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No Bake Oat Bars

Despite the lack of posts lately our kitchen has been extremely busy.  It’s the end of the school year and things are just crazy busy.  Swim practice four days a week has started.   369 more words


Recipe: Almond butter delight

This recipe has the same process as the Grangiose granola bar. This is basically a granola bar just with a few changes. Melted honey and Almond butter mixed with chocolate chips.. 161 more words


Recipe: Grandiose granola bar

This recipe, much like my Dates and cashews bar is a building block for so many other recipes.  Once you nail down this basic granola bar your options are limitless. 119 more words


Recipe: Peanut mush bar

I don’t think I will ever win points for my creativity in naming things.. peanut mush bar. It is what it sounds like. Mushed peanuts with dates. 108 more words


Chia Seed Energy Bars

Over the last few months I’ve gotten into a semi-regular routine of running at dawn (or even pre-dawn, before Daylight Savings started again). In addition to the practical benefit of doing my run while my family sleeps, there is something very good for my soul about running at this time of day. 429 more words


It Works It's Essential Weight Loss Energy Bar

Why you should be eating the It Works Energy Bars…

  1. These bars have a whole 10 grams of protein in them.  Protein keeps you full and satisfied longer.
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Larabar - Coconut Cream Pie

Even though I made Homemade Larabar before, I never bought the Larabar itself until a few weeks ago.  (Leave it to me to wait five years to purchase something to try. 721 more words