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Meditation - The Council of Five

Meditation – The Council of Five

We want to agree with you Mario – On this Meditation.

By exponential Factors of what we allocate for you in time of Reminiscence. 417 more words

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Day 785 - The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events

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Introducing paranormal series. The existence of quantum physical. Quantum physical is where: consciousness as energy and physicality as manifested solidity – meets and merges. 185 more words


Not a stone circle this time, but standing stones and an earth circle nearby…

Trellech today is a small village, located just over the Welsh border from the Forest of Dean, but it is currently the subject of archaeological investigations to discover the centre of the huge medieval city it rapidly developed into during the thirteenth century in order to make weapons for the de Clare family. 557 more words

Being Connected

Not ok in an ok person 

Laying on the bed thinking 💭

If I am totally alone in this house, why do I need to be that nervous 😩

Before I go to bed, I check every single room in the house, make sure the doors of all the rooms are closed actually locked! 185 more words

Living in the Fifth Dimension

We are no longer living in the confines of 3rd dimensional space, time and depth. We are operating within new freedoms and perceptions. The old show Twilight Zone comes to mind. 236 more words

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Hello Everyone,

A page from my routine: I had to pick up my daughter from crèche between 12 noon – 12:30 pm.  It was 12:20 pm already and I was still at metro station at one end…nervously checking my phone every two seconds to check the time and waiting for the arrival of train.   843 more words


Protect your energy.. Do you.

We live in a society where we all seem to crave validation. We all seem to care a little too much about what others think. Whether that’s on social media in the form of likes and comments or by someone spudding you on the street just because ‘you’re that guy!’… We still care. 477 more words