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Motivation at Work: Six Action Steps for Leaders

Recent research into motivation has shown us that, at least in the corporate world, we don’t have the complete story. In their latest column for… 319 more words

Employee Engagement

Helping Others Know You As A Leader: 3 Ways to Get Started

One of the best ways to build a connection between yourself and others is to share information about yourself—who you are, where you’re from, your influences, etc. 530 more words


What do layoffs mean for those who are left behind?

By Lisa Cefali (photo by Bob Barr)

As we begin the new year, do you find yourselves in the optimistic state of a fresh start? If you are one of the companies that has begun hiring or an individual who has been hired – congratulations! 772 more words

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Are You Feeding Your Employees Motivational Junk Food?

In a recent online column for Fast Company, motivation expert Susan Fowler uses the metaphor of junk food to describe the shortsighted approach some managers use when motivating their direct reports—reaching for easy motivational rewards instead of digging deeper for sustainable ones. 393 more words

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Four Ways to Refire at Work

People who embrace life with gusto enjoy better health and more happiness and fulfillment says Ken Blanchard in his latest column for Chief Learning Officer magazine… 523 more words

Engaging Employees

Why Millennials Leave Organizations (and What Senior Leaders Can Do About It)

In their 2014 Employee Engagement Trends Report, consultants at Quantum Workplace looked at survey findings from more than 400,000 employees at nearly 5,000 organizations. 589 more words

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New Belgium's Kim Jordan and the Future of Work

This week, I listened to Kim Jordan, CEO and co-founder of New Belgium Brewing, makers of Fat Tire and several other craft beer brands. Kim spoke to a fully packed audience at Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. 402 more words

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