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The Energy of August 2017

For many years, people in metaphysics have discussed the Age of Aquarius or the expansion of consciousness as something that would occur far into the future. 1,284 more words


Tai Chi, Master Positions(starting)

I made this video a while ago, to give a visual representation to the starting positions, or master positions.

The surface area of the hands, is what we are focusing on here. 372 more words


If you have Arrived at this page, and have no idea What a HI-FI TEMPLE is, then you should probably go back, and read about it in past posts. 788 more words

The aura of trees

Every living being has its own aura, or energy field. Working this month on my chakras (energy centres, with their related channels up and down the body, the… 476 more words

The 9 Dimensions

I have mentioned the 9 Dimensions.  I wanted to do a deeper essay on them, but I have found some videos that do a Wondrous job.   65 more words

Figuring it Out

Self Empowerment, dictates that when it comes to figuring it out, its best to do it yourself.  But it goes without saying, to say, that the first pillar of truth BE, is where most of the obstacles will happen in figuring it out.   851 more words

AI, Self-Awareness Algorithm

I want to shed a little light on the current Debate about AI.  If you look at the issue, many of the arguments, are the same old Syfi arguments that have been around a while. 1,575 more words