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Traffic lights on St-Charles in Kirkland will soon be brighter

After receiving continued complaints over a few years, the city of Kirkland has decided to change the traffic lights on St-Charles Blvd. to make them more visible. 96 more words

West Island Gazette

Anti-pipeline activists: “give us what we want or these two won’t like it”

Canadian Chemist Blair King recently reposted “The Machiavellian battle against climate change using Energy East”. Excerpt:

…When I have pointed out that shutting down the pipeline will only force more oil to be transported by rail I was met with the point that rail cars are visible while oil moving in a pipeline is not.

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Energy Policy

Wilhelm Gruissem reviews "A Meta-Analysis of the Impacts of Genetically Modified Crops"

Abstract: What has long been suspected is true: genetically modified (GM) crops do have real benefits for the environment and for the economic well-being of farmers.

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EDF Energy mothballs UK's planned Hinkley C nuclear power site

Something is not quite right with the UK’s nuclear power plans, as this Click Green exclusive shows. Anti-nuclear legal action by Austria and reports of serious technical issues can’t be helping the cause. 477 more words


Ken Caldeira: From an email to a friend, skeptical about the reality of human-induced climate change

Ken Caldeira explains what we know about climate change to a skeptical friend.  Originally published at the Ken Caldeira blog.

Without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the Earth would be a frozen orb.

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No Keystone, No Problem: The Oil Industry Is Making Other Plans

After all the political argy-bargy, the final decision on the controversial oil pipeline plan is due as The New Republic explains. But the oil producers are already moving their product in other ways. 422 more words