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Energy Boost Thursday 18th May 2017


So there was no energy report this morning as I was enjoying the sunshine and then the time just ran away. ( I ran out of time again so this post is meant for tomorrow I think) 905 more words

How I Set My Goal Of Finishing A Sub Two-Hour Half Marathon And Actualized It

For a long time, I’ve always thought that I’d never be able to run more than six or seven miles. My knees would ache, my lungs would hurt from overexertion, and I’d feel like collapsing by the end of five miles. 733 more words


Exam season...URGH!

This one is for the people suffering from this thing called exam season. I feel you. I have been there for most of my life and this year I have the year off from exams Woohoo 🙌🏽 393 more words

Natural Stone Energy: The Red Color Rays

Modern-day living equates to one thing – busy! Most of us feel that we are up and running all day long, collapsing in the evening with the clear knowledge that we will start this all over again the following day. 957 more words

Alchemy Tips

Wake up boost

Wake up, rise and shine boost!

This is 💥 made with a lemon, 1 inch of ginger and a cayenne pepper.

I love taking this boost before workout sessions 💪🏼 42 more words


#36alive 126: Central Meridian

You may or may not have heard of meridians and the role they can play in a person’s health and well-being. The meridian system that I am aware of is devised from Traditional Chines Medicine and is based on the acupuncture points and these relate to organs ad functions. 496 more words

Daily Ramblings - The Weekend!!

It’s Friday and the weekend is ahead. Even though I am recently retired, I still have great feelings on Friday, thinking about all of the things I will do this weekend for fun. 400 more words