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We Can't Direct the Wind, But We Can Use It: Personal Turbines

To be honest, I am not that well read on the modern-day energy crisis. But to be frank, I’m also not oblivious to high energy prices, lots of hubbub surrounding the issue, and the concern that non-renewable energy sources are just that – non-renewable. 800 more words

Old Habits Die Hard

I have a problem with the Past. I dwell too much on it. I guess that’s a sign of getting old, but not all things in the past were that rosy. 442 more words


The Refugee Crisis: Let's look at Energy, Economy and Ecology

The unfolding and increasingly tragic refugee crisis is creating a profound awareness around the war in Syria. Not to be forgotten are refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Eritrea, also risking their lives to reach Europe. 1,338 more words


Green IT – Back on the Agenda?

It’s a funny old world certainly as far as coincidences go.

Coincidence Number 1

I was delivering a Green IT course last week and had just completed the section on “Greenwash” when the VW (and then Audi) emissions scandal brokeon the television news. 575 more words

Best Practice

Safe Journey to Freedom

I sit in front of my computer screen. It’s early in the morning, it’s September 12, 2015.  What happened on this day fourteen years ago, the day after the twin towers collapsed, the day North America announced its “war on terror”? 615 more words


Looking for Your Insight!

Do you or someone you know live in a place where electricity is scarce/sporadic/a problem you would like to solve?

I am looking for guest writers to share their experiences in living in countries where electricity is considered a luxury and supply is intermittent. 42 more words

Developing Countries

When the storm passes, what will you be holding?

A child washes up to shore,

Silent, motionless, cold from within.

A Child Washes Up To Shore.

Flipping, Flapping, Lapping Limply

A CHILD WASHES UP TO SHORE! 914 more words