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Faked Out by a Direct Report? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,

A long-time employee I really liked and respected recently left for another opportunity. I tried to keep her but couldn’t offer her enough money, so I gave her an excellent reference. 1,031 more words


Thanksgiving Special: 10 Easy Ways to Thank Your Team

In the spirit of today’s Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, I thought I’d share ten simple and easy ways to tell your employees “thank you.” Telling an employee “thank you” is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to build trust, yet it doesn’t happen near enough in the workplace. 1,051 more words


Afraid You May Be Washed Up? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,

I am a creative director at an advertising agency, and I have been managing teams of people forever. I was the darling of the advertising world when I started, and developed a reputation for hatching brilliant ideas—in fact, you would recognize some of my work. 1,100 more words


Behavioral Economics that Drive Growth and Profitability

Take Our PollThis emerging management discipline, based on principles of behavioral economics, can help business leaders and executives make sense of the economic behavior of real people and serve as a platform for effective management solutions. 153 more words

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4 Basic Human Needs Leaders Must Meet to Have Engaged Employees

Everyday the spirits of millions of people die at the front door of their workplace. There is an epidemic of workers who are uninterested and disengaged from the work they do, and the cost to the U.S. 736 more words

Employee Engagement

Who are we recognizing: the deserving or the visible?

My son recently participated in a freedom bicycle ride organized by TAF. There were two types of rides: pleasure ride of 5 kms and full ride of 68 kms. 472 more words

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Teach An Employee Something New Today

Take the opportunity today to teach an employee something new. Nearly everyone likes to learn and is capable of tackling a new challenge.

  • Teach your employee something that expands his (or her) current job description.
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