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Importance of Retail Store Lighting – It Increases your Bottom Line

Retail store lighting is strategically important, even more than business owners realize. Different lighting styles will create different shopping experiences for your buyers. Being aware of this can increase your bottom line. 405 more words

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Green Lighting Practices: Good for the Environment, Good for Business

Going green is more than just a feel good slogan these days. It’s becoming a viable and necessary business strategy. Businesses in nearly every industry are finding that switching to more energy efficient building designs and layouts can bring down costs, improve company efficiency, and leave a better impression on customers. 541 more words

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The Real Math Behind LED Lighting for Retail Stores

Since its launch, LED lighting has been hailed as the future of retail lighting. These fixtures use a fraction of the energy of traditional light fixtures and also last much longer. 521 more words

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Building Lighting Design Simulation using Dialux with Daylight Harvesting and Occupancy Sensors

Dialux evo is a powerful tool for building lighting design with a range of catalogues available in its library for lighting fixtures. The software caters for lighting design and illuminance calculation parameters for all types of buildings. 763 more words

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Unique Lighting Solutions for Different Kinds of Stores – Part 2

Your store is unique. Between the way you operate the store, the type of staff service you provide, your merchandise, and your store layout, you create an environment that is like no other place in the world. 554 more words

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Different Types of Retail Store Lighting Fixtures

When it’s time to decide on your store light fixtures, do you sometimes feel like you’re just guessing? This isn’t uncommon. The average person doesn’t spend a lot of time analyzing the details of different light fixtures. 614 more words

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