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1,000 Caloric Torch!

BOOM!!! Going into a workout you always have the thought, “I’m going to get a good workout in today.” But when we reach that point, sometimes you feel like quitting. 82 more words


The 700 club 

Leg Day has me feeling like I’m dragging my legs through mud. It was a great workout though.

15 min walk on the inclined treadmill… 34 more words


Staying Energized During Finals

It’s that time of the quarter again! It’s week 10 and with that comes lots of worries, stress, tears, lack of sleep and not so healthy food choices. 435 more words



After the presidential election, I was depressed for a few days. Then I became angry. Now I am energized and motivated. I’m planning to attend the Women’s March on Washington in January. 16 more words


Egg fest!

I’ve been having boiled eggs for breakfast lately, but just a plain egg won’t cut it for me.

While I wait for the eggs to boil, I like to prepare a few topping to add to my breakfast. 44 more words


Don't sit ...

I woke up completely energized, in a great mood and ready to tackle my day. Which was good because I was facing a crazy busy morning, that would be followed up with a busy afternoon and evening. 60 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Good Morning God!!

What gets you up in the morning? Do you feel inspired and energized? You can wake up and say “Good morning God.” or “Good God morning.” Same words, however totally different message. 120 more words

New Beginnings