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[Statement] End the list! Sign and Ratify the Convention Against Disappearances Immediately!-CAED

CAED Statement on the International Week of the Disappeared
“End the list! Sign and Ratify the Convention Against Disappearances Immediately!”

Jonas Burgos, Rudy Romano, Hermon Lagman, Joseph Belar, Jovencio Lagare, Romualdo Orcullo, Diosdado Oliver, Artemio Ayala, Arnold Dangkiasan, Edgardo Estojero, Renato Topacio, Sherlyn Cadapan, Karen Empeño, Leo Velasco, Manuel Manaog, the list of the disappeared goes on with no end in sight. 401 more words

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[From the web] ASEAN and AICHR: End Enforced Disappearance in Southeast Asia!-Focus on the Global South

On 24th April 2015 at the ASEAN Peoples Forum in Kuala Lumpur, NGOs (including Focus on the Global South), CSOs and ASEAN People organized a workshop on Enforced Disappearance in ASEAN to raise awareness of the barriers victims face in accessing justice and the mechanisms ASEAN can use to stop enforced disappearances. 1,794 more words

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A Very Quick Look at the Mexican Government and its Future

“In fact, they do nothing.”
—Olaya Doza on the inaction of the Mexican government in human rights cases

I hope that the United Nations and human rights organizations continue pressurizing the Mexican government over Ayotzinapa.

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1.-The PRD National Council approved the list of candidates to occupy a “Plurinominal” deputy seat; the proportional seats given to each party.  From this list former Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard was excluded as well as the leader of the National Democratic Left (IDN), René Bejarano; actor Sergio Mayer and former leader of the student movement #YoSoy132, Antonio Attolini. 304 more words

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A culture of impunity in J&K

It’s a ritual that has been going on in Srinagar since the nineties.

Scores of women and children sit silently in protest at a park with photographs of their missing sons, brothers, fathers or husbands who have disappeared after being arrested by the security agencies. 675 more words

The Road to Justice: Missing Persons in Kosovo from a Policy Standpoint

The last report I’ve written for CRDP, “The Road to Justice,” now available online in English, Albanian, and Serbian. This report provides a timeline of the way missing persons in Kosovo have been dealt with since the end of the war, and the legal gridlock that remains in investigating and prosecuting cases of enforced disappearances. 35 more words


A missing State

By Naseer Memon

The dismal image of the country on human rights front merits drastic overhaul by implementing international convention on missing persons

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has once again pleaded the government of Pakistan to ratify “international convention for the protection of all persons from enforced disappearance”, and shun the barbaric practice of enforced disappearances and killings of compatriots. 1,236 more words