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Puerto Rico to sell PREPA


Photo credit: U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos1st Sgt. Waldemar Rivera/Puerto Rico National Guard – 170921-A-ZM725-898, Public Domain, Link


Drawdown is a book of 80 solutions, gathered from research by many scientists, to not only stop, but actually reverse global warming. To my surprise, there are only 36 pages devoted to energy. 656 more words

Carbon Dioxide

This Lucid Energy: Dream Energy, Dream Healing To Dream Empowerment

This Lucid Energy: Dream Energy, Dream Healing To Dream Empowerment

Our ultimate potential can easily be realized and reflected into our lives through unconscious imagery. This very powerful technique being very close to hypnotherapy, which can and does reach its working state through our ‘lucid dreaming’. 952 more words

Stepping Into The Unknown.

I’ve wanted to try blogging for about 4 years now. 

That being said, I’ve tried, and failed, numerous times without pressing the publish button once. 118 more words



Life has messages for those that wish to hear..

Sequences, sonnets and prose, deliverers of messages, instigators, and propositions. Delivery of messages come via people, places, responses to our environment, our space that we share, our sensations arising to take note of the greater meaning, the deeper appreciation for the finely tuned intricate weavings of understanding for the open allowance of what just is. 377 more words

a tree named Al

Write an email to a tree!

yes you read that right… seems the city of Melbourne has been receiving emails addressed to specific trees. the city assigned names and numbers to each individual tree in the city so people can notify the local gov. 91 more words

Cycle Band Buy Signal for Energy

Energy is a daily uptrend.

Energy closed above the upper daily cycle band in late November to begin its current daily uptrend. Since then the uptrend has been characterized by peaks above the upper daily cycle band and swing lows occurring above the lower daily cycle band. 125 more words