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Different Types of Retail Store Lighting Fixtures

When it’s time to decide on your store light fixtures, do you sometimes feel like you’re just guessing? This isn’t uncommon. The average person doesn’t spend a lot of time analyzing the details of different light fixtures. 614 more words

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Retail Lighting: The 5 Most Common Types of Lighting Rated by Efficiency

In a retail environment, lighting is everything. Your choice in lighting can make or break the overall appearance of your venue and products. According to the U.S. 502 more words

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GE’s Annual Lighting Conference Shows the Value of LED Lights for Retail Stores

General Electric recently held its annual LED & Energy Efficient Lighting Trends for Retail in East Cleveland, Ohio. Representatives from 45 of the largest retailers across North America came to this conference to share stories and learn about the future of energy efficient lighting. 560 more words

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The Pros and Cons of LED Lighting for Retail Stores

If you’re in charge of the lighting for your stores, chances are you’ve heard someone mention LED lighting. These light fixtures are a major development in the field of lighting and could have the potential to completely reshape how businesses handle their interior lighting designs. 588 more words

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The Three Key Goals of all Retail Store Lighting

When you set up the light fixtures for your store, every part of your design should accomplish a goal. All too often, stores don’t put any thought into their retail lighting, which leads to inefficient lighting, a poor store environment and wasted money. 584 more words

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Grow Your Bottom Line through a Retail Store Lighting Audit

Part of running a profitable store is scheduling regular audits of the different departments. Are the accounting records up to date? Does the store meet current safety standards? 605 more words

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In the past few years, advances in lighting technology have moved at a rapid pace, which is good news for your Omaha property. At HRT Electric, LLC, we pay close attention to the new developments and are perfectly equipped to install state of the art LED lighting, energy efficient lighting, and home automation equipment that adjust lighting levels automatically. 144 more words