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Unified Field Meditation

Galactic Version, May 2011

Breathe Light, to the center core of your being,

feel that Light expand in all directions,

in one, Unified Field of Light, 693 more words


Energy Information Fields

We perhaps have so little understanding of the different energies and the energy fields of the planet, mainly because we have forgotten how to tune into them. 1,282 more words

I've Changed

Emotionally, I have changed.

Physically, you can still read me like a book when I am mulling things over.

And The Man cannot see past the physicality’s and see me, hear me, and not preconceive what or how I may be thinking in terms of what he is telling me as he is too busy focusing on what he is seeing. 253 more words

Déjà vu 

Déjà vu is prominent in my daily life at the mo.

I appear to have this “omg this has happened before” moment. And then it’s as if something tells me to act now or it will have the terrible outcome that it has in my memory. 99 more words

365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE - DAY 201: Healing Power

You have extraordinary healing power.

And so do I.

And so does everybody else.

Our very nature is so extraordinary that we have access to an extremely powerful healing mechanism: THOUGHT! 144 more words


'The Flame: Mode of Living' by Bornbazie Flame (August 12th, 2014)

Reposted from LiveJournal:

I was contacted by Bornbazie Flame (real name unknown) to review his book on what is known as The Flame: Mode of Living. 365 more words

Book Reviews

Suzanne Lie - The Arcturians – Events within the Now of the Spring Equinox - 3-6-15

Suzanne Lie It is the NOW of Amazing Energy Fields are Entering our Life

Questions and Answers with the Arcturians


Question: I feel like there is something really big coming. 2,358 more words