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New Energies: Disintegration of lower soul self.

This is the time for immense energy changes, and what will impact the most at this time is the disintegration, the leaving, the dying, of the Old Adam, the Old Eve, so that we can be resurrected and reborn into our new Adam/Eve Kadmon Lightbodies. 1,317 more words

What's my name?

I realised today as I was closing up for the evening that the shop/space was really starting to looked lived in. I’m not using that in the way that my Mum used to say my room was “lived in”, rather that certain warm and friendly energies from new friends from the local community have snuggled in and blended with the energies of the crystals. 91 more words

Spiritual Work

Kaal Sarp - A Lie Used By Quack Astrologers To Fool People

“Oh My God, I’m sorry child, but you have a Kaal Sarp Dosha. You will face many struggles, people will not value your work, you will suffer all this for a minimum of seven years.

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Day 5 - I have schizophrenia

I have schizophrenia. I was born with it. It is a serious illness of mind. My mind is wired different that other peoples mind. It is like I have these hooks on me, hooks to my mind. 943 more words

THE HUMAN LIGHT BODY - Kate A. Spreckley @ Spiritual Pathways - - 8-24-15

by Kate A. Spreckley, SpiritualPathways

Found at:  http://in5d.com/the-human-light-body/


As human we are comprised of four bodies, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These four bodies are interconnected and woven together creating our entire human being. 899 more words


Message from Matthew 8-17-15… ~ Posted August 24, 2015

Insects; international cooperation; active September; Pope Francis; Cecil the lion; global politics; eternal soul; God, Creator; soul, personage makeup; manifestation; dark souls, lost souls, root souls; soul communication, brain, mind; long-life DNA programming… 2,460 more words