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The Ron Swanson's and Tom Haverford's of Green Buildings

Here’s hoping that the team from Parks and Recreation will do a Greenbuildings-themed spin-off.  I’m putting the idea out there today on the chance it will catch the eye of the show’s creators and sponsors in time for Greenbuild 2015 in Washington DC this week.  200 more words


Industry and Local Government Build on Success with Green Construction Innovations in Metro Vancouver

Green construction techniques are advancing in our region, largely through the efforts of industry and civic leaders. See how the trend is delivering innovative new buildings and why our construction choices can impact carbon emissions for decades. 592 more words

Navigating the New Landscape of Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Microgrids

The building automation and controls industry sits at the nexus of a building’s solar arrays and its microgrid, as well as at the seat of its transactive energy potential with neighboring microgrids. 1,135 more words

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For Gourmet Tenant Experiences, Mix Sensor Data and an Open Tech Stack

by Simon Troup, Head of Data Services, OpenSensors.io

Expect the early adopters of ‘enchanted’ buildings to be our employers. The World Green Building Council estimates that we spend 10% of our costs on facilities management and 90% on executing our business. 794 more words

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Building Controls Beyond Protocol Wars

by Greg Shank, Principal, Altura Associates

Does the next phase in building controls have to take on the dynamic of Betamax vs. VHS or Android vs. 909 more words

Building Automation

Buildings IoT Architectures and Examples

“Hats Off” to the Realcomm team and to the Intelligent Buildings industry that they represent. They nailed the architecture for the Buildings Internet of Things (B-IoT) about 24 months before the big IT brands at the core of the IIC — Cisco, Intel, IBM, GE — offered theirs. 701 more words