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4 Tips to Increase Energy This Winter

While the holiday season is meant to be full of fun and family, it can actually leave you exhausted by the time the New Year comes around. 361 more words

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Energising Coffee Shake

This smoothie thing took 3 hours to drink and it actually left me feeling so hyper and full of energy without any crashes at all. It was packed with the good stuff and was very pleasant to drink. 153 more words

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Autumn Energy Boosters

I am going to list a variety of autumnal foods that will boost you. Today we start with


I eat this almost daily. I eat sprouted oats as they are easier to digest (I use Rude Health). 102 more words

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Walking Everyday Is Healthy And Important

Keeping active is imperative in this life. Walking is an easy an effective way to literally “get your steps in” and it feels great. Take a walk often to benefit your health. 199 more words

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8 Simple Ways To Get An Energy Boost In The Afternoon

By Nicole Tinkham

If you tend to feel groggy in the afternoon hours shortly after lunch, you are not alone. We’re sure you’ve heard the “get more sleep” speech before but maybe that’s not the issue. 582 more words

The Perfect Skinny Smoothie 

For Smoothie lovers, here is how to make the perfect skinny smoothie.  High in vitamins and minerals and it won’t raise your calorie.

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Drink Coffee Today In Celebration Of National Coffee Day

400 million cups of coffee are consumed everyday here in the United States. That’s a lot of coffee!  Not only does it taste great, it’s healthful too. 246 more words

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