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19th September 2017 Energy Forecast

Good Morning I hope you are well, although the energy we have around at the moment may have been giving you a few aches and pains! 742 more words

September 5th 2017 Energy Forecast – Read the Signs then Act

Good Morning and how are you all? We are firmly in the full moon energy so you will be feeling its effects one way or another and it is very important that you connect with what that is. 779 more words

August 31st 2017 Energy Forecast – Get ready for the Equinox, what choices are you going make?

Good Morning Good Morning, I hope you are well, I feel a strong grounding energy and this will be with us for some time and is greatly needed in this time of energetic boosts. 1,056 more words

New Moon Solar Eclipse Guided Meditation

Hey All

What a wonderful day it is today. We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse and this brings with it some amazing high frequency energy and some awesome opportunities for us. 146 more words

Tomorrows New Moon Solar Eclipse Gateway – Let’s get physical & have a fire pit!

Hey, getting physical, bringing our spiritual and inner world into our physical world with physical action is very important.

Fire Pits are great for this! I am going to explain how you can use a fire pit to help you with tomorrow’s gateway. 1,100 more words

Improve you health with...Alkaline Foods

Hi my beautiful people! Busy week so far? Here’s how you can get a boost!  In last weeks post we talked about acid- forming foods and how they can accelerate disease processes when in… 258 more words


How to start your day with Positive Vibes!

Many of us are guilty of MOPING every morning when we get out of bed, for so many reasons I’m sure you are thinking of right now such as work obligations, shopping groceries, bills to pay and many more which are too numerous to mention.For me sometimes just knowing that i have to get up out of a nice warm and cozy bed makes me mope. 663 more words

Avoid Social Media