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Do Human Energy Fields Affect Computers & Electronics?

This is a response to a recent investigation I was conducting. The title is not mine. It can be found here:


Below is a comment of the article by a person named Jenn: 1,725 more words

Psychic Children and Dreamtime Adventures, by Shaheen Miro

This article is another great addition to our “Kids Growing Up Psychic” Series

Dreams, nightmares, and other curious experiences are common for psychic children. When you are sleeping you become open, and receptive to the unseen world. 1,621 more words

Psychics And Mediums

Magnetic body

You are now using your Magnetic body for communication.

Magnetic body sits outside of your physical body. It is your aura. It is your electromagnetic field surrounding your physical body. 138 more words

Channelled Message

The Color Code of Emotions

In my quest to turn on my “emotional sensors” during meditation, I found myself seeing auras in one of my last attempts. I was informed by one of the ladies in my super powers group that I was seeing emotion. 875 more words

My Experiences

Proof Watch Party, John Edward, and Residual Hauntings

Have you been watching Proof, a television program on TNT network? It’s pretty amazing, if you like to investigate life after death, and spirit communication. ( 554 more words

Psychics And Mediums

Getting Out Alive When You Absorb ~

Getting out alive when it comes to the impact that others can have when you’re an ‘absorbent person’ isn’t easy.

Learning to live amongst the chaos that an Empath is surrounded by takes practice. 1,285 more words

Life In General

Spirit Guides & Finding your Power Animal or Totem Animal

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From my understanding, we all have access to the divine realm of spiritual guidance or spirit guides, to assist us on our Journeys through life.  2,541 more words