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Coconut Granola

Supermarket granola rarely comes without a little flack from the health conscious among us. Although the cereal probably means well, the addition of preservatives, sugars and excess salt unsurprisingly often leads to a cause of concern and – although I am no expert on foods and, indeed, processed foods  –  my instinct tells me that this is not worth the convenience of having them at the tip of our spoons. 472 more words


Heal Your Body from Inside Out with MitoQ

To understand the incredible power of MitoQ, you need to understand the role of the mitochondria in sustaining life. Scientists used to believe that the mitochondria were vital for generating energy. 177 more words


Grounding Your Way To Well-Being

In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share with you one of my healthy practices that not only improves my overall well-being, but also helps me stay connected to Mother Earth. 537 more words

Healthy Living

POW Energy Water Review

The other day I emailed a company about making a review on some of their product, and they replied and were happy to send me some to try! 511 more words


5 Quick and Healthy Ways to Stay Energised

I am a proud mum to two little kids.  I love them.  They are the best.  But my goodness … they exhaust me!  It’s a never ending stream of fights, arguments, laughter, tears and noise: a bit like looking after 2 small drunk people.  648 more words