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Tesla Repayment Shows the Strength of Energy Department’s Overall Loan Portfolio about cutting-edge clean energy technologies,

Tesla Motors repaid the entire remaining balance on a $465 million loan from the Department of Energy nine years earlier than originally required.  U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz made the following statement: “When you’re talking about cutting-edge clean energy technologies, not every… 32 more words

Solyndra? What About Tesla?

Bless their silly, evil little hearts: the Right is still trying to make hay out of the failure of green tech start-up Solyndra. Having failed spectacularly at blowing it into a full-fledged… 193 more words


He Did It Again: Another Obama Bundler Awarded $400 Million DOE Loan

It’s all coincidental that those who helped raised millions for Obama are the same ones who are receiving hundreds of millions in loans.

From The Washington Examiner… 173 more words

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Bank of Colorado Signs myEnergyLoan Provider Contract Creating Model Public/Private Energy Finance Program


myEnergyLoan is the leading green lending program in the country as further demonstrated by the addition of the Bank of Colorado to our ever growing list of local myEnergyLoan providers.  422 more words

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good buy cruel world?

in a world gone mad, from ever good to ever bad we should judge ourselves by what we do, not by what we wish we had… 697 more words

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myEnergyLoan on PACE Programs

Read the HousingWatch piece at:


My take on PACE programs is that they cause far too much concern downstream to be leaned on as the “Holy Grail” of energy efficiency finance (or green real estate finance).  1,018 more words

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Slow Money - not a bad idea

We have been following the movement of money as it went from WAY TOO FAST to a GRINDING HALT to…well, as long as it supports megabanks it’s moving… 97 more words

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