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The 5 Best GU Energy Gel Flavors For Runners Reviewed

When running long distance, it is extremely important to fuel the body so that it doesn’t run out of gas. Some runners opt for sports drinks, a banana, pretzels or even candy, others are fans of gels. 1,219 more words


Refilling the Tank

For years I’ve brought a banana to my tennis matches. It seemed like the perfect pick-me-up food. It has carbs. It has potassium. It has a peel so your hands don’t get sticky. 699 more words

Energy Gels

Five things I learnt from an ultra runner

I’ve been going along to join in longer runs with a group on Saturday mornings, and it’s paying dividends, not just in terms of making me do the miles and giving me company along the way. 786 more words


Fueling Options

We’ve all been on those runs where we get going and then suddenly we loose all energy to continue it. Those runs are the worst! However, there are options to help give energy mid run so that the run can be continued… 466 more words