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Sunflower's stuff (5/22)

On the poet’s mind

The Forward Violet
A lot of UK wildflowers have a delightful habit of blooming in purple, and that got this poem kick-started. 1,383 more words


Introvert and Empath

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Being a sensitive makes a person highly sensitive to the energy and emotional energy swirling all around them, which naturally tends to make them withdraw socially and for other to withdraw in intervals from social situations, or festivals etc. 973 more words


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On Teaching Reiki I

I taught a Reiki I class on this past Sunday.  I had four students, and it was so so cool!  I have been a Reiki master since August 2000.  721 more words


Birth Place Elements On Your Altar

Not everyone represents the elements on their altars, just like not everyone represents Gods on their altars. But if the Elements are your thing, I hope you enjoy this insight and take it into consideration. 454 more words

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Unfrazzle Your Sacral

The Sacral Chakra is located two to three inches below the belly button. It represents pleasure, creativity, passion and sensuality. Feeling frazzled? Take a deep breath into your belly and then out. 172 more words

Orange Therapy

(This article is a continuation on the discussion that was started with our intro to the Sacral Chakra)

I was attending a conference for sexual assault service providers a few weeks ago and wanted to be ready to ramp up the self care. 362 more words


What the heck is a Chakra?

Hi everyone! You have heard me talk of Chakras and the service I provide called Chakra Clearing with Crystals but what the heck is a Chakra you ask? 149 more words