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All About Climates

This is a website presented by NASA which is an excellent resource for both teachers and students from 3rd grade through middle school.  There are multiple sections on this page all relating to climate such as weather, climate change, atmosphere, water, energy, and plants and animals. 43 more words

Crash Course Physics #30 - Circuit Analysis

This is an awesome video to use as a support for teaching circuit boards during physics or general science, depending on the grade.  What’s special about this series, and this video in particular, is that it’s great for a wide variety of grade levels.  135 more words


An egg-cellent source of renewable energy

Researchers from Osaka City University in Japan have discovered that using proteins taken from egg whites could help facilitate the carbon-free production of hydrogen.

Although hydrogen is considered… 389 more words


Are You Clear On Your End Goal?

Goal setting seems to be a mystery to many AND at the same time it can be scary and daunting.

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The future of the electricity utility – decision time for US stakeholders

Last month, Grantham Affiliates Dr Jeffrey Hardy and Dr Chris Mazur travelled to Chicago to run a ‘Decision Theatre’ workshop with participants from the US energy supply chain as part of the… 839 more words


Modern Stress Management

Throughout history and even in our lives, we have heard of, read about or even met people who are just unstoppable.

If you are like me, you are most probably wondering… How do they do it?

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My Week In 500 Words – v6


Another week gone and many more lessons learned.

I am humbled when I look into my life and realise how fortunate and privileged I am to take some time off and spend some quality time with my brother.

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