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Sheldan Nidle Update ~ Feb. 22, 2017

2 Manik, 10 Zac, 13 Caban

Dratzo! A slowed but steady pace is now in effect. Processes continue that put security over delivery. Those who represent the old cabal are fighting hard, and producing a series of worrisome protracted delays. 1,215 more words

Pastime Pleasures!

The greatest happiness comes from being vitally interested in something that excites all your energies     – Walter Annenberg 

It has been a year since I found some exciting activities to do at my leisure even though I left my regular job three years back to be at home.  636 more words

My Experiences

Reiki for animal communication

Lourdes has some pretty cool reiki videos on YouTube, this little energetic tool supports your animal communication practice. Naturally you have to meditate and practice in order to succeed… But here’s a little helping hand for you. 34 more words


Kp Message 2-17-17… “Extraordinary Times… Extraordinary Energies… Extraordinary Measures…” ~ Feb. 17, 2017

All I am going to write here is pretty much not 3D-provable. All I can say is that my sense is there is a tonne of things happening “behind the visible scenes”. 339 more words

Mike Quincey ~ Feb. 17, 2017

17th February 2017. Mike Quinsey

The overview we have of activities on Earth is different to yours because as we see it all is happening on many different time lines, making it difficult to accurately forecast the course of events. 1,326 more words


She said that she wanted to be free from love. For what though? For a few wild nights, dates with ambitious men, and endless coffee conversations with her “best friends.” Love ran away because she prioritized things that will eventually come to an end. 120 more words

Creative Writing

What do you mean, vibes?

Vibrations, vibes, energies, energy, “gut feeling”, or good ol’ “something was telling me”…

Several monikers, one concept.

Our ability to gauge other people’s energy, comes with our ability to know ourselves – no matter how raw, honest, and a tad uncomfortable this may be, at times. 49 more words