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Out of Sight

There are multiple states to everything. My hand is solid to me, and unless injured, not meant to let anything in. At a much more minute scale, it is heavily perforated, breathing, drinking and barrier free. 220 more words

Master Classes In Interior Design

Healing the Energy Fields

This is primarily about our emotional and mental energy bodies.  The reason being that I believe that any physical ailments we have stem from an initial emotional or mental misalignment causing blockage of the energy flow necessary for balanced chakras and good health. 1,568 more words


Theory of Quality Mechanics

I can tell you right now, that Schrödinger’s cat is Dead because the quality of life in a box is not very good.  The denial, of this fact, is probably the point, because it becomes fake news, in this regard. 1,802 more words

Theory of Tai Chi

One of the first things I mention and talk about is The Idea that when you become LIGHT whats outside of you Becomes more DENSE (also the inverse). 1,297 more words

The Energy of August 2017

For many years, people in metaphysics have discussed the Age of Aquarius or the expansion of consciousness as something that would occur far into the future. 1,284 more words


Tai Chi, Master Positions(starting)

I made this video a while ago, to give a visual representation to the starting positions, or master positions.

The surface area of the hands, is what we are focusing on here. 372 more words


If you have Arrived at this page, and have no idea What a HI-FI TEMPLE is, then you should probably go back, and read about it in past posts. 788 more words