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“Hats Off” to the Realcomm team and to the Intelligent Buildings industry that they represent. They nailed the architecture for the Buildings Internet of Things (B-IoT) about 24 months before the big IT brands at the core of the IIC — Cisco, Intel, IBM, GE — offered theirs. 701 more words


As Goes the Work, So Goes the Workplace

These images from the 1960 movie ‘The Apartment” capture the office productivity tools typical of the era. Tech analyst Ben Evans pointed me to them in his article… 944 more words

Building Automation

A New Energy Management System

A single, integrated engineering team should collaborate on all software programming and optimization tasks – controls, analytics, and workflow management – during design and construction. The resulting data platform can evolve into a building energy management system that will serve the building’s on-going commissioning needs through its useful life. 1,064 more words


Buildings IoT Industry Gives Industrial Internet Consortium Something to Reference

On June 17th the Industrial Internet Consortium, with companies like Cisco, Intel, GE and IBM at the core, formally released its IoT Reference Architecture Document, making it available for complementary… 450 more words


From Guest Blogger Roxana: Why Advanced Insulation Solutions Are Key In Achieving Energy Efficient Buildings

Apart from many other “smart” energy-saving solutions that target the way we live and work in energy efficient buildings, nothing is as effective as good old insulation. 505 more words

Sustainable Building

Across the Chasm?

Has support for standardization efforts like BACnet and Project Haystack naming/tagging taxonomy grown to the point that it is providing a pathway for data-driven building operations technologies across the Chasm? 894 more words
Building Automation

Don't Go It Alone When Retrofitting

by Jim Meacham, PE, Principal, Altura Associates

Today, building owners embarking on an energy upgrade have more data and more choice than ever before. Digital data from power meters, HVAC systems, lighting systems, and other building equipment are waiting to be tapped. 1,279 more words