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Solar Energy; Solution to World Energy Crisis

The world is ever growing and has a tremendous scope of further development and expansion of the human kingdom on earth. however, we have always been struggling with one thing in particular. 404 more words

Solar Power

Australia For Sale

In the midst of Australia’s worsening Energy Crisis and the debate around extending the life of old ‘dirty coal’ Power Stations, many Australians are asking:  514 more words

Ready Player One | By Ernest Cline

Ready Player One is a science fiction novel, set in a dystopian world in 2044. The world has been gripped by an energy crisis and after the invention of a virtual reality game, people flee from the reality into the virtual world. 249 more words


Ruminating Energy: We Could Use a Few Fusion Reactors

“The most important aspect of an energy resource is whether it takes more inputs of fossil fuel energy than the output energy returned, or Energy Returned on Energy Invested (EROEI). 660 more words

A Commoner's Talk

Has Nawaz Sharif really solved Pakistan's Energy Crisis

Leading energy consultant, and policy specialist, Ms. Saadia Qayyum, sheds light on Pakistan’s Energy Crisis, and its solutions. Did Nawaz Sharif keep his promise of solving the problem of electricity shortage that has been crippling Pakistan’s industry, and businesses?


How Hot Is It?

It has really been hot this summer, so hot I’m beginning to wonder if this is Tennessee or if the Sahara Dessert is migrating westward. The heat waves on the sidewalks lately are big enough to surf on. 537 more words


Where Babies Come From #6

As usual, spoilers ahead. 

Neither Homeward Bound nor On the Edge of Living are particularly plot-filled stories and I’ll group them under the same banner in terms of intent. 207 more words