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Are you eating enough Fruits & Veggies?Wait, there's an easier Way!

Now you can get the ItWorks Greens on the Go! There’s 30 individual packets per box for $59 when you signup to try the Greens for 90 days. 151 more words

Energy Boost

adidas Consortium RUN THRU TIME Capsule Editorial

adidas’ success has been linked to toeing the line between performance and heritage, and with this “RUN THRU TIME” pack, the Brand with Three Stripes again explores that relationship. 171 more words

Adidas Consortium

13th July 2017 Energy Forecast

Good Morning I hope that you all slept well, so are you ready for today? I hope so, time to get moving, jump out of bed and into the shower no dillydallying, get that blood pumping! 736 more words

Wow My Energy Healing as gone to a new level

Wow wow wow, just did an energy cleanse/boost on someone for the first time since the shifts etc of the past few weeks and Wow it was intense and awesome. 540 more words

July 10th 2017 Energy Forecast

Good Morning I hope you are well, having released lots of stuff over the weekend. Although the full moon energy is still with us it feels like a brand new day this morning. 582 more words

July 9th 2017 Energy Forecast

Good morning I hope you are well, So the full moon is up and looking down at us all. It knows and sees it all, right into the deepest corners of you. 745 more words

July 8th 2017 Energy Forecast

Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy at the moment really is rather wonderful, so pure and empowering. That strong silent type, although maybe the effects its having are not so silent. 287 more words