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World Environment Day 2015

This post is dedicated to the upcoming World Environment.

World Environment Day, June 5th, was designated by the United Nations.  This year’s theme is:

A great theme! 620 more words

Eco Chic Cayman

Seven Answers to the Six Myths

A recent post in RenewableEnergyWorld challenges the Six Myths of WSJ. The key message of the post is that the U.S. can generate 80% of its electricity from renewables. 86 more words


Energy Facts: How Much Water Does Fracking for Shale Gas Consume? historic transition from coal to gas-fired power generation

I’ve been writing a lot recently about the historic transition from coal to gas-fired power generation ongoing in the United States (see here, here, and here). 28 more words

Friday Energy Facts: U.S. Coal Consumption Is Down But Are Exports Eroding Climate Benefits?

Time again for Friday Energy Facts…
U.S. coal consumption has fallen by 237 million short tons from 2005 to 2012, a drop of more than 21 percent. 29 more words

Windows of opportunity

The modular units for Hickory Hall have begun arriving at Emory & Henry.  They look pretty nondescript right now.  They’re just modular building blocks sitting on trailers.   433 more words

Project Updates

Solar Energy Facts You Might Not Know

Over the years, humans have developed a number of ways to produce electricity but they have relied on one simple idea. That idea is turning water into steam to power a turbine. 443 more words


Low natural gas prices: the good and the bad

In January, natural gas prices hit 10-year lows.  This is due to a couple of factors, mostly increased supply and decreased demand.  The increase in supply comes courtesy of the newly tapped gas fields using hydraulic fracturing, or fracing (pronounced “fracking”), to extract previously unrecoverable gas reserves.   380 more words