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The Dissipation of Energy Centers and Energy Fields at 6th Dimensional Consciousness

Dissipate in this context means ‘gradually vanish’. As the need for certain energy centers diminishes so does the actual vortex of etheric energy. As our consciousness changes there is a gradual movement within to change of our physical body and much of our energy anatomy. 1,490 more words

Energy Medicine

The Priestess - Part 2

Rosie was more than accustomed to the feeling that began when a stranger knew her, but she knew it would wear off eventually; she hoped. A few choices in her life had brought her to a mild celebrity status that still had not sunk in completely. 1,000 more words


JUDITH ORLOFF: “Sensing Energy — 5 Strategies To Read People’s Emotional Energy”

Emotions are a stunning expression of our energy, the “vibe” we give off.  We register these with intuition.  Some people feel good to be around; they improve your mood and vitality.  2,172 more words


The Priestess

She knew from a young age that she wasn’t the same; that the way she viewed the people around her was not the same as what others saw. 776 more words


Managing Our Energy; Aka Cords

Those people who are aware of aka cords will focus mostly on “who attached to them” and not so much on “how they attach to the other” 383 more words

Human Energy Anatomy

Aka Cords; Life Streaming Everywhere

Aka Cords are the thin vital force threads of energy we send out of our body as we think about anything or anybody.

I wish to expand how they work so to continue to build a foundation of how we can understand and use our own energy efficiently and how to sort out what we do and do not want when it comes to other energies interacting with us. 765 more words

Human Energy Anatomy

Doorways of the Past

On a recent trip back to London I visited most of the places I used to live and took pictures of the doorways. It had been four decades since I last trod those particular pavements, walked up those steps, slid my key into the lock and pushed open the door to places I once called home. 1,194 more words

The Nancy Who Drew