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Cecil the lion speaks

Animal communicator Karen Anderson posted a few words from Cecil the lion on Facebook.

“Let not the actions of these few men defeat us or allow darkness to enter our hearts.

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Judith Kusel - The Shift In Consciousness - Escalated by the Return of the 7th Sun - Reconnection to the Central Sun's Energies - 7-29-15


Judith Kusel



In the last years I was called upon to work intensively with certain earth energy grids of what has lain dormant for many millions of years, and is now being reactivated and rising to the fore.  881 more words


Sheldan Nidle Update 7-28-15…posted July 29, 2015

Even though none of us truly know the hour, or day, when the “Shift”, aka known as the “Event” (raising the vibrations of al life on Earth) will occur…isn’t it fun to get a taste of when this might be? 1,485 more words

A Message to Lightworkers - July 29, 2019 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you once again. 1,065 more words


Stand Up | Sophia


So many names for this time: Awakening, The Wave, The Event, The Moment of Justice, The Shift, The Party.  Who to believe?  When is it coming?  693 more words


Archangel Oracle Cards Outdoors


Archangel Jophiel:
“Go outside, get some fresh air, and connect with nature to relieve stress and gain new, creative ideas.”

“Additional meaning: Connecting with nature helps synchronize your rhythms to the universal heartbeat. 160 more words