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“Passion is energy.  Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

-Oprah Winfrey

Midweek Motivation

Colorful Charisma

Good Day #Saturday_Splendor soars thru air with a savior faire flair energizes your dreamers dare relishing your defeaters dexterity to elegantly maneuver through your day 2 day escapades opening your lavish endless cascading money flow beaming ur core glorious gusto forever

Energizing Your Days

It would be great if all us could work at peak performance all the way through the day, but invariably we slump and feel tired. Maybe your slump is before lunch, or after lunch, maybe it hits you mid-afternoon. 369 more words


Energize Others — Orlando Espinosa

Give your passion to others and get them energized!

via Energize Others — Orlando Espinosa

“In the Bible we find everything we need to guide and energize our lives, to keep us on track so that we live out God’s plan.” ― Elizabeth George


FIBER 2018 Kickoff

Photo by Evan Kezsbom

It was the middle of a typical Tuesday for me. I was staring at my work laptop screen and, BLAM, something all of a sudden slugged me in the gut. 653 more words



There’s something you gotta know about me:

I love extremes.

Spicy and sour foods that sting the taste buds,

Competitive eating that stretches the belly, 84 more words


7 Ways To Cleanse And Energize Your Crystals

Why it’s important to clear your crystals?

When you first receive your crystal, it has been passed around and holds the energy of where ever and who ever  it came from. 738 more words