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Hot Stuff Oil

This is currently my best selling oil. I’m sure others have oils similar to this one but I am also pretty sure the idea behind the creation of it is completely different as well as the results. 442 more words


Major Shifts at Play

In so many ways, we are here for This Cycle

Hello Beautiful Earth Family :-) !

I’m sitting here listening to Samson chew on his ball, to distract him from messing with the bandage on his front right paw. 898 more words


Linestrider - knight of swords

The Knight of swords from the Linestrider deck is a man that leads with his head instead of his heart. This card can often be chosen when a new relationship or a new project is in it’s first stages, as you’re more than ready to get going but tend to forget important things like being patient and understanding. 77 more words


In Simple Terms, What is the 12/12 Gateway All About?

So tomorrow is 12/12. Here we go tapping into those number sequences and the “gateways and timelines.” In simple terms, how does all this work? 142 more words


Manifesting energies

Alright so here’s a big one, manifesting your desires. I tend to give out a lot of advice during readings with clients but one thing I always try to warn people about is thinking too strongly on a negative aspect. 326 more words


Rider Waite - 4 of cups reversed

The four of cups in a reversed position from the Rider Waite deck indicates that there may be good things coming your way, but you’re going to have to work at getting them. 63 more words


Alabama Gulf Coast Tour: Buzzcatz Coffee and Sweets

There’s a Gulf Coast morning breeze coming in from the ocean, you’re low on time but crave a fresh breakfast and a warm cup of coffee, where do you go? 859 more words

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