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Bacon and Nut Bars | LIVE w/ PETE


Pete demonstrates how to make healthy, sustainable energy bars with nuts and bacon!
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Energy Bars with Honey

Thermomix® time: 3 min


  • 160 g butter and a bit more to grease
  • 100 g brown sugar
  • 120 g honey
  • 400 g multi-cereal muesli with tropical fruits…
  • 84 more words

Medjool Date Raw Energy Bars

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s blog is all about energy bars!  These snacks contain cereal and other high energy foods that give us quick energy and help us feel full.   181 more words


10 Quick Energy Boosts

Whether you’re in the office trying not to let your head fall and smash into your desk because you are so tired, or at home with the children, feeling exhausted just thinking about what to make for dinner, collecting the older children from school and running them around to their clubs and then helping with their school homework; You can jump start your energy levels with a little bit of the right food. 1,100 more words


BoBo's Bars

If you’ve never experienced the deliciousness that is a BoBo’s bar…you’ve been missing out!  My sister introduced these to me a few years ago, and life has been better ever since. 359 more words

Maple Energy Bars

Snacking on a Low FODMAP diet can be tough. Making a batch of these delicious energy bars though is super easy and the oats are a great boost mid-morning, mid-afternoon or if you’re like me as a sweet treat in the evening! 159 more words

Cashew & Date Bars

Target Audience: Toddlers, Children, Adults

These tasty, tasty raw snack bars take very little time to whizz up in the food processor and are excellent for snacks. 257 more words