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Trying to get ahead

Oh boy, I have been working my fingers to the bone lately. By doing so, I am quite fatigued but still feeling pretty great about accomplishing so much! 200 more words


Working hard just to remain me

When most people get down and out and feel horrible when there are thunderstorms about, I feel the opposite way and feel energized. I got so much done today! 195 more words


Hungry Frumpy!!!

Week 2 of my new regimen. We’ve been waking up at 3:30 am to be at the gym at 4am. This is a struggle with not only my body but with my mind. 128 more words


Getting the week started right!

So this week my wife convinced me to go workout with her in the mornings. 4am to be exact. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. 97 more words


Manifest Monday 18: List The Ways You Are Energized

List the ways I am energized? But… but… I could nap anywhere! At any time! Because I’m crazy efficient and crazy lazy! What the heck???? 253 more words


I slept 2 hours last night and I feel so energized

I have so much energy! The last three nights I have only slept 2-3 hours each night because I have been too excited to go to bed! 34 more words

Feel Good

Let's Square Off

When we think of squaring off we often think of getting into fight posture.  And for the most part, people seem to be doing a lot of squaring off these days whether they are politicians or posting on social media there seems to be no end to the arguing, disagreeing or gotcha’s.  402 more words