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Making the Most of eCornell: A Conversation with George Nyamao of MSH

George Nyamao, an Operations Associate at Management Sciences for Health’s Kenya office, has completed a number of certificates in management and human resources through eCornell’s generous partnership with LINGOs. 782 more words


Maurice Berger, CADVC, Latest "Race Story" in The New York Times

In the latest essay for his Race Stories column in The New York Times, Maurice Berger, research professor at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, examines the shifting attitudes toward the Confederate battle flag.  140 more words


4 Useful Twitter Automation Tools from Social Media Examiner

We know that it’s hard to keep your Twitter constantly updated which is why automation tools have been created; however, be cautious when using these tools and do not rely on them to make every post for you. 846 more words

In Our Community of Philanthropy

Many organizations search for definitions and proof of a culture of philanthropy.  Why is there such a buzz around developing a culture of philanthropy?   If we engage our internal and external communities in the mission of our organization, we will have more involvement in donations, volunteerism and more voice around the issues and services that our organization hopes to address.   982 more words
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Can't Eat Soup With A Fork

My house is always full of funny dialogue and unexpected quips. One particular afternoon at lunchtime I heard my 4 year old ask for a fork to eat her soup with. 408 more words

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Want to Be Heard On Your Own Terms?

Let’s be honest: the internet is known as the great democratizer. It allows anyone, even Justin Beiber, to skyrocket to fame. The problem is, the odds of something gaining mass attention are pretty slim. 437 more words


Gaining Inspiration From Sports...

For many of us the enthusiasm and loyalty that we share on behalf of our local professional sports teams can be a big part of who we are, and how we socialize with others. 652 more words

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