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Screen Demons

The phones, the phones, the phones.

Always an intrusion.

Ugh. The insisting klaxons.

I lived before there was voicemail.

Thass right mother fuckers.

An ancient time when it was possible to truly miss a call. 642 more words

A Bridge to the Fifth Dimension

My writings trigger people. They are not just words but means of releasing and healing old issues and old wounds that can’t even be articulated because they are so deep, so old, or were inflicted at a time when the human brain was not formulated. 429 more words

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via Daily Prompt: Harmonize

Comfrey. Cilantro. Parsley.

Turning the bathtub into an anemic swamp.

Sweetgrass and sage smoke throughout the building

Neighbors long resigned to sacred smoke pushing away… 153 more words



She was short, squat & oxen-strong.

Her fierce features now only whispers in a few faces these days.

Her cheeks burnished apples.

Her dark eyes: hawk-like. 1,389 more words


Gratitude is far more than what we may imagine at first.

It is giving gratitude not just for what we have or who we love. 871 more words

Relax. You are Not a Failure

If are feeling like a failure right now and running all these regrets through your mind, there is something that may help you feel better. Those feelings are a reflection of psychic manipulation that is releasing right now Universally. 65 more words

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Removing Interference s

It is one thing to know what our issues are, it is another thing to have the courage to address them. I have been off energetic recently. 284 more words

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