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YouTube's Creator Playbook

Youtube has a Creator Playbook guide available on their site here and also available for download as PDF here. This is a great free reference to help you build your audience on Youtube. 85 more words

Engage -- the #Nemetics Way

How can one engage with anything without love?

How can one engage with love without understanding?

How can one engage with understanding without learning?

How can one engage with learning without questions? 48 more words

I need YOUR help for homework

Hello wonderful WordPress community,
I need YOUR help for my homework that’s due tomorrow morning (12ish hours from now). I need at least five random people to answer these 3 questions on democracy for me please! 195 more words


Let's Talk: The Project

Last week I wrote a blog post about a series of posts I planned to create focused on the topics of sexual education. These will still happen, however in a slightly different context than planned… 522 more words

Breaking Barriers

A five year old's opinion of history trips

I’m back! From outer space, I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face. Too much ;-)? Little blogging recently due to new job!… Back now though! 731 more words


What Happens When You Give Your Guy The ‘Mood-Swing’ Attitude

Babe, you are having a very beautiful relationship except that every now and then some little misunderstanding creeps in that spoils the fun. This ushers in your prolong ‘silent punishment’, you are not breaking the relationship but you just want to ‘show’ him how to treat a woman. 714 more words