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Six Simple Feng Shui Tips for a Peaceful Bedroom

Sleep is important. It is a cornerstone of a healthy self. The importance of a good night’s rest has been linked to ¬†boosting your¬†mood, improving memory, and an overall improvement in preformance. 563 more words

Energy Work

I've Got the Power!

I am happy to report two things everyone:

  1. I finally performed the crystal healing experiment on my brother.
  2. It was a success!

I worked on him for about thirty minutes and used all six of my tools/friends. 775 more words

Performing an exorcism in the most unexpected way possible

There are not really words to describe this experience, but I will elaborate on everything I remember. Where to begin, I was 18 at the time living in Austin, Texas and my room mates were out of town but let some friends stay over none the less. 950 more words

Watching and feeling....

Today has been a little frustrating. Choosing a topic to post about today. Trying to get an ad started on Facebook. Finding the energy to do SOMETHING! 832 more words

Light Running

Bonding With My Crystals

My Etsy order finally came in yesterday morning! I purchased a set from The Sacred Crystal, which is based in Texas. It consists of: a 2 inch clear quartz point, a 43 mm rose quartz sphere, and a 6 inch selenite wand. 782 more words

So, does Glottal Stop count as an ally?

The move was so easy, it felt like falling asleep in one place and waking in another. Granted, it’s the shortest move I’ve made in a while, but even with that, it went as smoothly as I could have hoped. 1,339 more words


Dangers of New Age Energy Shields

I have had the opportunity within the last five years to learn about the true Shadow that lies within the Self. This has not only been a lesson regarding my Shadow Self and my flaws, but also others’ darkness. 1,186 more words