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Decorative Window Film Gives Unique Appearance to Your Room

If you want to makeover your windows, then one of a best way through which this can be done is the decorative window film. These window films are selected by most of the people and are preferred at the present time. 211 more words

Reduction Film

Give a Beautiful Look to Your Window with the Help of Architectural Film

You know that most of the people prefer the designer window films because each design offers its own benefits. With these, the noise of your neighbors will not enter into your room as well as the privacy will be maintained. 212 more words

Reduction Film

Lost Laundry

One of my earliest memories is threading my way through my grandmother’s loaded clotheslines, hiding among the sheets, ducking under the towels, and emerging on the other side to green grass and a bank of flowers. 551 more words

Implementing Company Campaigns

The corporate world is viewed as something toxic. This is expected when one is facing horrible bosses, never-ending deadlines, massive client presentations to name a few. 162 more words

Energy Conservation

The Three Stooges

When I started this blog I really wanted to be as respectful as I could in any criticisms I made of political action, to stay away from the people involved and to focus upon the acts themselves. 464 more words

We Are Stardust. We Are Golden. And We Have to Get Ourselves Back to the Garden.

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Oakley asked to go out at six this morning. While he nibbled yard salad and tended to personal business, I watered the garden. 306 more words

Steps to Successful Energy Management Plan

Energy conservation is no longer something that could be done, rather this is a measure that should and must be done. Nowadays, energy wastage is such a bad habit that leads to ecological nightmare and financial burden. 172 more words