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A Mining Company Can Help Save Energy by Using a Container Shelter

One of the most notable challenges facing Australian mine sites is high energy consumption and lack of proper storage. High exposure to the elements such as the sun and low temperatures can lead to the wear of some mining equipment and supplies. 104 more words

"3 Things You Need To Do For Self Care Now!"

We live in a society where we are all pushed to be productive on a consistently basis and the “challenge” is most of us do not take time out for self-care. 354 more words


At Last: Non-Toxic, Cheap Thin-Film Solar Cells for 'Zero Energy' Buildings

Until now, the promise of ‘zero-energy’ buildings been held back by two hurdles: the cost of the thin-film solar cells (used in façades, roofs and windows), and the fact they’re made from scarce, and highly toxic, materials. 108 more words


Herbal Supplements To Increase Body Energy In Men And Women

Males, who toil whole day, usually suffer from muscular weakness, fatigue, low stamina and lack of energy. Such males cannot do any work after reaching home. 491 more words


Listen up! Life Lessons.

There are many awful things that can happen to an individual in his/her lifetime.

They might become the victim of a terminal, incurable illness, or may fall mentally sick or physically injure themselves or have something bad, really bad happen to them. 505 more words


Indian renewable energy development and what lies ahead

The power sector in India is one of the world’s most diversified energy sectors. Conventional sources include coal, lignite, oil, natural gas, nuclear and hydro power and even viable non conventional power sources like wind, solar, and agricultural and domestic waste. 481 more words