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3 Egg Samich

Started with some ground pork sausage, threw in some diced onions, tomatoes, bell pepper and jalapeño. Cooked that up then 3 eggs. Toasted whole wheat with avocado for my spread, pepper jack cheese and BAMB! 15 more words


8 Caffeine-Free, All Natural Ways to Boost Energy

Dear Dutch,

Honey I love you, but sometimes being your Mom is downright exhausting. It’s taken some serious leaning out and toughening up to even be able to keep up with you! 986 more words


Hello blue sky

Hello sun, long time no see!!



Worked on my Shoulders, Traps and Biceps this morning and had a hell of a workout. I started including some mobility work thanks to @defrancosgym and @esik831 . 12 more words


Lunch Dish of the day 

Tuna and veggies!

I’ve been too lazy to fix this dish in a while, but today, I’m not feeling lazy, so here it is.

Diced up 2 green onions, piece of bell pepper, 1/2 Serrano chile and 1/2 a tomato. 30 more words


Wake Up Refreshed and Energized!

Mercedes here with a fun fruit-infused recipe I’m stoked to share!

So… Raspberries are my new obsession. Filled with vitamin C and fiber, they’re a sweet, tart treat you just cannot go wrong with! 399 more words