoming Energies – The Intensity Is Going To Increase Substantially ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Super mega high plasma energies (inside your bodies) and out, these magnify your own distortions, a gazillion-fold, by way of your own thoughts. They also open the heart huge….. 545 more words

The Journey

STEPHANIE LUCAS: “Be True to Yourself — 4 Easy Steps for Balancing Energy Fields”

When you think of energy balancing, the first things that may come to mind are tools like chakra stones, auric cleansing therapies, shielding jewelry, and regular meditation practices, so the relationship to being true to yourself and balancing energy fields may not be readily apparent. 1,030 more words


The Mirror

Please take comfort as this final clearing phase is almost at an end.

You have been facing the mirror of what life has caused you to become when you didn’t care enough about yourself or others. 896 more words


Finding Footpaths

I have been in Yorkshire this past week, exploring many footpaths new to me. Most were well-maintained, had good surfaces, and were obviously well used – with the exception of one! 574 more words

Being Connected

When People Come Through In Readings

When I do readings, every now and then people come through with messages. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced because these messages are always of love. 409 more words


18 August full moon 2016

*** Awareness time***

How were the Full moon energies Yesterday ?

1. Were you Angry, irritable ?
2. Were you blissed out ?
3. Were you remembering long lost past incidents ? 39 more words


Rules (an acrostic poem)

Restricting choices

Ultimately can inspire even more creativity

Letting trailblazers focus their energies

Ensuring structure to support solutions

Still leaving space to think outside the box

Acrostic Poem