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Something I’m experimenting with now is fuel for while I’m on rides. Now I’ve tried gels and whilst they do the job, they don’t actually make you feel like you’ve had something to replenish your energy. 445 more words


Decathlon Energy Bar Generator! (Gluten free too!)

I have a little friday, running nutrition treat for you…! I often get asked about different alternatives to energy gels, for longer endurance events such as marathons and ultras; I have recently found a really fun tool to help you come up with different recipe ideas for energy bars to try out. 122 more words

Nutritious Raw Energy Bars

At the moment, I’m trying to eat cleaner. Reducing wheat and sugar intake isn’t easy these days but I think these little nuggets will help cope with hungry moments. 273 more words

Homemade energy bar + recipe

I forgot to mention yesterday – I tried out a new creation and it seemed to work well.  Certainly kept the energy levels up. I don’t tend to eat for the first hour or so of a run and then take bites as needed to trickle the energy in. 72 more words


Cocoa snack balls

My friend Ali, the beauty and the brains behind those sensation Au Naturel Artisan beauty and edible products (goingaunaturel.com) showed me this one. Rather, she got my husband hooked on these little pretty-good-for-you treats and I can’t make them fast enough to keep up! 413 more words

Urban Suburban Mommy

Rolled Oats & Dry Fruit Energy Bars

My son, who is athletic and sporty, has embraced cycling as his new passion. During his long rides he needs a high level of energy to sustain him.   259 more words

Vegan Friendly

Energy bars to cheat the system...

I feel as though I am cheating the system now. I’m now making my own energy bars to keep me fueled on the bike or after a run or before a swim. 148 more words