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US5 - Down in town the circuit's full of switchblade lovers so fast, so shiny, so sharp…

… As the wizards play/ down on Pinball Way/ on the boardwalk way past dark (Bruce Springsteen, 4thof July, Asbury Park (Sandy))

A couple of days ago I cycled my rented bike, following the coast east, from Santa Cruz back to the Aptos beach house where we’ll stay till next weekend. 724 more words


He said to me

He said to me: ‘First of all, you are not perfect. Not a single person in this world is. Second, don’t forget that everyone acts out of self interest. 55 more words


What is the Spirit or Soul?

Many religious people believe that the spirit or soul is the ego-self, our personality, the person we think we are in our heads, our psychological “self,” with all our memories and experiences and relationships, etc. 577 more words


Dark Clouds Over The Lake


The dark clouds

That surround and are above

The lake below

Being gloomy and ominous

As this clearly shows

As the lake sits still… 221 more words


Plant Medicine: Kratom

***NB: I have spent most of my life trying different medications & therapies to help alleviate incessant anxiety/obsessive-compulsive behaviors/depression, etc, which I deal with on the daily.   1,371 more words


Should You Do Intermittent Fasting?

So if you’re into health and fitness or just spend enough time on social media, you’ve probably heard about intermittent fasting. Whether you’ve read that it’ll make you a skinny legend, it’s your key to the fountain of youth, or that it will cure you of all diseases, there’s a lot of info out there.  393 more words

Caroline Nycek

Refuse To Participate

I remember one of my first bosses, he was a seemingly nice enough guy. Once he hired me for his management team I learned so much more. 216 more words