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How to talk to oil and gas enthusiasts: Canadian edition

Here in Vancouver, British Columbia, I am now witnessing what is arguably the most important energy policy debate on the North American continent today. The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion proposal is pitting province against province, and province against the federal government of Canada, in increasingly dramatic terms. 691 more words

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #307

By Ken Haapala, President, The Science and Environmental Policy Project

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Bureaucratic Science Continued: Last week, TWTW discussed the concept Bureaucratic Science which occurs when a government entity, or a similar organization, charged with applying the best science possible, drifts from its purpose and institutes policies and procedures (methodology) that are inconsistent with its mission. 3,223 more words

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About Those Fraudulent Climate Litigation Shakedowns

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Foreword: One of the craziest – and potentially far-reaching and harmful – lawsuits in recent memory is wending its way through our legal system. 1,495 more words

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Stuff that drives me crazy...

Tall tales about electricity management in Ontario

March 13, 2018

What drives me crazy are false claims from the proponents of renewable energy (wind and solar) and bureaucrats running Ontario’s electricity system. 1,191 more words

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Poor Getting Slammed by UK Climate Levy

By Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com 

The Conversation has noticed that climate taxes on energy used for home heating hurts poor people.

Poorest households hit hardest by UK climate change levy despite using least energy…

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Proposals for alternative mechanisms for funding emissions reduction schemes

Annabel Andrews writes on the newpower website about a new study in the UK that shows that it would be more effective to pay for energy policy through taxation. 448 more words

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Strategic minerals – Our next energy and security crisis?

By Paul Driessen – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com


America has had its share of oil-centered energy problems and disruptions. Now it faces potential renewable energy and high technology crises, because of its heavy reliance on imports of the rare earth and other strategic minerals that are the essential building blocks for wind turbines, solar panels, computers, smart phones, medical diagnostic devices, night vision goggles, GPS and communication systems, long-life batteries and countless other applications. 1,541 more words