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Transparent Teaching, Better Learning

I sat down in a café with a nervous smile on my face. “So, how did I do?” I asked the CRLT teaching consultant.

“Well, the students could tell that you really cared and prepared carefully. 2,004 more words

Non scholae sed vitae 1: Adventures in engaged pedagogy

Most of us in academia, and maybe especially those of us in the darker recesses of the Humanities, are well familiar with the hand-wringing around the pertinence of our research to the “real world.” Obviously, the skills often touted in conversations around this – critical thinking and reading, writing, ability to synthesize – are all hugely important, but can I really say that Classical Archaeology teaches those skills better than, say, Public Health or Environmental Studies? 452 more words

Public Relations and its Role in the Super Bowl

By Sydney Skaggs

The Super Bowl is one of the most highly anticipated annual events in popular culture. Before, during and after the Super Bowl there is significant hype about the commercials, and for many television viewers the ads are a highlight of the game. 483 more words

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The Influence of P.T. Barnum

By Morgan Berk

The surprising success of Hugh Jackman’s performance in “The Greatest Showman” has brought the name Phineas Taylor Barnum back into the forefront of people’s minds. 779 more words

Public Relations

A Collective ‘Thank You’ from the Innovative PR team

By Blake Hedberg

Thanks for your continued support! Here is the link to give back to our program: https://ucmfoundation.org/Give/PR

At the conclusion of another successful semester for UCM’s Innovative PR agency, it’s paramount to reflect on our journey, the professional experiences we’ve undertaken, and the skills we’ve acquired from our client projects. 691 more words

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Help Get Team AMN to LA! – A Look into the Social Media Campaign

By Andrea “Nickey” Buzek

“Guys, I’ve never been on an airplane before,” I said to Adriana and Mark, the “A” and “M” to Team AMN. 774 more words

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Four Fast Food Brands that use Twitter in Clever Ways

By Sarah Schroll

For a company in today’s world, it is extremely important to establish and maintain a social media presence. Social media is a great tool for a brand’s audience to not only learn quick information about products, but also to personally connect with the company.  559 more words

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