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Exxon, climate change and sequence stratigraphy

My favourite periodical is the New York Review of Books. It is a high-brow magazine that contains in-depth articles by outstanding writers and thinkers on a range of topics from fundamental physics to poetry and everything in between. 1,479 more words

General Geoscience

How Does Force Affect Motion?

“How Does Force Affect Motion: Fighting Children’s Misconceptions with the ‘Fantastic Four’ Ways in Which Force Affects Motion” written by Gerald Darling is an article that can be found in National Science Teachers Association’s journal Science and Children. 231 more words

1 out of 50 new jobs in the United States came from the solar industry last year

❝ The number of jobs created to make, sell and install solar panels in the U.S. grew at a record pace last year, and grew much faster than the overall American economy, which is welcome news for the solar industry in the face of policy uncertainty.

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Energy Companies Face Crude Reality: Better to Leave It in the Ground - By  Sarah Kent,  Bradley Olson and  Georgi Kantchev Feb. 17, 2017 5:30 a.m. ET

High costs, low prices and tough new environmental rules forcing companies to cancel plans to produce oil

Today, only about 20% of future oil sands projects in northern Alberta are capable of being profitable.  255 more words

Point Of Interest

Simplifying technology to energize the business.

Perhaps it is with good reason that Super Bowl 51 was held in Houston, Tex., the nerve center of oil and gas companies with several key enterprises that drive the dynamics of the energy industry at large.  590 more words

Red Hat

Climate for Kids


This website is run by NASA and focuses on climate and its different parts. There are many tabs that revolve around different aspects of climate. 160 more words

Atmosphere And Weather

The Key Is To Have Fun

Happy Saturday! I was going to hit the gym to lift, but decided to take a gym break. I started to sub Zumba classes again and have one more short term permanent class on top of what I got. 1,106 more words