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Body Protection- Intermediate Exercise

So for this exercise, I want you to ground yourself, drop a grounding cord in the center of the earth, lock it into place.

Get comfortable; visualize using an electric blue electrical cord like a piece of lightning and starting from beneath your feet. 168 more words


Cleansing Intro

What is cleansing?

Cleansing is keeping your spiritual or energetic body free of unwanted debris such as entities, negative Karmic ties or cords, and all around wonkiness.  549 more words


Reiki Share Open to all Reiki Healers

This wonderful band of reiki healers meet on the first Wednesday of the month, each and every month. This night is open to anyone who is reiki attuned. 96 more words


My Force-Field of Light

In more than one of these vast unseen universal realities that are…I’m pretty darn sure that I AM A JEDI…clear and pure!!   The Force and I are ONE evident Truth…and no separation between us can be. 603 more words


Cry If You Want To ~ Tears Cleanse

For Crying Out Loud is a Good Thing!

When tears come to you, do you try to stop them? Do you wipe them quickly away in embarrassment? 489 more words


Aliens In Our Midst

At one time when I heard about encounters with extraterrestrials I found a lot of the encounters that was described as far-fetched, a fragment of the person’s imagination or a lucid dream. 407 more words

Daily Prompt

Within You

Here is the lovely nugget from my Telomeres today!  Thank you Body of Mine!

Telomeres:  “There is a beginning and there is an end and they are the same moment.   300 more words

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