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Transforming Communication

Sometimes a speech from a guy with two puppets on his hands makes all the sense in the world….

Non-violent communication was a known concept to me but like all key bits of understanding there was a wall, a bottom from which to stand upon and then all that Mr. 357 more words

They Can't Take Our Quantum!

They Can’t Take Our Quantum! by Cathy D. Slaght (Blog from)

There is a force, a consciousness, which holds the energy of the universe together. 436 more words

March 2015


Change a Completely Hopeless Situation by Cathy D. Slaght

Our group on 3/14/2015 has people, pets, addresses and even vehicles in it! (In fact, each day all vehicles any of our group travel in are cleared energetically and charged with protection.) From that point, though, the rest of the balancing protocol is based on the daily unconscious selection of the group. 652 more words

March 2015

How Not To Shrink Your Energy Field

“We, human beings, take up space in the universe, both physically and energetically. We can see our physical body but we need tools to see our energy field surrounding our physical body. 8 more words


What is the Aura? Learn more about your Subtle Bodies

We are not just a physical body. We have subtle bodies of higher frequencies surrounding our body. They are barely perceptible to the naked human eye, but they are part of the electromagnetic field that extends all around our body. 683 more words