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Crazy Talk: What I See 👽👀

So I finally drew what I see. These are not visions. They are like some times like the “logos” I described in a previous post. … 208 more words

The Boy Who Was Afraid Of Balloons; A Story Of Connecting With Energy

When you call out into the Universe, someone will aways hear you. Come read the story about the day I connected with a little boy, somewhere in the world. 1,004 more words


GAoG 10-3-17… “A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, October 3, 2017” ~ Oct. 8, 2017

Whew! Move almost over…only cleanup of the old place left that leaves me with a bit more time to blog.  I found this article on Kp’s blog, please read, know that fear due to chaos is NOT an option, and… 588 more words

What is The Body Code?

Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and many other life blocks can be created when the body’s energy is out of balance.

The Body Code™ is a unique and elegant system which can help to find these imbalances using muscle testing. 502 more words


Animal wisdom for an awakening world

Just posted this book to Animal Communication books blog. The pile of books about animal wisdom is growing and growing! Just the way I like it. 332 more words


Meditation & Astral Traveling


This is officially my first blog post.

I’m not going to spend time introducing myself I will just leave a little bit of info in the… 3,222 more words

Astral Travel