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This is a lesson diagram about different forms of energy


Australia Demands More Gas

Two years ago, The New South Wales government shutdown drilling for natural gas because people protested against drilling for natural gas.

Similarly, local governments elsewhere in Australia have acquiesced to demands made by people protesting against natural gas and coal because of climate change. 527 more words


Tea Party Interview

Periodically, I do radio and other interviews.

While radio interviews are not easy to reproduce on the internet, my recent interview with the president of The Villages Tea Party is a video with an easy to access link. 304 more words



Betoverde gezichten zie ik als ik met mensen werk. In persoon, online, in live trainingen.
Verwondering en aanwezigheid: met hun handen, ogen, hele lichaam en energie. 530 more words


Weekly Flow March 13th – March 19th

Monday & Tuesday

The flow kicking this week off is one of sorrow on an existential level. Welcome to Monday, right? The focus here is on questioning the foundations of life; Does it have any meaning, purpose, or value? 511 more words

You Are Not A Car

Good Sunday afternoon! I want to say good morning because that’s how I feel like it, but it’s afternoon here in Seattle. I think I’m having a jammy day, as in pajamas day today. 1,624 more words


An Introduction to Motion

This site, PhysicsForKids, is a student-friendly webpage pertaining to the laws of motion and is a great resource for easy to read and easy to understand stand terms and definitions. 42 more words

Energy, Motion And Forces