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Five things I learnt from an ultra runner

I’ve been going along to join in longer runs with a group on Saturday mornings, and it’s paying dividends, not just in terms of making me do the miles and giving me company along the way. 786 more words


Fueling Options

We’ve all been on those runs where we get going and then suddenly we loose all energy to continue it. Those runs are the worst! However, there are options to help give energy mid run so that the run can be continued… 466 more words

Review: Whitworths Shots (a complement to gels)

Whitworth products can be produced on Amazon

How a triathlete fuels during endurance events is vital to how they perform on the day. Often terms like ‘bonking’ or ‘hitting the wall’ are used to describe depleted energy levels, affecting an athlete’s ability to maintain performance. 500 more words


Review: Energy Sweets (an alterative to gels)

I have used various fueling techniques over the years but it is often difficult to find out what works for you as everyone is unique. Energy gels, solid bars and soluble powders don’t always agree with everyone, with some people feeling nauseous or worse, making you rush for the nearest toilet or bush. 1,317 more words


Review: 5 Most Popular Energy Gels

I often get asked what energy I use during training and races, and when I tell people I will use energy gels as part of a larger fuelling plan, I always get questions about which ones are best. 1,215 more words


Anything That Sounds This Funny Has To Taste Good

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to require portable, fast-metabolizing energy and nutrition. Pre or mid-cycling bagel break? Nah. Way too dense and heavy for me and unnecessary carb loading seems so…so, well… 217 more words


Eating not ‘bonking’ on a long ride

I’ve always been aware of the need to keep energy levels up during a ride however my emphasis on keeping my body fuelled has increased as the number of long training rides has upped in my preparation for The Marmotte. 850 more words