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Mellow Mother's Day 

I love my family but the occasional kidless weekend?? Yes please! Hubby is gone too? Sigh…if you must.

My inlaws took my our kids to a dirt bike training course in Barrie and one parent needed to sign off on it so Mike went then continued on to Toronto to have a boys night with a friend. 218 more words


How To Feel More Energized All Week Long

Tired of waking up without energy day after day? You’re not alone. Your responsibilities and obligations might not be letting up any time soon, but there’s good news: developing healthy habits has a huge impact on your energy levels. 653 more words

Back to business

Well, Monday has rolled around once again. It is definitely time to start making the coffee (although my coffee pot is on the fritz!). I feel quite energized, therefore I have done a few loads of laundry already, dishes, cleaned up my kitchen, got Drew prepared for his next week of school, have worked out (yes, you heard me right!) and am now sitting down to right before my shower and my first client. 172 more words


Introversion and me

I’ve read a ton of articles about introversion vs. extroversion. A lot of the introversion has resonated with me, but one thing that doesn’t is this: “introverts get drained by people”. 714 more words


Oh the joy

It’s all fun and games
until . . .

Trying to get ahead

Oh boy, I have been working my fingers to the bone lately. By doing so, I am quite fatigued but still feeling pretty great about accomplishing so much! 200 more words


Working hard just to remain me

When most people get down and out and feel horrible when there are thunderstorms about, I feel the opposite way and feel energized. I got so much done today! 195 more words