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April 10th 2018 Energy Forecast -  Clear your Mind and the Rest Will​ Follow

This morning I feel the energy of clarity and determination as well as the practical energies that will be with us all week, from what I can see this practical energy, helping you to get things done, complete cycles and make that first step on creating your dream life, whatever that may be, seems be addressing different parts of us and today it seems it’s our mental body. 446 more words

April 6th 2018 Energy Forecast - Laugh and Let it Go

Good Morning I hope you are well and leapt out of bed this morning excited to start your day, if not then maybe that will improve as you go about your day, the energy this morning is strong and lively and very accepting. 601 more words


It’s Month Forecast time too, so keep an eye on your inbox today

You can sign up here if you are not on my mailing list, but don’t worry you won’t be inundated with sales emails I can barely remember to send the newsletter haha… 24 more words

April 3rd 2018. Energy Forecast - Follow your Passions

Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy of today is a bit like a little pixie running around a circus tent, it feels bright lively and maybe a little mischievous, none of which is a bad thing, we could all do with getting a little lively and not taking life so seriously. 548 more words

1st April 2018 Energy Forecast It’s a Beautiful Day

Good Morning and wow, fabulous full moon and also can you believe it is April already, this year really has been super speedy.

The energy today is wonderful it feels like the best family and friend Sunday roast, relaxed, happy and harmonious and you may have a strong urge to create happiness all around. 452 more words

March 31st 2018 Energy Forecast - Dance with the Full Moon

Good Morning I hope that you are well and enjoying this fabulous full moon energy, as seems to be the norm this year this is a moon of polarity, you may be feeling rather emotionally sensitive and react a little over the top to perceived criticism, so just be aware of this and don’t jump off the deep end. 737 more words

March 27th 2018 Energy Forecast - It’s time to strut your stuff !

Good morning I hope that you are well and experiencing some awesome shifts since all the events of the last couple of weeks and wow has it been a big shakeup and shift for us all. 965 more words