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Has OPEC Been Successful In Closing Down The US Shale Oil Business?

In the fall of 2014, Saudi Arabia began increasing the amount of crude oil they put up for sale. The objective is often thought to be an attempt to drive US oil fracking out of business. 567 more words

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Did CO2 Cause North Korea’s Environment To Collapse?

Why is North Korea’s environment in a state of collapse? Well it is not due to global warming, global climate change weather weirding or what ever the new evasive title is. 548 more words


Crude Oil Sales Ban Must Be Lifted

This site has written before (click here)  about the crippling of the US petroleum producers by not permitting them to sell crude oil outside of the US. 403 more words


Concerns for the future of energy in Africa

• Sources of energy are unevenly distributed across the continent and as a result are  underexploited, leading to a major portion of the biomass available to be used as energy. 354 more words

Energy Development

Pope Francis Is Poorly Informed About Global Warming

For centuries, the “consensus science” stated the Earth was the center of the universe. In 1610 the skeptic, Galileo Galilei, publicly disagreed saying the Earth revolved around the Sun rather than the other way. 304 more words


Low oil prices effect on energy in Africa

As we know of recent, the price of oil per barrel drastically dropped from over $100 to about less than $50 a couple of months ago. 206 more words

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