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RHP - Colten & Olivia

Hi Y’all! I’m SO excited to introduce a New Blog series called Wedding Wednesdays! To give you a little background, after doing photography on the side for a few years, I officially launched my business in 2018 and I have been loving it! 469 more words


Engaged at Work

It can be easy to become distracted, distanced from the task at hand. At work this can be affected greatly by the myriad of distractions around us. 358 more words


Proud Fiancé

It’s easy to step on the scale and see disgust in your numbers. But at the end of the day, success is not always about what the scale says. 471 more words

Winter Romance

I love when my engagement couple’s feel adventurous to come out in the cold with me! The photos always result in a light and airy feel that makes those who are viewing the images feel as if they are there. 6 more words

Know Me? Reading This? You Probably Don't Take Me Seriously

Whenever I write something, anything, I know deep down inside the only people who’ll actually open and read it are either awesome and supportive people, folks who don’t know me very well, or people who want to amuse themselves. 480 more words


Our impact in 2017/2018

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Project DaRT was established in 2016 as a reading group led by postgraduates with an interest in Translation Studies and related fields with a view to engaging collectively in translation theory. 125 more words