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Simple Self-Care Routine For Depression; Heartache; Abuse; Anxiety; Loss of Sense of Self.

I am coming across more and more bloggers who are suffering the effects of chronic illness, anxiety, depression, heartache, loss of sense of self, PTSD symptoms, and so much more. 1,986 more words

True Light Essence

Small Steps Towards Creating Peace

Creating Peace within oneself can seem like a daunting task.

It can be eased, through our awareness of what is happening when we are not at peace. 736 more words


Unfold your beautiful roots

Unfold your beautiful roots

I want you to see, sense and really feel all of your luscious, beautiful, amazing and alive roots. These are the part of you that anchors on the earth, both energetically, physically, emotionally and sensually. 570 more words


Felt Leadership: Mobilising organisational energy to improve safety performance

Margaret Wheatley, by applying the ideas of ‘field theory’ to organisations has developed the concept of the existence of “energy fields” in organisations. Organisations are not empty spaces but are filled with ‘hidden’ energy fields. 1,414 more words

Felt Leadership

Cat Faerie

45 kittens.

45 kittens? Seriously, dude?

Yes. Or you’re fired.

It is our standard pre-treatment exchange.

A small ritual of art.

At radiation I stayed outside of the seven-inch thick door where a large donut takes her on the worst carnival ride ever. 601 more words

Circadian Rhythms

Recent and buiding evidence has shown how we are all running on timed patterns of rising and falling neurochemicals. Our hormones, our neurotransmitters, our insulin sensitivity are likely following a set rhythm. 121 more words

Screen Demons

The phones, the phones, the phones.

Always an intrusion.

Ugh. The insisting klaxons.

I lived before there was voicemail.

Thass right mother fuckers.

An ancient time when it was possible to truly miss a call. 642 more words