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6 Reasons why Bespoke Engagement Rings are Better than Preset Rings

Before citing the reasons, let me first define bespoke and preset engagement ring to better understand. Bespoke engagement rings are engagement rings that are custom-made, which means that you can build your ring with any designs that you want as long as it is possible. 512 more words

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Where to Sell Your Jewelry - Where to Sell Your Jewelry For the Most Cash

If you have ever doubted where to sell your jewelry, you knew that you would need to become familiar with the jewelry industry. Learning where to sell your jewelry will allow you to accept a quality offer for your diamond and gold jewelry and to have a great selling experience. 288 more words


Helzberg Debuts “Will You?” $50 Placeholder Engagement Ring

Helzberg Diamonds is debuting the Will You? ring—a $50 “ring before the ring” that marks the proposal, but isn’t intended to be what commemorates the engagement. 312 more words


Can a Guy Propose Via SMS?

Yes please…and we will also have our wedding online in a WhatsApp group of 10 to 25 people…I kukuma want everything hush hush…no sarcasm intended… we get to save more money to travel the world and afford nice things and put kids in the best schools, I don’t evn want a diamond ring… who invented all that?😀bring the ring, I’ll sell it and build a hospital in my village, there’s so much to do. 319 more words


Say 'I will' with Zuri Jewelry

New Countdown Sales 50% Off

Choose the shape of your romance and speak your words of love… these gorgeous rings will be half price for a limited time! 27 more words

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Couple offer £1,000 reward after knife-wielding thieves steal wedding rings from South Yorkshire home

Stuart and Natalie Clark on their wedding day

Knife-wielding thieves ransacked a couple’s home in South Yorkshire, stealing treasured possessions including their wedding and engagement rings. 298 more words

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This Engagement Ring Thing

Dating. Engaged. Married. . . All things that people experience every day.  Falling in love is one of the best things that happens to us in our lifetime.   433 more words