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Rare Black Moon Rising In Scorpio ~ Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift

September 29, 2016

By higherperspective, 09/29/2016

What’s so special about a black moon? Well, black moons are very similar to blue moons as well as being the exact opposite. 546 more words

Energy Work

A good dance - better than sex?

This article is still incomplete but releasing it already forces me to work on it even more. It will be updated every once in awhile, so don’t be surprised if the text changes in this process. 4,180 more words

Better Sex

Tuesday Afternoon Tarot Meditations

Set some positive intention this afternoon with a little midday Tarot reading on what we can expect this weekend with the new moon, and now that Mars is in Capricorn!! 260 more words

Navigating the Transition (Part 1): The Contrast of Energies

Navigating the Transition is a channeled blog series.   It is a series of messages that have been emerging from Spirit for the past few months. The purpose of the series is to help all of us — myself included — understand how to live through the current and coming challenges as the energies shift in this dimension.   653 more words


After Hiatus

It has been a year since the most explosive spiritual upgrade in life.

Ren has settled well with the integration. That chapter of his life and my life is more or less resolved. 638 more words

Karmic Experiences

The Alchemy of the Autumn Equinox

Autumn is my favorite season, and it is upon us! September 22 at 7:22am PST is the autumn equinox, where light is in perfect balance and the magic of a new season begins to stir. 156 more words


Green allies and angry fragments

The last thing I would have expected when I moved here was my service to others ending up being divination far more than healing. But that’s what I do the most at work — read for people more comfortable with conventional tarot or runes. 1,600 more words

Allies And Guides