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Comstock’s chaste marble and granite structure successfully avoided churchy architecture which would have suggested well-established religions–Jewish, Roman Catholic Download free subtitles for TV Shows and Movies. 393 more words

How am I gonna plan this thing...Let's start with a Wedding Planning Binder!

How do you keep track of your wedding planning?

I made this wedding binder to help me keep track of plans, budget, inspiration, etc. Let me tell you about what is in this mysterious wedding binder. 635 more words


Our One Year Anniversary

Earlier this month, Javier and I celebrated our one year anniversary and it was the most thoughtful and considerate date Javier has ever planned for us. 541 more words


Words of Wisdom for the New Bride-to-Be

My little sister got engaged last weekend, and I couldn’t be happier for her and her beau! Although I am not a hopeless romantic at heart, I do believe in the power of love, commitment, and the sanctity of marriage. 1,191 more words


Questions to ask before booking your reception hall.

WE HAVE FINALIZED OUR BOOKING OF THE RECEPTION HALL THIS WEEK. I feel like at least one huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. After googling, asking for estimates, meeting with several places, visiting several venues, I am relieved that this step is complete! 747 more words


How long does it take to plan a wedding?

So, someone I work with planned her entire wedding within 3 months. Meanwhile, my engagement is going to last almost 2 years (1 year and 9 months, to be exact), and I am already freaking out at how quickly time flies by when it comes to making wedding plans! 238 more words


Engaging students: Solving one- or two-step inequalities

In my capstone class for future secondary math teachers, I ask my students to come up with ideas for engaging their students with different topics in the secondary mathematics curriculum. 888 more words