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New theory leads to 'radiationless revolution'

Click to enlargeAnapole Visualization by Andrey Miroshnichenko

Physicists have found a radical new New theory leads to ‘radiationless revolution’: Physicists have found a radical new way confine electromagnetic energy without it leaking away, akin to throwing a pebble into a pond with no splash…

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Remarkable Air Quality Improvements

The administration’s promotion of its Clean Power Plan (CPP) relies heavily, in addition to an over emphasis on disasters supposedly attributable to CO2 emissions, on the possible health benefits of the plan. 538 more words


25th Anniversary series: What's the future for energy?

The ways in which we generate and use energy are changing radically. Over the next 25 years, we can expect the energy landscape to look very different. 1,345 more words


Abundance, Success and Happiness

Citrine is known as the ‘Stone of Abundance and Success.’ This is the crystal that people place in their purses, wallets, cash boxes and cash registers. 166 more words

How Cheap Will Solar Get?

If current rates of improvement hold, solar power will be incredibly cheap by the time it’s a substantial fraction of the world’s electricity supply, writes famous author and thinker Ramez Naam. 114 more words


Two Cape Verde lows following path of hurricane Danny may develop into tropical storms

From NASA Goddard: Danny has become a degenerate, that is, the tropical depression weakened. Satellite and Hurricane Hunter aircraft data showed that Danny degenerated into an elongated area of low pressure near the Windward Islands during the afternoon (local time) on August 24. 306 more words


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Obama’s Escalating War on Fossil Fuels

The administration’s war on coal has been well documented.

To a certain extent, it was thwarted by the remarkable advances in fracking and the extraordinary increase in natural gas production. 582 more words