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Benefits Of Home Energy Audit

Among the most important challenges the civilization faces nowadays is finding and using various alternative energy resources. Alternative energy needs to be further developed because these alternative fuels sources will cause less pollution worldwide and more jobs with more money. 578 more words

Energy Audit


Nowadays, optimizing energy consumption is one of the largest challenges faced by companies and industrial facilities across the planet, with energy prices constantly rising. Not only are we facing the pressure of raising prices, but increased energy use is also leading to devastatingly negative impacts on the environment. 497 more words

Energy Audit

Waste heat recovery importance and benefits

Industrial waste heat is the heat energy that is generated in industrial processes which is not utilize for any practical use. And which is dumped into the environment and wasted even it could still be reused for some useful and economic purpose. 499 more words


[VIDEO] Understanding Energy Loss

Promoting Energy Literacy by Visualizing Home Heat Loss

The understanding of how energy is used and the ability to apply this knowledge is known as energy literacy. 277 more words


Energy Audit in pune

Energy Audit Services are provided by Teknocrat’s group’s training arm, Teknocrat’s Academy of Automation & Control Technology (popularly known as TAACT). With a collective industrial experience of more than 60 years, TAACT’s energy audit team comprises of 3 BEE certified energy auditors. 350 more words


5 small changes you can make to live more sustainably

  1. Use totes! No reason to be throwing away plastic bags every time you go to the grocery store. Use all those tote bags you’ve collected over the years to bring your food home from the store…
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Energy Conservation in hyderabad

It is the act of decreasing the amount of energy utilized. It might be achieved through productive energy use; in this case, energy use is minimized in the similar time obtaining an equivalent outcome accordingly, or by decreased utilization of energy services. 258 more words