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The big split

Last night I asked the Christ Council to help me see WHY I(the soul) have wanted to create these inner attacks. I got  a dream – and a “first” experience… 447 more words

A Course In Miracles Blog

Fear Bubbles

FEAR is the monster no one wants to talk about.

It’s the monster no one thinks they have and the monster that keeps you stuck in whatever pattern you’re trying to unravel yourself out of of. 260 more words

Intuitive Coaching

Kauilapele Morning Message - 11-27-15



This is going to be a rather free flow type of message, as I felt it was time for this.

The energies of the planet are being jostled all around right now, as different levels of consciousness “react” (or don’t react) to what is occurring on the planet, as a result of the incoming Cosmic High Vibrations. 275 more words

The Sun Discs revisted - as consciousness rises the Ancient Order returns......

There is a great and ongoing connection now the great Central Suns and the 12 Master Galaxies pertaining to those, which all formed part of the original Creation. 790 more words


Sharing Personal Energy Fields

Previously, I’ve written about research that proves emotions are contagious—in both good and bad ways.  Spend time with someone who’s optimistic and happy, and you’re bound to walk away feeling lighter and better than you did before.   519 more words


Suzanne Lie - Mytre, The Pleiadian - Creating Multidimensional Thought-Forms and Energy Fields for Gaia’s Ascension - 9-6-15

Suzanne Lie  –   Mytre, The Pleiadian   –   Creating Multidimensional Thought-Forms and Energy Fields for Gaia’s Ascension   –   9-6-15



Dear volunteers to take an Earth vessel, we want you to know that we, your Galactic and Celestial family, are here. 1,839 more words


New Energies: Disintegration of lower soul self.

This is the time for immense energy changes, and what will impact the most at this time is the disintegration, the leaving, the dying, of the Old Adam, the Old Eve, so that we can be resurrected and reborn into our new Adam/Eve Kadmon Lightbodies. 1,317 more words