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Fast forward 10 years, and here I am working for a global organisation in communications, whilst studying full time to complete my university degree. The degree that has taken me almost 5 year to knock off. 702 more words

Bulimia Nervosa

I Choose Happiness

Every decision we make sets us on a path.

A little about me… I am a professional adult female, two-years divorced, with two dogs, and I am…

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Full Moon in Pisces, time to let go!

Full Moon in Pisces Intention: “I AM Surrendering into the Divine” “I AM Eternal and Infinite” “I AM Peace.

I have always loved full moons, every month I go down to the beach and watch the moon, it’s been like a ritual for me. 1,218 more words

Change Your Life

Coming together to Celebrate the Full Moon

The Full Moon was the perfect time to celebrate out in Mother nature. The Energy of the Moon is enhanced by the reflection of the Sun’s energy and is a pure Joy to behold. 304 more words

You Understand, Don't You?

When you invite friends to come over at 8, are excited about it all day, then, at 6:15, you’re overcome by inexplicable tiredness, mental and physical. 383 more words

Our Lady of Perpetual Motion

I bow to you. How your hands take mine and pull me under your heavy embrace. How watery your bosom against my breast, your fingertips against my chest, your smile pressed into the gaze of my distracted eyes. 125 more words


decaffeinated me

sentences unaligned

words with half letters missing

“i should cut on the caffeine a bit” i sarcastically stated

“yes you should, it’s bad for you” my friend said… 500 more words