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Thrift and Thrive - Let's Not Waste

This post would have rotten in my drafts folder for another thousand years had I not read MySoul’s post, Waste, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle… 1,064 more words


Heat, Cool or a little of both?

All you need to know about Thermax Heat Pumps

When you think of cooling a hot building, you probably don’t think of heat pumps.

In fact, the words ‘air-conditioning’ or ‘fan’ are more likely to come to mind. 510 more words

ACT and Energy Conservation


Q:  What do I do when things go wrong?

A:  Pause and stay calm!

When things go wrong our natural reaction is to react, usually not very positively!  570 more words

ACT - Acceptance Commitment Therapy

An advantageous deposit system

Did you ever wake up with a headache on a Sunday afternoon, to the unmistakable stench of old alcohol? Dehydrated and miserable, you get out of bed and start walking towards the kitchen, where you discover a total mess from last night’s party. 485 more words

Energy Conservation is the New Technology

We live in a world that is controlled and almost solely dependent on technology. Technology in terms of communication or technology in terms of manufacturing and electricity, we use technology almost as often as we breathe. 374 more words

Meera Pattni

The life-changing magic of electricity

What do you take for granted?  It seems like everyone is guilty of not valuing some person or aspect of their lives, until he/she/it goes away. 631 more words


My Environmental New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year everyone! It is now 2016. It is time to come up with those New Year’s resolutions. Since the environment has become more of a focal point in the United States ever since last year’s Paris Climate Conference, I wanted to help the environment in my own way. 290 more words