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Living light - codes of creation channeling and meditation 

As the one year mark of when I first became acquainted with this energy approaches I realize that I understand it better every day, and that even though there are so many other things going on in my life I am exactly where I need to be now, also in terms of evolving with this new energy. 82 more words

Energy Work

Cue Neil Young singing "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere."

Lachlan and I called it a day. I thought hard about it, consulted with Kuan Yin, then decided that it was time for me to leave Scotland. 716 more words


Feeling Extra Tired Right Now?

“Most of the things we need to be most fully alive never come in busyness. They grow in rest.”
~ Mark Buchanan

Hello, Lovely Lightworkers!

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Coping Skills

Living Light REIKI initiation May 14th in NYC

Are you sensitive to other peoples energies and picking up on their emotions, often thinking they are your own? Are you attracting the same situations frequently in your life? 139 more words

Energy Work

Lisa Renee about Ascension

Lisa Renee is one of my favorite people out there teaching about the process of ascension in nore scientific terms. just came across this very relatable article of hers on ascension through Rose Rambles blog: – We’ve all been hearing about “ascension”, but what exactly is ascension? 51 more words

Energy Work

Great news!

I will be guest speaking at the Ottawa paracon. I am super excited about as Ottawa Paranormal and I have a great relationship and I have been wanting to break into speaking about my story and experiences for some time now. 25 more words

Energy Work

Why you Don't Need to Cleanse your Crystals

Right here is a much controversial topic and one that I was originally hesitant to weigh in on but decided to after my sister came to me with this question upon purchasing a series of Black Tourmaline bracelets upon having some spiritual issues of her own. 690 more words