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Lattice painting

I became interested in nets and lattices as a metaphor for energy of all kinds some years ago. As an artist whose influences range from physics to Buddhism to psychiatry, energy is the common thread :emotional energy, the multiple energy forms in physics, the energy we confront in dealing with mental conflicts etc. 35 more words


Emotional Benefits of Healing

Last week, I gave a couple of examples of the effects energy healing has had on the throat chakras, and the physical health, of two clients with whom I’ve worked. 340 more words

River Flow Healing

Energy Fields

It’s fairly obvious that I have a thematic preoccupation with “energy fields”. As several people have implied in their comments, what am I on about here?   109 more words


I AM... going to stand by you.

Often at night, I’ll go outside and breathe.  I often also send off a prayer.  As if the Universe can better hear me being outside.  I outstretched my arms and to my surprise, there was an energetic response.  426 more words

Spiritual Writing

Earthing, Ancient Wisdom

Reading my friend Sue Dreamwalker blog ‘Earth Day – Should be every day’ I decided to write about Earthing.

What is Earthing?

Earthing, also known as grounding, connect to Earth’s electrical energy promotes physical wellbeing. 12 more words


The Shift Series - Part 3: Energy System Structural Changes

Yoga is thought to have existed for between 5,000 and 10,000 years.  Many of the understandings of the human energy system shared through various modalities can claim kinship to Yoga because much of the basis of knowledge came from Yogic teachings. 1,413 more words