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Libratumilera: Healing Sigils

These healing sigils go through the process of focusing your will on a specific goal, and because of this can make your healing more effective while using them. 417 more words

Wolf Of Antimony

The Tower

Do you know these phases in your life when just simply everything is against you? You seem to get nowhere, there are fights and discussion at work, at home and with friends. 734 more words


Coming Out of the Metaphysical Closet

I’ve been doing a lot of energy clearing in two different programs, one called The Spiral and another, Abundant Healer. They are both helping me release blocks related to my energy work and my life purpose. 114 more words

Energy Work

Light Work: How To

Light Work is glorious. This blog is about:

Where to begin… How to grow… and Rituals worth Ritualizing.

You’ve likely heard the term,  but what does Lightworker mean? 1,233 more words


Scorpio full moon date: Saturday, May 18th 2019 at 5:11pm ET

Scorpio full moons are very powerful.

The energy of Scorpio is intense. It’s full of magnetism, hidden secrets, dark places, fixed focus, embodiment of the shadow self, introspection, persistence, and sensual pleasure. 82 more words

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Full Blue Moon Meditation & Shower Ritual for Renewal

This full moon takes place in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio depending on your location. It’s can be a time of both amplified emotions and increased sensitivity. 116 more words

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Crystals for the Garden

by Jenn Amptman from Feather Spirit Healing

It’s planting time!

May brings the promise of spring, growth and blooms. What better way to honor the fertility of Mother Earth and provide for her creatures by planting a garden or placing potted plants in your home? 242 more words

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