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Energy East Pipeline would make us safer

From my reading on line — mainly on the blog of B.C. scientist and father Blair King — it seems there may be a legitimate case for a state of the art pipeline to Montreal to replace oil tanker trains and existing old pipelines from another less environmentally conscious era. 180 more words


The Villain in the Wings

This story probably begins in antiquity, but for the sake of reasonableness, let’s begin with Malthus in 1798.

He established the concept of a Malthusian catastrophe which would reduce the population to a lower, more sustainable level. 806 more words


To Dam or Not to Dam

Dams are barriers built across rivers and streams to confine and regulate water flow for irrigation and hydroelectricity. However, in recent years, the social, economic, and environmental impacts of these constructions have become a pressing concern. 472 more words


Leading Indicators Suggest a Stabilization in Global Risk Asset Prices

Even as the vast majority of analysts stayed bullish on the global economy and global risk assets early last year, I began to turn bearish for a variety of reasons, including: 1) global liquidity, as measured by the amount of US$ circulating freely in the global financial system, continued to weaken, 2) valuations in U.S. 419 more words


The oil Patch Boys have known about climate change since the 1980s

Just months after the New York attorney general launched an investigation into oil giant ExxonMobil over allegations that it misled investors about climate change, a newly surfaced report suggests the oil industry’s largest trade group may have had early, detailed knowledge of climate change as well.

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Fusion is Still More than 20 Years Away

I’ve seen more news on fusion power generation lately. Among the various claims, a company in Britain seems to think they can run D-T fusion in a tokamak as small as 1.5 meters. 286 more words


Edwin Burwood

Edwin Burwood exercises his 17 years of industry experience to successfully serve as the director of Energy and Carbon Solutions, an energy efficiency company that offers quality, high-level energy management, including commercial and industrial lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and cooling water and chiller systems, as well as compressed air, blower and vacuum systems. 76 more words