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Cherise and John

I think, a lot of people think we work with models or trained professionals. Actually, we have never photographed a model in our lives. We only work with normal people that are simply going about their lives and want some pretty pictures of themselves. 174 more words


Is it a bird?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is our drone!

This is an introduction video to show some of the type of shots you can expect when adding the drone option to your package. 113 more words


Our Engagement Shoot

Okay, so first thing I want to say in this post is, if you weren’t planning on doing an engagement shoot, seriously rethink it through. Even if you aren’t planning on getting married any time soon after being engaged, honestly, schedule an engagement shoot within a few months after getting engaged. 394 more words

A Prescription For Love: Noel & K.A.'s Engagement Photoshoot

With such a cool July breeze in the air, I couldn’t resist sharing this absolute beauty of an engagement shoot which is nothing but fun! 108 more words


Helpless Diaries – Wedding Planning #3

Firstly. This is my 600th post – thank you if you’ve read one or six hundred posts of mine… If you have read all six hundred (god help you) and let me know so I can post you your medal! 689 more words

Wedding Planning

Dean and Marizka

On our way to one of our favorite locations, we drove past what looked to be an abandoned greenhouse. Having met Dean and Marizka, we knew they are the adventurous type, thus it was decided we would brave the broken glass and overgrown plants to do some shots between the pumpkins. 63 more words


Michael & Tayla Engagement - Onepoto Domain, Auckland

You know how sometimes certain people who you have just met make you feel like you have been friends for quite some time? Tayla is one of those people and I could feel her energy and enthusiasm just by reading her emails! 136 more words