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Energy Medicine versus Conventional Medicine

Conventional or Modern medicine is based on Isaac Newton’s model of reality grounded in the science of biochemistry. The body is seen as a complex biochemical ‘machine’ with component body parts, whether they are tiny molecules like neurotransmitters, cells such as neurons, or anatomical structures like our spinal cords. 717 more words


How You Can Talk to Heaven, Part Two

How You Can Talk to Heaven, Part Two
(Excerpt taken from Psychic Integrity)

(You can find Part One by clicking here.
~~Hold on to your seats, cause here we go! 3,394 more words

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Work-Life Balance

The balance of work and life is something many of us are concerned about and struggle with. That is we are concerned about the amount of time (and attention) that work demands from us in our life. 1,667 more words


Japanese Light Dance: Interpreting the Human Energy Field?

If people could see what their energy fields look like going through a good day, I imagine it would look a lot like this.
Amazing! 13 more words


How To: Use Crystals

Crystals are precious gifts produced by Mother Earth that hold beautiful and varying energetic frequencies at our disposal for so many purposes. With an abundance of varieties and uses, we are breaking down the basics so you can build your own community of crystal friends and know exactly how to use them in your transformational work. 666 more words

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Cleansing Auric Rainbow Meditation

This meditation loosens up our entanglement with form and lightens up our energy field. Is good medicine for nourishing our mind-body-spirit. This meditation helps us stay in alignment with authentic soul and be light on our feet. 272 more words

Energetic Synthesis ~ 12th Dimensional Shield Building Technique

So our core support practice is you wake up in the morning and your first step is to make a daily declaration of your intention to resolve the authority problem between the ego personality and God. 278 more words