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Now: You & Me

They hide our true history because information is power.
Magical fucking POWER.

Made of love, yo.
That’s been shattered into fragments.
Slivers of glimpses still enthrall us. 760 more words

Releasing Oppression

Recently, I facilitated a private remote session with a woman who felt like a very clear soul. I get a sense of all the issues mingled into a person’s energy field. 945 more words

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Energy Field

painting by Neil Waldman




radiate into

and out of

each earth form

each earth form

each earth form


Your Energy Field

Your energy field is made of up different components. There is the physical component (which is still energy) and there is an emotional component, past life make up and even a mental aspect of yourself. 282 more words

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How is Sound Healing Beneficial

If God is everything, that means everything that is seen and everything that is heard is a component of God. What if many of the things that we hear, the unkind words, gossip, complaining and traumatic incidences were absorbed by you and permeated your energy field? 273 more words

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"Ringing Out Love" by Maggie Scratch

It’s Easter time again. Sure comes around fast, doesn’t it? Where were you last time this year? I wasn’t here in Saint-Alban. I never would have imagined last year I would be where I am now. 57 more words


Chloe Wordsworth and Resonance Repatterning

Chloe Wordsworth is a thought leader for sure. She has been developing Resonance Repatterning (also known as Holographic Repatterning) and refining this system for almost forty years. 495 more words

Resonance Repatterning