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Smart Lighting is a Lucrative Investment Area for Players in Global Energy Efficient Lighting Market, reports TMR

The top three players in the global energy-efficient warehouse lighting market, namely Philips Lighting Holding B.V., Eaton, and General Electric Company, accounted for nearly 83% of the overall market in 2015, with Philips and Eaton holding an almost similar percentage of shares. 613 more words


Why you should light your home with LEDs

Whether you’re building a new home or considering retrofitting the lighting in an existing home, if energy conservation matters to you there is only one type of light you should consider: LED lighting. 196 more words


The Dark Side: Blue Light Research

The light from electronics and new light bulbs may actually be unhealthy.  They could be altering our circadian rhythm, negatively affecting our sleep. And proper sleep is vital to our health and wellness. 7 more words


Is fear of change preventing a better future?

Is fear of change preventing a better future?

For years products have been on the market that we know are better for the environment and our planet, but is it just the financial reasons that are preventing the boom of these products or is it the fear of change? 726 more words

Climate Change

President Curt Kesselring "The M.E. Opportunity"

The M.E. Opportunity…


Whether you are in your 20’s  or 80’s you can tailor this opportunity to your needs! 281 more words

Maintenance Engineering

Did You Know…? Hybrid T8

Did your know that Maintenance Engineering’s HYBRID 4’T8 XTRABRITE ALPINEWITE lamps are 57% brighter than new T8 3000K lamps? Did you also know that XTRABRITE lamps can be up to 161% brighter than used 3000K lamps? 63 more words

Maintenance Engineering

Switch to LED Lighting on Earth Day and Save Money, Earth

People hoping to capitalize on the new wave of low cost, energy efficient lighting options will be excited by LitGtreen’s new project for Earth Day where they are offering free estimates and large discounts on complete LED retrofit services. 87 more words