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January 21st 2018 Energy Forecast - Choices!

Good morning I hope you are well, the soft gentle intuitive energy continues, allow this energy in and work with it. Feel deep inside and seek what is important, it is often a little different to what the mind seeks. 906 more words

January 20th 2018 Energy Forecast - Rest Relax and just be

Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy shifted yesterday morning and brought with it a subtle calm and nurturing energy, can you feel it? 655 more words

January 18th 2018 Energy - Time to prepare your garden for planting 

Good Morning I hope you are well, the new moon energy is fabulous and will stay with us for another couple of days however the intensity has definitely dropped, the energy is calm grounded strong and piercing. 423 more words

Half way point

2018 is half a month old – which means so is my resolution to be more mindful of what I eat and to look after myself better. 241 more words

January 15th 2018, Time rise from the ashes!

Good Morning Good Morning and what a fabulous day it is, we are fully in the new moon energy an it is wonderful and totally in keeping with the awesome energy of the year so far! 790 more words

January 14th 2018 Energy Forecast Wish upon a Moon

Good Morning I hope that you are well, this rather happy and contented energy seems to be with us for the weekend, however this is going to shift once more tomorrow and you are in for a productive an somewhat transformative week, if you choose. 894 more words

January 2018, Amazing Energy Boosting your Intuition

January 2018 has had the most amazing energy, especially with regard to our intuition and psychic abilities.

From September 2017 the veil was thinning, allowing greater sensing of the spirit world, which I am sure many of you experienced but the Solstice brought with it something rather extraordinary and the shift has been very noticeable. 620 more words